The tyranny of images

Not long ago, I posted a photo of a poster I found at Winco. Some people commented that I read too much into that image. That it’s nothing more than a token black thrown in for good measure. But there are so many examples of corporate/government idolization of black males that it’s hard to see how it can be ignored. Even when images of babies or toddlers are shown, it usually a black boy with a white girl. Here’s something I found today, also at Winco:
winco boxIt’s now an entrenched convention to show the male as black (whenever practical) and the female as white or Asian. It may be coincidence that the blonde girl appears to be bowing down to the black boy, but who’s to say?
What happens when a “person of color” is depicted the same way white men typically are – in a less-than-flattering posture? There’s a “major racial controversy.” That’s what happens. From

A recent GapKids ad campaign has sparked a racially charged controversy that has people infuriated. The images shot for the GapKids x Ellen DeGeneres campaign feature a photo of four young models flaunting their fashions and acrobatic skills. However, one photo in particular has prompted remarks of racial insensitivity, as one older white model is seen propping her arm up on the head of the only young black girl, as you would on a chair.

The horror! Now who’s “reading too much into it?”
Indeed. Who IS reading too much into it? I titled this post “the tyranny of  images because it seems that such images, when used consistently, can actually enslave us.
We had a few days of nice weather recently, so I decided to visit Portland’s expansive Waterfront Park. Aside from the nice weather, I was struck by the sheer number of interracial couples. I’m not one of those people who’s in favor of criminalizing miscegenation; it’s going to happen whenever two or more groups encounter each other. But I do believe that patterns of miscegenation can teach us a lot about our society and ourselves. Actions speak louder than words, and when so many white women proclaim that “race is only skin deep” or “race is a social construct” – but then go out of their way to date black men, it’s obvious that they don’t actually believe such pious proclamations. Their actions say otherwise.
I was there for about two hours, and I chose to document what I saw.
Do these white women hate white men?
mys1Or are they fascinated by black men?
If so, what is it that fascinates them so?
mys3Here’s what the afrolounge has to say about it:

In recent years, there has been a surplus of white women and black men relationships. Some will argue that this interracial relationship has been purposely promoted by the media. Some will also argue that this interracial relationship is often times dysfunctional (laziness, abuse, self hate and insecurity).
I was sent a video that was created by a YouTuber who goes by the name, MsArchDuchess. In the video she gives 18 reason why (she feels) white women date black men.
In the video, the YouTuber says she wants to give black people more to think about when it comes to the hidden motives of white women. She says you can see by the popularity of the movement (white women dating black men) that it’s not about love.
She says, “The order does not matter. There is no sequence…these women are so deluded they think they’re upholding Martin Luther King’s dream. These relationships don’t last more than 8-10 years because they have nothing to do with love.”
These are MsArchDuchess 18 reasons and explanations to why white women date black men:
1. Fat. She’s too large to attract a white men. She believes her body type is more accepted by black men.
2. Ugly and unattractive by European standards of beauty.
3. She wants to experiment. She’s curious about the black man’s genitalia, how big it is, how he performs sexually, if it’s better than being with a white man.
4. Jealous. She’s jealous of black women.
5. Boredom. She’s bored with white men. She is looking for excitement and a change. She wants to cause some friction.
6. Anger. White women that date black men are angry and see this as a form of rebellion. White rage.
7. Desperation. She can’t get the white guys she wants. She cannot go without a man.
8. Attention. Dating someone different than her own race is her way of getting attention.
9. She’s gullible.
10. Whorish. She’s sleeping with many different men. He’s just one of many.
11. Rejected. She’s intensely rejected by other men.
12. Meal Ticket. She see’s the black man as a meal ticket. Example; entertainers, athletes.
13. Her white men are too effeminate. She has this Godzilla fantasy and believes the black man is more masculine. White men have a reputation for their pedophilia and other strange sexual acts and there isn’t enough available white men for white women.
14. Mixed children. She wants mixed children. She feels mixed children will increase her worth in life.
15. She’s ghetto and feels she will fit in with ghetto black men. You can tell she ghetto by her speech, lack of goals, hair, tattoos, piercings.
16. She thinks it’s trendy.
17. Racism. Some white women date black men because they are racist. She pretends to be color blind. Why would you date someone that’s completely different looking without acknowledging it? There is a hidden racist motive.
18. Arrogant. She thinks she can have any man she wants. She believes the black men is suppose to like her.

MsArchDuchess is “a black woman who’s proud to be black,” so it’s not surprising that she’s not a fan of such relationships. In any event, her list has one glaring omission: Black men tend to have higher self-esteem than white men. Since self-esteem is high on the list of traits that women find attractive in men, it shouldn’t be surprising that, all else being equal, black men will have an advantage in this regard.
Whatever the underlying causes may be, there’s little doubt that most of these women are attracted to black men.
mys6Unfortunately, humans have little to no choice when it comes to what we’re attracted to. Factors beyond our control, such as early childhood experiences, must be contributors.
mys7I don’t believe that homosexuals have much, if any, choice in their orientation. Nor do I believe that people wake up one morning and choose to be pedophiles, necrophiliacs or zoophiles.
What would be the result if people were subject to pedophilic imagery from their earliest childhood? What if the media bombarded us with sexualized images of animals from cradle to grave?
That was a rhetorical question. We all know what would happen: There would be a marked increase in pedophiles or zoophiles in our society.
Similarly, when people are raised with imagery that consistently depicts black boys and men as more masculine, their minds will gradually comply. Naturally, the egos of these black boys and men will grow as a result of this two-pronged process: Imagery that boosts their feelings of masculinity and, coupled with this, ongoing attention from women (of all races).
A shallow person might say, “That’s great, as long as they’re happy!” But if MsArchDuchess isn’t happy, are white (and Asian) men supposed to be happy? It’s sad when white (and Asian) men internalize the message of their inferiority. When they accept that they’re subservient, and settle with the dregs of womanhood for their partners – or worse, with no partners at all.
As for the women themselves, I would argue that they are slaves. Their very desires are subject to the whims of corporations and government.
We can claim that the very notion of “liberty” is an illusion. That all of our drives and desires are subject to external forces beyond our control, whether they be our genes or microbes that live within us.
For the time being, I’m content with defining “liberty” as the ability to pursue our own destiny free of the dictates of other people. We’re all beholden to nature, but once our minds are controlled by corporations, we are no longer free, but slaves.

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19 Responses to The tyranny of images

  1. massattempts says:

    Astute people know this is being promoted for a reason. There’s a method behind the
    madness. The wackadoodle liberal believes he is promoting racial justice. This isn’t the
    first time it’s happened in history and it won’t be the last. It’s unlikely that EVERY white
    person would die out unless there was some “hands on” attempt to force people to mate.
    They are using a combination of “social proof” (“Everybody does it so it must be O.K.”) and
    “incrementalism. (“Put a frog in boiling water and he jumps right out. Raise the temperture
    slowly and he roasts.)
    Europe is usually a precursour to whats going to happen here. It’s even worse there.
    And you can see it with the apology for terrorism. “The Paris and Belgum attackers weren’t
    Muslim. It’s racist to say so.” To not invite them into out lands-and between our woman’s
    legs is “racist.” And that’s the worst accusation that can be made.
    If the “Reign Of Terror Atmosphere” has people being ruined for flashing “micro expressions”
    and chalking support for Donald Trump, why should I believe that the white male has much
    longer to survive? When America goes down, who will rescue America?
    Think white women can’t exist without white men? Think the native underclass and Islamic
    refugees will have no use for them? Think again. The real fun begins on Jan. 20, 2017,
    when nightmares come true. Then there WILL “hands on” FORCED intergration.”

  2. massattempts says:

    We’re toast because no one is going to stop it.

  3. Lon Spector says:

    Kiss the Western World good-bye.
    When America becomes half-caste it will have no visible support.
    Boy, are they gonna have fun in the free-for-all.
    The white man has no one to blame but himself.

  4. Thought provoking. Thank you.

  5. Robert Marchenoir says:

    It’s obvious most of the ladies in the photographs are not very attractive, or young, or slim.

  6. massattempts says:

    The Debatched (Soon not to exist.) States of America.

    • Erik Sieven says:

      this is not solely a problem of the United States. It is a general problem, East Asia, South Asia, Europe: everybody faces partner market competition from subsaharan Africa

  7. Stealth says:

    Fear not (too much). This sort of thing is mostly common in places where there aren’t very many black people. I live in a heavily black area and ordinary white women around here just don’t date black men. The young women who do usually have some sort of issue like very low intelligence or a drug problem. When some minimum percentage of the population is black, it’s a lot more complicated; there’s a black community, and dating one of them takes on a certain quality of “crossing over.”

  8. Stealth says:

    “Black men tend to have higher self-esteem than white men.”
    I think it’s mostly just that black guys have big muscles. That’s just what some women are looking for in a man. Notice that the black men white women date are almost invariably big thug looking guys. I’m no great judge of male looks, but I’d say the white chicks in those pictures could have found black guys who were better looking in the face.

  9. Erik Sieven says:

    there is this theory that the tropical agriculture especially in subsaharan Africa enabled social institutions in which women care for their children and themselves in a material way and men have to succeed in the partner market to have children, whilst in other regions women depended on men for the survival of their kids. Under these circumstances male attractiveness is not needed and thus disappears, like everything in nature which is not needed. Some people even say civilization is nothing but what man built to be attractive while being not attractive in a direct sense of the word. Civilization is what european, asian, native american men have built to make life comfortable for women.
    If this is true civilization has reached a strange turning point. Men have by now made life for women so comfortable that they need more extreme measures to make them happy. This includes the welfare state, and the fact that a large part of the economy is made up to give women pseudo-occupation. I am talking about all the caring, teaching, managing professions. And this had lead to situation where the social institutions of subsaharan Africa are simulated, thus in the new market sexual attractivity of men is everything. This means civilization has created a situation which makes continuation of civiliazation impossible. This is especially serious as the current self-image of (at least) western societies is antiracism, which at the core means nothing but the ban on any measures to prevent women to excluvely date subsaharan African men. This what “open borders”, “affirmative action”, and any other relevant antiracist movement is about, and this is also the point where the currently two most important ideologies – feminism and antiracism – converge.
    in the end it is all about incentives. As long as marriage with subsaharan African men is not sanctioned against, but instead supported by non-subsaharan African males non-subsaharan African women are free to choose their partner using one single criterion: male attractivity. In this regard subsaharan African men are obviously superior. And right now non-subsaharan African males do support such combinations: they pay taxes and for infrastructure, give security, pay for health care, pay for pseudo-occupation. So women can have the cake and eat it. Enjoy civilization and wealth created by males selected for wealth creation, and enjoy the relationship to males selected for being attractive.
    Non-subsaharan African Men on the other side are in a prisoners dilemman situation. If they would all cooperate they could close the borders, stop the welfare state etc. and on average every non-subsaharan African males would be happier than before. Yet when not everybody, or even most do not cooperate this does not work. Males do not cooperate because they do not want to worsen their position in there partner market by “being racist”, they even try to gain reputation by participating in the social sanctions against “racists”. It is like when in a school class everybody decides that it is OK to beat up that one special kid, and then most do participate because the individually fear they would become the next victim if they would not participate and because they want that the cool kids like them.
    Given the fact that subsaharan African males while being a tiny minority of the world male population for the last thousands of years right now are the way to become the majority (demographic explosion in subsaharan Africa vs low TFR in China and even India and the rest of the world) this whole complex could shape the 21. century.

  10. jamzw says:

    Although it’s not true in my experience of mixed couples, about half of your black men in this series of photos are effeminate. Maybe that’s just a Portland thing.

  11. alan says:

    You forgot contraception and abortion.
    Would the majority of these women be having sex with black men if they knew that they would have to bear their children?

  12. Great Article. I am sorry I am sometimes late to read your posts.
    Hollywood does its part.
    Hollywood movies invert reality (social engineering):Computer nerds are black, street criminals are blonde whites , and women fight as good as the strongest men. Black heroes have blonde trophy partners

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