Do white students have rights?

In theory, we all have rights in this so-called “Land of the Free.” But it’s common knowledge that some of us have more rights than others. The wealthy have more rights than the poor. The strong have more rights than the weak…
… and “people of color” have more rights than whites (all else being equal of course). It’s so common for white children, who must attend school in majority black/Hispanic schools, to be harassed because of their race that the media rarely even notices it. The ruling class (whose own children are spared such harassment), to the extent that they are aware of it at all, view it as karma. Karma for sins that a few people, decades, or centuries, ago are guilty of – and since many of those people were white, the elite think it’s reasonable that white kids should suffer today.
The New York Post is reporting about one such white student, who’s suing over his past harassment:

A white student at a predominately Hispanic and black Long Island high school says he was targeted for punishment over his race — punched, hit with a chair and repeatedly called “cracker” and “white boy” — while administrators did nothing to protect him.
Lawyers for Giovanni Micheli, now 23, aim to convince a federal jury their client was singled out as a “minority” in Brentwood HS and then told by school officials, most of them white, to either “project more self-confidence” in order to stem the beating and berating — or leave.
Micheli sued the Brentwood School District in 2010, and the trial opened Monday in Brooklyn federal court.
“Giovanni was a minority because he was Caucasian,” attorney Wayne Schaefer said in his opening statement. “This case is about discrimination against a minority student . . . Our claim is that there was deliberate indifference because he was a Caucasian student complaining in a district where Caucasians are a minority.”

It’s worth noting that this story appeared at the top of Yahoo’s news page today. It appears that Yahoo is finally making an effort to present a more balanced view to its readers. I hope this trend continues.
As for Micheli, I don’t have much hope that he will prevail. The odds are stacked against him – mainly because he’s white.
The article doesn’t have a comment option. If it did, hundreds of readers would point out that they also suffered for being white. I hope some of those readers find their way here, and that they’ll share some of their own stories.
As for me, blacks harassed me because they thought I was Mexican. But they also harassed anybody who wasn’t black – and, of course, they harassed other blacks. I’m guessing it’s too late for me to sue; it’s been several decades.

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  1. A 23 year old white male brought up this subject with me a couple of days ago. As he pointed out, whites cannot be legally discriminated against because the civil rights laws do not name whites. At the university, my administrators used to call it the “protected class,” which included nonwhites and women. I have some vague recollection of looking up the laws in question 15 years ago, but I do not pretend to know enough to comment with authority, other than to say that your point about his lawsuit not having much of a chance because he’s white is probably going to be proven correct.

    • Zimriel says:

      “Protected groups” is what they call it at Robert Half and at other staffing-agencies near you.

    • says:

      There is no such thing as equal rights for Whites.
      Black privilege
      In Europe they have the refugee privilege. Refugees in Germany can blatantly shop lift and police is under order to do NOTHING. Especially not to publicly report on it
      This blatant institutionalized left-racism, gives special privileges to all repressed minorities, not Whites.
      Jewamonyou described his own experiences being racially persecuted by underprivileged minorities. Can you imagine the world press focusing on only ONE such white victim of bullying, of beating, of rape and gang rape, of mutilation? The way it focuses on one refugee, on one poor Michael Brown, etc?
      Self Censorship by MSM prevents Racism, Xenophobia
      German mainstream media censorship is even more efficient than in the US. The German Pressecodex 12.1 is similar to the US Associated Press Stylebook [2], demanding that race, religion, and national origin of minority criminals be hidden.
      Due to kneejerk fears relating to the Nazi past, and lack of First Amendment rights, German censorship is a lot more efficient. Germans are totally deprived of knowledge that can be found on alternative English language sites.
      Bold language, like Ann Coulter’s could lead to fines and prison terms in Germany.

  2. Martin Gomez says:

    First things first. Whites need a lobby to fight rampant discrimination, violence, and racism directed aat them as a class. Whites are winning discrimination claims in isolation right now, but they need to come together.

  3. Ed Crean says:

    This kid is a whiner and a loser. I went to Brentwood HS-Sonderling, and the diverse student body is probably 1/2 hispanic, 1/4 black 1/4 white. It has been this way since the 80’s. Generally everybody gets along, and the groups overlap. As in most high schools, and specially NY ones, there is a lot of ball busting and if you can’t take it you are going to be picked on. I think this is the case here.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Then you’re familiar with Micheli’s case personally? Would you say the same thing had it been a black kid who suffered abuse at the hands of whites?
      I’ll tell you something about ethnic intimidation: It often occurs to those who are vulnerable, or can be singled out, in other ways. Haters will pick on a scrawny, helpless, kid but they’ll ignore jocks. Bigots will single out an effeminate member of another race, but they’ll ignore a macho member of the same race. This doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

    • Zimriel says:

      Kevin Williamson, is that you? Telling whites who aren’t plugged into power-networks that they’re losers whose communities deserve to die?

  4. Stealth says:

    I’ve also noticed that Yahoo has been a little more even-handed as of late. Good for them.

  5. massattempts says:

    We have to face the hard reality that the white race must be segreated from other
    races for it’s own protection. But that’s impossible now because the Satanically inspired
    liberal welds all the power now. The institutions of influence now are are propaganda arms
    of the pit. Essentially what this means is that we are going to be “Civil Rights” into the
    grave. Fellows, it’s been good to know you.

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