Don’t convert to Judaism

A friend of mine, a white man the same age as me, was telling me how he was considering converting to Judaism. I asked him why he would do a crazy thing like that. After some prodding and probing questions, it turned out that he simply wanted to belong to a tribe.

As it stands now, that man will not allow himself to identify as a proud member of the American white nation; for most of his life, it was pounded into his head that people who think that way are “racists” and “haters.” How sad.

I’ve written about this in the past, but I’ll repeat it here: White Americans are a people in the making. When my friend and I were growing up, the US was still some 90% white. Back then, white Americans were an implicit nation. The default American was white, not that there weren’t other nations within America, such as native tribes, blacks and Jews, but when you heard about somebody identifying as “American,” you could assume that person was white, and you’d probably be right.

These days, white Americans, if they wish to survive, must be more explicitly white. I told my friend that he needs to man up and take what is his: His own nationhood. It’s a copout to try to gain an identity by joining another tribe. I’m fairly certain that it’s this same lack of inner strength that leads so many to convert to Islam as well – or to identify as “Native American” when only 25% or less of that person’s ancestry is Native American.

The right thing to do, if you’ve got the balls to do it, is to take what’s yours. Take your own white identity, wear it proudly and know that you already have a tribe. Leave my tribe for real Jews.

Of course a Jew can belong both to the Jewish tribe and to the white tribe, just as an Italian American can belong to both the Italian tribe and the white tribe. As for loyalties, that’s for each individual to decide.


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  1. I used to tutor Jewish students when I was a grad student at Tulane University. Some were more explicitly Jewish than others. I expect that as more whites identify as Euro-Americans that some will grab onto Euro traditions while some will not be interested. Here local ly Wurstfest is big because the area was settled by Germans. It doesn’t interest me except in some vague way that allows me in general to identify with ALL of Europe, seeing all Euros as members of my extended tribe. My personal background and interests are focused on the British Isles.

  2. phillip reis says:

    Such a klop in the chop you deserve!!!! Oy Romans 12:2

    Siyonara bubie Regards, Phil Sent from my iPhone 8 +P+

  3. Ron says:

    It would be an excellent idea if millions of Whites were to convert, this ruining the tribe from the inside through subversion. Essentially what Jews have already done to our tribe.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Fine, but I’ll be in charge of the circumcisions (and I might botch up a few) 🙂

    • Zimriel says:

      There’s an argument that about a million Azerbaijani Iranians and Turks did that already. They were the Khazars of Ashkenaz and today they make up the bulk of East European Jewry. They’re the ones who cooked up the tikkun-olam heresy, which does not derive from the Bible nor is it found in the Talmuds. (Basic social-justice at home is of course important in the Talmuds. Meddling in *gentile* nations’ affairs isn’t.)

      • jewamongyou says:

        I’m pretty sure that it’s been shown that Khazars do not comprise a majority of Ashkenazi Jews’ genetic heritage. But I’m sure there’s some of that.

        As for the origins of the Kabbalah, they’re to be found among Sephardic Jews. Ashkenazim only got exposed to that foolishness later.

  4. Very interesting article. At age 54, I’m trying to be non-racial, but it’s very hard. I live in Hawaii, and I see people rigidly and obsessively living for their race-nation, the Hawaiians, the Portuguese, the Micronesians, the Filipinos. They all seem primitive, weak and pathetic to me. Maybe there’s not much of a White pride movement in the US, because White people have grown out of that phase where they think that they have to overtly tout their race. It seems to me, that the more advanced a people actually are, the less time they have to spend huffing and puffing about their race pride.

    • jewamongyou says:

      One could make the argument that more advanced civilizations care less and less about their own ethnie, but after a while, being “advanced” puts it at a severe disadvantage. It’s like saying more advanced civilizations have fewer children. It may be so, but it also means the end of that civilization. An individual can become so “advanced” that he realizes how insignificant he is – so he commits suicide.

      • I’m White, pure Germanic at that, and I have ZERO race pride. Did I accomplish my race? NO. How can I take, “pride”, in something I had nothing to do with? How can I consider Hawaiians to be utterly PATHETIC, for being obsessed with their phony, “royal blood”, and then turn around and do the same nonsense, as if I’m a big man merely because of my genes? And colored people are not destroying the White race, whatever that is, by themselves. White people, such as communists, socialists, Democrats and hippies, are seething with self-hatred, hatred for their race, hatred for their country. It’s as if the genes for Whiteness are linked to genes for racial suicide. But even if that is not true, there still has NEVER been a White nation, and there never WILL BE. Europe had been a land of constant war, White people versus White people, for thousands of years. Then, White people brought Black people to America, enslaved them, pissed them off, then set them free. Now, innocent White people are preyed upon by the Negro they freed. So WHERE was and is the self-serving White nation to defend and preserve itself? NOWHERE. A White nation is a myth.

      • Another William Playfair Web says:


        Good posts.
        Your discussion of lack of race pride is very intriguing.

        That is a lot of the problem with some Nordicist-type/KKK White Supremacists, they take pride in *solely* their ancestry, they’re not worth too much otherwise, to be quite honest.

        Race realism, is race realism, however. I’m White, but I do not hold myself above a Black individual who has accomplished more than me and of course not an Asian who has. If everybody held that mindset, society would be *dysfunctional*

        • jewamongyou says:

          Don’t you mean “society wouldn’t be dysfunctional?” Of course I agree with you that a person shouldn’t feel superior to others solely because of his race; we should judge individuals (when possible) based on their own merits.

      • Another William Playfair Web says:

        Well, yes, I meant; “If everyone held the former mentioned mindset”

        I think that is the biggest problem with the Alt-Right and to a lesser extent the Alt-Left, is that it’s a crutch for people who have struggled in their lives, and just want to spit upon successful NAMs, some, however, probably not even a majority.

    • Teutonick says:

      Saying that only weak people embrace identity politics is fine, but ultimately it will lead to your demise. Sort of like saying that only weak people need weapons , therefore you are beyond owning a gun.

      Like it or not , we are in a gunfight, and complaining about guns won’t solve anything.

  5. massattempts says:

    Still talking seriously about a bygone era?
    America is FINISHED! You can sing a kaddish for it. Sit shiva for it.
    The demographics and demented media disinformation have put a stake through it’s heart.
    As the Bible says: “Woe unto them that call good evil, and evil good.”
    That’s the percise state of affairs in which we find ourselves.
    A country is only as strong as the population making it up. And as standards fly out the window,
    this country is in free fall.
    The President just signed a decree releasing 1,000’s of prisoners who he says are victims of
    “racism.” The “infilltrator” Trump will see to it that the minical witch from Hell, Hillary Clinton, is
    coronated Queen for all time. The “tribe” known as the White Christian American male’s days
    are numbered. And as for the white woman, let’s just say that this dainty, brainwashed creature,
    is going to make a perfect “dish” for SUBHUMAN SCUM that the gutless white male allowed to
    fester without a fight.

  6. Cannot Tell says:

    I hate it when white people who have a very small amount of Native American ancestry identify as such. It’s like they’re saying they’re not proud of being white.

  7. massattempts says:

    Kanye West for Pres. 2024.

  8. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Reportanddeport,

    No language is perfect, and English is not an exception. The word “pride”/”proud” can mean a couple of completely different things. When we say we’re proud of our heritage, this is not the same concept as saying we’re proud of the things we have done. Same word, different concept.

    Similarly, a “proud man” who is boastful and arrogant is not the same thing as a “proud man” who feels good about what he is, or what he has done, but remains humble and respectful of others.

  9. The Highwayman says:

    JAY you might help dissuade Gentile males from converting to Judaism by pointing out that is Judaism sexual pleasure is a right for the woman only and the man must put her needs before his during sex while if a prospective Gentile male convert is Christian…both men and women have equal marital conjugal rights. I can understand why Jewish males might be agreeable to female privileging sexual doctrines as they were raised in this but why any Gentile male would willingly switch over to this is beyond me…no offence.

    I c

    • jewamongyou says:

      Lots of things can be found in Judaism, but when it comes to the sex lives of couples, I’m pretty sure they do as they please. It’s true that, among Orthodox Jews, a woman can demand a divorce for a man’s lack of performance, and that the man has sexual obligations, but it’s not like the man’s needs don’t matter. Also, a lot of “converts” convert to non-Orthodox forms of Judaism. These other forms of Judaism are not beholden to such Jewish laws and traditions.

  10. massattempts says:

    Religious Jews put many obsticals in the path of Gentile converts.
    In the “Jewish Book Of Why” examples of this were given.
    A Gentile woman was discovered living as an Orthodox Jew. She was NOT regarded
    as Jewish because, while obseving the rituals, she didn’t undergo the official conversion
    process. A man who was BORN of Jewish parents headed up a cult and he was not
    considered Jewish because he renounced his Jewishness.
    Many coverts to Judism report cold treatment by religious leaders who don’t regard them
    as quite human. They can’t be buried among Jews in Israel.
    It’s a moot point in the FORMER United States of America because this country is in the
    process of turning into a nation of Lemours. Go forward 200 years in history, and
    America will look like the Amazon jungles with animals jumping from tree to tree.

  11. SC says:

    I would have told him that converting to Judaism can have many payoffs, especially if he picks the correct congregation.

    1. Reform > Conservative > Modern Orthodox > Ultra Orthodox.
    It’s no secret that among the reform Jews they have higher rates of education, higher average incomes, and higher social status than all the other Jewish groups. It is highly beneficial to non-Jewish individuals to associate with Reform Jews, especially ones who live in prestigious zip codes in the Northeast or West Coast.

    2 If this man an “alpha” among men, that is to say, if he has his pick of highly attrative White women then converting to Judaism might not benefit him much. But if he is of middling or low mate value, then he should very much consider converting to Judaism in order to meet a Jewish girl. Let’s be honest about the facts: the average White woman has somewhat more stringent standards for an “alpha” husband than the average Jewish woman. Average Jewish girls and women are a bit more okay with having a “beta” or “nerdy” or “boring” husband as long as he is of high-IQ, well-behaved, educated, and has a stable income. In my own SWPL community, about 10% of White men in my father’s generation married Jewish women. In my own generation, I estimate about 5% of White guys will eventually marry Jewish girls. There is nothing wrong with making this choice, and could potentially have huge upsides, especially for beta and omega White men.

    • The Highwayman says:

      The Jewish marriage contract is less favourable to men then the Christian one though as I pointed out earlier. When a man chooses a woman one thing that he wants (not the only thing!) is a woman who will look after his sexual needs. In the Christian and Muslim marriage contracts BOTH men and women have a right to sex. In an atheist relationship the 2 parties can agree on whatever sexual rules work for them. In a Jewish marriage contract ONLY the woman has a right to sexual pleasure and the man must prioritize the woman’s pleasure during sex. In other words for Jews sexual pleasure is a wife’s right and a husband’s obligation and this is a distinct step down for men considering the much better contracts that are available to them elsewhere. For this reason I think your suggestion that it is beneficial for Gentile males to convert to Judaism in order to get girls is not a very good one in a lot of cases.

      On the other had a Gentile woman converting to Judaism gives her potential benefits as Judaism privileges female sexuality over male sexuality and many (not all) Jewish males have a thing for “Shiksas” so she might be able to date up a league or two. Obviously though Jews who are against intermarriage (A position I respect as long as it is reciprocated) would not like this.

      • SC says:

        Um…the White people who live in my area are largely non-religious, that is to say, relatively few of them are Christian.

        Also, I think that for low value and middling value White men, having a Jewish wife is still way better than having no wife at all.

  12. countenance says:

    Don’t outsource your patriotism.

  13. massattempts says:

    Dennis Pregger in his book “Why The Jews?,” an historical study of the motivations of
    Anti-Semitism, says that Jewish exclusivism was the reason that the Holocast was able
    to be pulled off. If the Jews made it easier for Gentiles to covert, the Nazis wouldn’t have
    been able to pull it off, because many Gentiles would have Jewish realitives.
    Ironically, one of the reasons America is doomed, is because of demographics.
    Who would have ever thought that a great state of a once great nation is being compelled
    to allow perverts into women’s bathrooms as a “civil right?”
    Criminality is being adopted as a “civil right,” which means that a society can’t distinguish
    between depravity and normality is TERMINAL. And Donald Trump WILL NOT be able
    to revive this corpse.

  14. Stealth says:

    I think that as things get a lot more uncomfortable for white people in the US, many of the well-to-do among us will convert to Judaism in order to become part of a historically oppressed group, thinking it will help them escape the wrath of the non-white population. It’s not so far-fetched; these days, when Jews and Christians marry and one of them converts, it’s usually the Christian. Imagine all those people of English, German, etc. heritage telling folks about how “their people” endured the Holocaust.

    In Europe, many among both the elites and ordinary people might convert to Islam.

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