The German government hates Germans

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but it seems to me that the sole legitimate reason for the existence of a government is to protect the people. But these days it seems that the rule, among Western governments, is to hate the very nations they’re sworn to protect.

We’ve already seen, and heard, so many horror stories illustrating how much the German government, and the German media, hate the German people, that we could fill entire volumes.

But I happened across this video, posted by a German mother, and I wanted to share it with y’all.


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4 Responses to The German government hates Germans

  1. Gerry Gee says:

    This is happening all over Europe? Merkel and the EU has committed a cardinal sin of which, I’m sure they will eventually pay the price. I question the German fathers motives for carrying a weapon ( albeit unable to fire real bullets) into a situation like this? I have empathy for their frustrations and lack of support from the authorities across Europe but they (the authorities) know they have created a powder keg that could go off at any moment, and if it did, civil unrest and war would no doubt ensue. So the best (and least) they can do is nothing but put a lid on it.
    Here in the UK, everyone is excited about the referendum we have on 23rd June, but we all doubt it’s validity and question the fairness and level playing field the EU and British Government are playing? We know that GCHQ have the capability to alter and affect polls and elections so fear they may manipulate this to their advantage. There is a massive problem with Islam across Europe, Islam is a Political Ideology disguised as a religion, and their motive for silent invasion is all too clear? They are here to provoke the authorities and deliberately trying to start trouble, there is no place in Europe for them, but it’s too late, they are here in their millions and that in itself is dangerous. Civil unrest and war is inevitable in Europe it will happen it’s just a matter of when?

  2. massattempts says:

    I’m afraid it’s too late. European folks’civility has done them in.
    It’s simply unrealistic to take in hoards from a 3rd world society and expect them to adapt
    to a 1st world modern society. That’s like releasing all the sewage into the water supply
    from Flint MI. Only a female Prime Minister would do that.
    The process of declinization is NOT going to stop. Not only will these imported savages
    glut the land of ALL it’s material resources, they’re dying for the chance to get their hands
    on that pretty Tutonic mom. That will be arrainged once the genocide of the European
    male is complete. And at the rate things are going that shouldn’t take long.
    Think it can’t happen here? Your head is buried in the sand.
    We’re going to elect our own version of Merkel named Hillary Clinton. And there’s no
    protection for women here, as we can see by these new wackadoodle bathroom laws.
    What Philip Chism was able to do before the institution of these laws is going to increase
    20 fold between the domestic, pathological, underclass and the hoards of animalistic brigands
    that are going to be imported from savage lands that don’t even have flush toilets, just so the
    rolls of the Democratic party can increase.

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