MSN calls Islam “a cult”

It’s always refreshing to witness the corporate media telling the truth, about controversial topics, to the masses. When this happens, it’s usually by accident.

MSN just featured a video, by Buzz60, which calls Islam “a cult.” It’s called “Why Humans Became Monogamous” and you can watch it here.

Of course, the makers of this video (and MSN) were targeting Mormons when they referred to “a cult.” But once they get enough negative feedback, reminding them that Islam also allows polygamy, they’ll probably pull the video. So don’t count on it being available for long.

While we’re on the topic of Islam, I’ll share a funny comic. Thanks to Jack Ryan, of Occidental Dissent, for posting it in a comment at Amren.


Okay. I couldn’t resist. Here are a couple more I found at Occidental Dissent:




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5 Responses to MSN calls Islam “a cult”

  1. massattempts says:

    How can you have even a sliver of optamistism?
    There are scores of people who believe that only if the white Christian male was eradicated
    it would be “Party Time” 24/7.
    Suicide is chic. Humanity is hypnotised.
    Just as Satan has been about his work since the dawn of time, under the guise of “good,”
    so it continues afresh with the “Frog in boiling water” sinerio.
    The degree of terror is simular to when I was haunted by unseen forces as a youth.
    The thing you can’t see is much more terrifying the the thing you can.

  2. Islam is a cult, just as most ‘organized religions’ are a cult. Spirituality, compassion, and peace-making has taken a back seat to the endorsement of statist, leftist politics of totalitarianism and government control. Look at Pope Francis and his recent tirade about Western nations ’embracing’, nee ‘procreating’, with the Muslim hordes invading the West–the same invaders that demand Islamic totalitarian control, and the policy of ‘convert or die’ in the West. Unbelievable!
    The 501C3 “Christian” churches are cults that are created and endorsed by ‘government’ to keep the military-industrial complex afloat in cash–and the West in constant threat of terrorism because of our insistence of meddling in foreign affairs. The cult of Judaism, wedded to Zionism, is going to bring Israel to its knees as well. The crucifying of Semitic Christians by hard-core Islamists is a topic that’s not addressed in the ‘mainstream media’, because the ‘media’ is so leftist/communist that they will stop at nothing to spin the narrative of ‘egalitarianism’ and ‘multiculturalism’ by the social engineers. Europe is almost gone, and the next target is the USA. Christians and Jews should emphatically denounce and stop the flood of Islamic immigration to the USA, before we’re under the tyranny of a backwards, oppressive, and murderous ideology. Just the fact that I could go to prison in Europe for typing that statement is terrifying–and the current regime in the United States ‘government’ would love to do the same, according to our Attorney General.
    Any critique or thoughts to add?

    • jewamongyou says:

      There are several definitions of “cult.” By some definitions, any religion can certainly be called a “cult.” By other definitions, which religion is a “cult” is a purely subjective thing.

      Either way, to refer to any specific religion as a “cult” is derogatory. Since it’s taboo for the corporate mainstream media (with the exception of FOX) to be derogatory toward Islam, I thought I’d point out that, in this case, they’re almost there.

      I do agree with you that organized religion has been a negative force for some time.

  3. massattempts says:

    “Islam” is as varied and vast as Judaism and Christianity is. (A mixture of truth and lies.)
    In every religion, you have the Escoteric “secret” information that is disceminated among
    the eliets, and the Esoteric (Traditional) doctrines that are dissceminated among the
    ignorant masses as a control mechanism. Differing degrees of ignorance.
    The primary motovation for the native underclass and the invading Cliapate is the robbing
    of material goods and the sexual enslavement of Western women.
    Western civilazation IS Christianity. So by destroying the West, you do the Devil’s bidding.
    The U.S.A. is ground zero of the Western world. That’s why Marxist agents of Satan, doing
    the work of the pit, (As represented by the Media, Democratic Party, George Sorris funded
    groups.) Are pulling out all the stops to destroy this country.
    “Unless those days be shortened, no flesh shall survive.”

  4. says:

    I will use this picture in my site. As an example of unequal rights.

    All minorities have special rights that Whites don’t have

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