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MSN lying by omission?

I don’t claim to know the motivations of the Munich mass-murderer Ali Sonboly. People from Muslim countries can be deranged, depressed or at their breaking point just like the rest of us. But this much is clear: The media is … Continue reading

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My apologies for not posting

Hi friends! It’s been a long time. You might have been wondering why I haven’t been posting. The answer is, besides the fact that the beautiful Oregon summer has arrived, that others, far more eloquent than I, have been doing … Continue reading

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Confusion in the West Bank

I lived in Israel for 12 years, and returned to visit only twice. That was a long time ago. On one of those visits, I decided to reconnect with a close friend. He, along with his family, lived in Kiryat … Continue reading

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For Aryeh

I haven’t been posting much, partly due to the fact that it’s summer here, and there are few places on Earth as good to be as Oregon during the summer. But also because I’ve been busy with social stuff, such … Continue reading

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