MSN lying by omission?

I don’t claim to know the motivations of the Munich mass-murderer Ali Sonboly. People from Muslim countries can be deranged, depressed or at their breaking point just like the rest of us.

But this much is clear: The media is in damage control/propaganda overdrive mode. MSN interviewed a witness, one  Huseyin Bayri, who tried to help the wounded. It’s obvious that they’re going out of their way to interview innocent bystanders who, specifically, are of Muslim origin. This is a known media tactic.

But look closely at the video, also found here, at second 16-17. You’ll notice that they clipped something out. Other sources state that the gunman shouted “Allahu akbar!”

Could it be that Huseyin Bayri told the reporter of this, but that portion was cut out? It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

As this endless bloodshed continues in Europe, it becomes ever more evident that the so-called “media” does not consider its job to be the disseminating of information, but rather to stem the flow of information when possible, and if not, to spin it according to their own narrative.

The German government has even gone a step further, and now prosecutes people for voicing dissent against the government’s immigration policies.

“Diversity” and freedom of speech cannot coexist for long.

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6 Responses to MSN lying by omission?

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Absolutely. The media is from the pit of hell. They lie like a rug. They will go into
    overdrive to elect the wicked witch of the west Hillary Clinton.
    They know that cop-killings and terrorist events make things look bad for President
    She Baa Kaa and Hillary. Another cop was killed after the 3 in Lousinna. You didn’t
    hear about it on the “liberal” cable networks. Only FOX covered it.
    The slaughter of cops and the white race in general will be on going. I smelled a P.C.
    rat when they were so quick to report that it was a lone wolf “racist” gunman.
    The tactic is called “equvalency.” If the subhuman commits a henious crime, dig up a
    story about how whites do the same thing. There are numerious examples.
    About 20 years ago, a liberal friend of the Kennedy family named Morton Downey Jr.
    tried to pass himself off as a conservative. He had worked in the Civil Rights Division
    of the Justice Department. Whenever someone would say something the least bit critical about a
    black person, he would immeadiately interject and say something critical about a white person.
    This “”equvalency garbage” just won’t work.
    Next week we are going to be subjected to a parade of total falsehoods and delusional fantasies
    all with the objective of putting a felon in the highest of the land. A society that can’t
    distinguish reality from fantsy not only will NOT survive, it doesn’t even deserve to survive.
    The one consulation we have is the terrible coming terrorist attack will wreak such halvok
    that Europe will be shocked back to it’s senses.

  2. It seems that it was a shiite Muslim who was mobbed in school by the sunni Turks.

    Not sure if Shiites are in a holy war with Sunnis.

    Yet, even in this case, there is a clear immigration and race issue.

    As someone said, the Turks are the Blacks of Germany. They have free reign to bully and commit crime and it would be racist to stop them from bullying white Germans.

    Maybe you have time to talk about the issue of bullying by “historically disadvantaged minorities”.

  3. Lon Spector says:

    Just last night another mass shooting involving youth.
    The sources of these shootings come from two areas: Domestic “False Flag” shootings
    to frighten people into accepting gun control (One of Hillary’s goals) and legitimate
    terrorist attacks played down by the media or not reported on at all.
    TWA Flight 800 was one such attack. I spoke to a man who was on a boat in the bay,
    who saw the missile slam into the plane. Attacks like these were frequent when Bill
    Clinton was President. A compliant media covered for him in every way. And now his wife
    who was a party to every scandal he ever commited wants to do what he did.
    Trump was hired as class baffoon and loose cannon because he was the only one who
    COULDN’T beat her. The old racist, sexist, fascist, homophobe game.
    Because of human gullibility, changing demographics, decite, and SATAN, they will

  4. Stary Wylk says:

    I don’t think he’ll win Oregon, but I do think Trump will become president. The attacks on him are nearly psychotic at their best. Few mothers of sons will give a vote to someone who so plainly hates men. The many unemployed mature men are aware that their working lives took a downturn with the arrival of NAFTA, which Clinton traveled the country to promote.

    As for the threatened martial law, a coup by any other name would smell as bad. And who is going to carry it out, ROTC troopers in their red shoes? Despite the ongoing purge of generals, I don’t see the military doing this with any enthusiasm. Nor do I believe most cops, with a longer and longer federal nose up their ass, will carry it out anything but grudgingly.

  5. Lon Spector says:

    It’s “the-frog-in-boiling-water” thesis.
    The Sha Baa Kaa admininstration intensified the dismantling process.
    In a few short years increasing social outrages were accepted: Drug legalization, gay
    marriage, transgender bathrooms. Things that were not accepted in 2,000 years.
    The media helped of course. Sha Baa Kaa’s radical, subversive roots, and “wolf-in-sheep’s
    clothing” technique helped out.
    The West is weak, misinformed, and deluded. The demographics indicate that the quality of the
    citizenry is going down. Human Beings are being scraped off the streets like animal “roadkill,”
    and they just numbly accept it. They’re helpless.!
    I don’t personally believe that Trump is a real candidate. He entered the race after slick Willie
    Clinton encouraged him. Encouraging egotist Trump to run is like putting red meat before a
    Tiger. He couldn’t resist. It’s been known for years he suffers from N.P.D. I really believe
    that “reality star” Trump is deceptively PLAYING the role of a candidate to divide and
    destroy the Republicans.
    It is demographically and electorally IMPOSSIBLE for a conservative to win an election from
    here on out unless there is a GREAT DEPRESSION. The media will aid and assist with the
    So Hillary gets in. What happens? She’ll govern like the President of Turkey is governing now.
    No more first amendment. No more second amendment. No more legitmate law enforcement.
    Nationalized police force. Consistant genocide of white males. Sexual enslavement of white
    women. (She’s going to release vicious criminals who were kept in prision for “racist” reasons.)
    And a huge swath of the minority “underclass” is going to convert to Islam and assist
    increasing numbers of refugees in carrying out “operations” right here in the U.S.
    Your daughter’s will be dragged off screaming right under your noses.
    Of course, the media will say that everything is rosy because those “racist” white guys
    have been vanguished.

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