Update on Michael Strickland

When I took my concealed carry class recently, I also became a member of the Oregon Firearms Federation. Hence, I receive regular news articles from them. One of them concerns a matter I’ve already written about: The plight of Michael Strickland.

The Oregon Firearms Federation, and its supporters, have been defending Mr. Strickland, and have taken up a collection for his legal bills.

When journalist and Second Amendment activist Mike Strickland was attacked by a large and dangerous mob on the streets of Portland, he did what many of us would have done. He drew his lawfully concealed handgun, warned his attackers to stay back and made every effort to withdraw.
He was quickly arrested by Portland Police who were sufficiently concerned about the mob that they were in riot gear.
The mainstream and far left media were quick to pounce on the story calling Michael everything from a “counter protestor” to a “racist” to a “Trump supporter.”
The cascade of lies has not slowed down.
Strickland was initially charged with menacing and released. The following day Strickland arrived in court for an arraignment with lawyers provided by the Oregon Firearms Federation…
There, the Multnomah County DA charged him with multiple felonies and Michael was hauled off to jail with a quarter of a million dollar bail placed on him.
There is no question that his treatment by the DA and the outrageous bail were a direct result of Multnomah County realizing that they had in their custody, a person who had, for years, exposed leftist politicians for the hypocrites they are…
Because of a generous anonymous donor, Michael was released on bond, but his battle is just beginning . He has been indicted on 21 charges including multiple felonies.
His legal bills will be staggering.
Michael Strickland did nothing wrong. His actions were those of a person who legitimately feared for his life and did what any responsible person would do to defend themselves. The fact is, after being victimized by thugs on the streets of Portland, he is now being victimized by the political elite who protect thugs in Portland.
Last year, Strickland was attacked, assaulted, seriously injured and robbed by an anti-gun, left wing activist named Skye Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald made a name for himself by lying to people about an anti-gun film project he was working on claiming it would be an unbiased “documentary.” When Strickland exposed Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald attacked Strickland and assaulted him and stole his cameras.

I hope that those of y’all who can do so will contribute to this fund. I’ve already done so.

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  1. The Gentle Grizzly says:

    It’s interesting that the ad at the bottom your story is for Hillary Clinton. Not your intent I’m sure, but notable.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Those ads are generated by WordPress for revenue, since people like me don’t actually pay them. I might get a paid membership some day, and then the ads won’t be there any more.

      • Oh, I know. The irony was amazing. We have our own battles here in Nevada. Just as we got rid of one set of bad firearms regulations, new stuff is on the November ballot. The California / Multnomah County / Boston mentality of this place is increasing by the day.

      • theemptyone1 says:

        Sorry to reply here but I can’t find a reply link on the article itself. Below is my reply to the article;

        “Michael Strickland did nothing wrong.”

        I am a Second Amendment supporter and have a concealed carry license. I saw the film footage of the incident several times, and while I agree that the charges against Strickland were “piled on,” he did do something wrong and if you have taken a class you must know what it is. What he did was brandish. He took out his gun to use it as a lethal warning device. The class and direct one on one police advice I have received says that you cannot “brandish” your weapon. Verbal warning of the possibility of use of force if further approached/threatened is legal. You may place your hand on top of the clothing where the weapon is located, but you cannot pull the weapon out and display it. That is brandishing.

        As I wrote, I saw that film of the incident and more than once. Strickland brandished when two men continued to approach him as he backed up from a hostile crowd. There was a good ten feet or more between them. This is the root of his legal problem. The white aggressor only came closer AFTER Strickland had put his weapon away and passed at a sort of oblique angle still about five feet away from Strickland. Also, going to a protest armed when you know you are likely to be challenged represents a sort of premeditation/intent to provoke using a lethal response.

        It doesn’t matter one jot that Strickland was attacked at another venue. It’s a separate issue. That event doesn’t give him the right to carry to a protest but rather supports the notion that he was planning to bait the crowd and surprise them. The question comes up whether he has tried to prosecute his attacker(s)?

        During the police contract protests last week, which I watched for the full four hours it aired on local TV, one man was shoved by a protester who was constantly filming, using his camera as a way to agitate. The man who was shoved arrived and began arguing with them concerning them blocking the streets and he was immediately shoved by this filmer/protester. I noticed he seemed to disappear after that act. I wonder if he was arrested or if he decided to make himself scarce since he had assaulted the man and knew it? This and the earlier attack on Strickland are the sorts of events that ought to be pursued by groups with means as a proactive means to support the counter movement rather than acting and arguing reactively.

  2. jewamongyou says:

    Re: The Gentle Grizzly, in any event, it’s good to see you back; I’ve always enjoyed your comments.

    • My pleasure. Ex-Portlander, you know.

      • sestamibi says:

        Left Nevada for upstate New York two years ago for personal, not political reasons. Believe me, can’t wait to get out of here.

        Am using AdBlock Plus so I don’t have to see HRC’s ugly face anywhere, especially on the login page for AOL Mail. “I’m With Her” indeed.

        Always enjoy this blog. Nice to know there’s another landssman who shares my thoughts. My family lives in Portland, but we don’t share the same politics.

  3. Lon Spector says:

    The only solution to America’s problems is RACIAL SEPERATION.
    This cannot happen and still have an “America.”
    De facto (economic) segreagation was a workable proposition. No longer.
    Equality of RESULT is now DEMANDED. Also reparations.
    Greatest reparation? To break the law with IMPUNITY, or not to have any law enforcement
    at all. The NEW “Civil Right.”
    This is Satan’s goal.
    Do you think that those cute, little, “Please- don’t-rape-me” bracelets that they are distributing to
    7 year old Swedish girls will work here? 7 years old is marriagble age in Islam. Don’t be a racist.
    Everything is WONDERFUL according to the politicans and the media.

  4. sestamibi says:

    Just from reading the article I would have assumed the Multnomah County DA to be a lesbian activist (along the lines of Rosemary Lehmberg in Austin, TX or Mass AG Maura Healey, for example), so imagine my surprise to find a straight white guy with a wife (who actually took his name!) and three kids!

    No matter, liberal scum are still liberal scum.

  5. Lon Spector says:

    We have to come to the realization that:

    A) There is a LITERAL SATAN and

    B) He is doing EVERYTHING in his power to destroy Western civilization.

  6. Mohamad says:

    This happened in Oregon? I live right outside Detroit and have narrowly avoided a carjacking

  7. Kyle James says:

    Please, it’s been 5 months since the last post and I can’t find any news about Michael Strickland’s case. Do you have any updates?

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