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The Nine Genders of PSU

Our local leftist rag, The Willamette Weekly (which I call “The Moth” because its stylized initials on the cover resemble the Hebrew word for “moth”) has reported that Portland State University now recognizes nine genders, and nine sexual orientations: The … Continue reading

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Desperate for victimhood

People are so desperate to consider themselves victims that one man’s letter to the editor, criticizing mature women for wearing yoga pants, motivated hundreds of women to participate in a rally for their right to wear yoga pants. Check out … Continue reading

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A quick thought on Clinton

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything political, but I am a pretty good judge of human nature. Regarding this upcoming election, two dangerous human traits are set to converge: Weak-mindedness and the impulse to compensate. Over half … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Effect and race

Here’s an interesting video that explains the Butterfly Effect: [youtube] In essence, even the tiniest differences will cause large outcome disparities in complex systems. The weather is a prime example; each minute initial condition impacts others, feeds back upon … Continue reading

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Idiocy from the Forest Grove News

Even in normal times, I often wonder if members of the controlled media consider the logical conclusions of some of their arguments. But with Trump hysteria in full-swing, it’s even easier to find examples of utter lunacy within the pages … Continue reading

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Is Trump an anti Semite?

A member of my family sent me the following article, by Janis Ian: I can’t believe people don’t see the parallels. No one thought the National Socialist German Workers Party would “allow” Hitler to do what he did. No one … Continue reading

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