A quick thought on Clinton

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything political, but I am a pretty good judge of human nature. Regarding this upcoming election, two dangerous human traits are set to converge: Weak-mindedness and the impulse to compensate.

Over half the population is at, or below, average intelligence. A large portion of those who are of higher intelligence are faithful to the religion of Leftism. While they may question some of the claims put forth by the controlled media, they won’t question its underlying premises, or the corresponding subliminal messages it so aggressively subjects us to. Also, Trump is right that there will be massive voter fraud.

That’s why I’m fairly certain that Hillary Clinton will be elected. She represents the Establishment, and so does the controlled media and a large majority of both major political parties.

One of the things that scares me about her is that, being aware of the perception that women are weak, she’ll compensate for this – to the point of starting WWIII.

Here’s a video by Black Pigeon Speaks:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GojGTmeHhwE&w=560&h=315]

So we can expect the Federal government to continue to infringe on our right to bear arms, while at the same time increasingly using arms to start wars across the globe. There are a lot of evil things her presidency will bring. We’re in for rough times.

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18 Responses to A quick thought on Clinton

  1. Lon Spector says:

    I predicted years ago that Hillary would be President.
    Bible scripture itself seems to indicate it. You can see by Hillary’s foreign policy plans.
    Isreal will be compelled to cede land along it’s coastline for an indepedent Palestianian
    state. Iran will become a regional power. These two things could never happen if Trump
    were President.
    The Bible also says “”The seed of Man will be mingled.” It’s a kind of One Worldism.”
    Like it or not, Globalism is here to stay. I foresee a time when people are not only told
    where they can live, but who they can marry and “breed” with. A total switcheroo.
    I think to ensure this, the “lower class” white male has to be eradicated because he might
    balk at this idea. But when Hillary Clinton assumes absolute power come Jan. 20, it’s the
    beginning of the end for millions.

  2. Well... says:

    If you’re like me, you make an effort to look past Trump’s campaign bluster and think realistically about what he’d actually try to do, and be able to do, if he’s elected. I run that thought experiment with Hillary too, and at the end I see a run-of-the-mill cruddy Democrat Establishment candidate, not much worse than Kerry or Gore, or Obama. Apocalyptic warnings about Hillary embarrass their creators.

  3. I don’t think that she’ll fight, any more than Obama would. Obama is a pussy, Clinton is a clone of Obama. Destruction of the USA is job number one for the Democrat ruling class.

  4. Lon Spector says:

    The eradication of the middle class or lower white male (edited by JAY).

    JAY says: Lon Spector, you’ve been commenting the same thing for a long time now. Some of us are tired of seeing the same theme repeated over and over again. Please stick to original comments.

  5. Lon Spector says:

    I don’t know if I’m still allowed on but I would stake my soul on the fact that Hillary will win!
    Whether or not you see a future for yourself under such a regime is a matter of conjecture.
    I certainly see none for myself. Like an intelligent Jew that sees the writing on the wall prior
    to the Nazi’s assumption of power, and “Get’s while the getting is good,” I’m going to “get.”
    May God have mercy on your souls. Hillary certainly won’t.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Your comments are still welcome Lon. Just make sure you’ve got something new to say when you comment; we’re really tired of hearing about the sexual slavery of white women etc. etc.

  6. Jagdflieger says:

    Obviously none of us have a crystal ball but one thing is certain – the dispossession of White people will continue apace as the Establishment realizes that it does not need to seek their votes to remain in power. On the other hand, though, it will be increasingly difficult for the powers that be to ignore the fact that increasing numbers of Whites are realizing that every sector of power is hostile to their interests. There will certainly be intriguing times ahead and most likely none too pleasant. I too believe Clinton will win as the Establishment has made it absolutely certain that it will under no circumstances tolerate an outsider to upset business as usual. Two items that I believe will be next on the agenda will be legalizing the millions of invading illegal aliens as this will ensure a lock on Democratic power and infringing on the Second Amendment under the guise of reducing gun crime. The left has already made clear that following its success with gay marriage those two items are next on the list.

    • Well... says:

      So are you going to move somewhere else?

      • Jagdflieger says:

        I agree with you in that Trump, even if he were to somehow overcome the rigged system and become president, would not be able to do all that many of his supporters are hoping. He is, after all, one man against an entirely corrupt system that has been entrenched for several decades. He would not be able to to do anything about the utterly unscrupulous and biased media nor the hegemony that the left enjoys in academia and popular culture, for example. To begin to reverse this will take decades and will, something that we now know “respectable conservatives” totally lack. As we are seeing, many of these co-called conservatives will do nothing to resist the leftist agenda and in fact counsel surrender on every issue but they will employ every dirty trick in the book to destroy someone like Trump who exposes just how worthless they have been and are. I have no intention at the moment to move although of course that may change depending on the situation. What I am doing now is simply discussing frankly with my friends and coworkers the situation as I see it in hope of awakening as many Whites as possible. I openly state that I support Trump and my reasons why. I point out how the media is little more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and how they emphasis certain stories (black victims of police) while ignoring black on White violence. I have noticed that if one does so confidently, with plenty of facts to back one up and avoids outlandish conspiracy theories most people even left-leaning ones will agree that you have a point.

      • Well... says:

        Please don’t take this the wrong way–I mean it in the most civil tone possible–but you don’t agree with me; I didn’t say any of what you just said. I don’t even understand where you’re getting that stuff from. For example:

        1. If the system is rigged (how? by whom?), why aren’t our politicians worse? Why isn’t everything worse?

        2. If the “entire system” is corrupt and has been for decades, and Trump is the one incorruptible hero who will stand up against the system, in which system do you think he’s been earning his billions over the past decades? Also, why didn’t you move decades ago when you realized the system was corrupt?

        3. If “respectable conservatives” are only “so-called” conservatives, does that mean you think Trump is a real conservative?

        The Right was so starved for decent leadership we fell for the first rich & famous guy who showed up and said the right buzzwords. (Well, not me personally; I’ve been calling Trump an imposter since day one.) And now the Right has gutted itself by making support for Donald Trump the litmus test of conservatism. Donald Trump!! Even after he’s softened up on everything from immigration to abortion, exactly the way an imposter would!! What principles, what actual conservatism can the Right possibly claim to stand for after supporting a non-candidate like that?? It’s utterly embarrassing. You celebrate Trump as this conservative redeemer when he’s the one signing the Right’s death certificate. What kind of conservative does that make you?

        Again, I’m not trying to be rude, I promise. I’m just bewildered and frustrated at how so many people are walking around saying 2+2=5.

  7. Jagdflieger says:

    When I wrote that I agree with you it was referring to that I too attempt to be realistic in what he will or not be able to do given the political structure of the country. He is not an Emperor; he will have to work with Congress and the Judiciary, neither of which will be willing to work with him in my opinion.

    1. How much worst do you want our politicians to be? Is not sending our people’s jobs to low-wage nations like Mexico and China causing massive poverty and hardship in areas like the Rust Belt and gutting our industrial base not enough for you? Is sending our military to fight in useless wars such as Iraq while our country is invaded by Mexico not evidence that something is wrong?

    2. I am fully aware that Trump has his baggage. However, he is not a career politician and as far as I am aware of he wasn’t the one who signed those free-trade deals that have destroyed our industrial base. In fact, I recall him speaking out against those agreements along with men like Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot back in the 90s. I also don’t think that he has anything to do with the lying press that will make martyrs out of black criminals such as Micheal Brown and Keith Scott while totally ignoring the gruesome murders of Paul Monchnik and Dorothy Dow.

    3. I honestly have my doubts that Trump is conservative. However, given the utter worthlessness of “respectable conservatives” he can’t be that much worst. Have you ever asked yourself just what have these “respectable conservatives” conserved? Have they conserved the demographics of our European-founded, White country? If so, then why is the USA slated to be majority minority by 2040? Have they preserved our industrial base that made us the richest and most prosperous country in history with the highest standard of living in the world? Have they conserved our traditional Christian values? These losers can’t even keep out 0.3% of the population out of women’s bathrooms for crying out loud! Turn on your TV set to see just how successful they have been in conserving traditional values. Our education system is used by cultural and racial Marxists to indoctrinate anti-White hatred and what has been the response to this by “respectable conservatives?” Nothing.

    Since you appear to be one of the Never Trump crowd who would prefer to see Clinton elected, can I ask you which alternative to Trump would you prefer? Do you really want to see millions of Third World invaders be granted citizenship and the right to vote? Do you want to see our country infested with rapefugees the way Europe has been and the inevitable terrorist attacks that will follow? Do you want to see Clinton appointing Supreme Court justices? You state that Trump is signing the right’s death certificate; I believe that the traditional right is already basically dead thanks to the cowards leading it whose only role has been to knuckle under to every demand put forth by the left.

    • Well... says:

      If you were being realistic you’d be more skeptical of whether Trump even intends to try to do the things he says he will, since he has a track record of taking very different stances as recently as a few years ago.

      1. I asked you to provide evidence for your claim that the whole system is rigged. If you were being realistic, your evidence would also explain why our current politicians, and the country they control, aren’t worse. Instead you just asked me if I wanted bad politicians. I guess you don’t have any evidence. In fact I think you don’t really believe this, which is why you still live here.

      2. You imagine Trump as a force of purity against corruption. If you were being realistic, you’d consider that maybe a New York City billionaire who’s been wheeling and dealing and rubbing elbows with Giulianis and Bloombergs and Clintons for an entire lifetime is unlikely to fit that picture.

      3. What do you think Trump will conserve? Be realistic and think it over. What you say about Republican elites might be true, but that does not prove that Trump is any better. Just because 1 does not equal 2 does not mean 1 = -2, though Trump is relying on you to fall for that delusion.

      Your assumptions about me are unfounded for the same reason: just because I point out Trump is a fraud does not mean I’m a NeverTrumper who’d prefer to see Hillary elected. I think the negative outcomes you listed for Hillary are dramatically overstated (she’s a cautious establishment politician who relies on the mainstream media to help her get elected) but not entirely off-base. Because I’m being realistic, I predict that White House policy initiatives will be pretty much the same if either candidate wins, which makes my decision not to vote very easy.

      If you merely think Trump will be less bad than Hillary (and I weakly agree and hope you’re correct), then leave it at that. Don’t tell yourself he’s some Alt Right savior who’ll keep out immigrants and bring back factory jobs, because either you know he won’t and you’re abandoning those positions, or you are being willfully blind and are basically asking for conservatism to die.

      The traditional right did not have cowards leading it; they had nobody leading it. The traditional right wasn’t dead, it was in paralysis. They have now chosen to follow the lead of an imposter, a reality TV star from New York City (not just quietly vote for him, but really anoint him their symbolic figurehead, against whom they measure themselves) which means they have decided to commit suicide.

  8. Jagdflieger says:

    1. Here are two articles, one by Pat Buchanan (traditional conservative) and the other by Brad Griffin (alt-right) that deal with the rigged system:


    I agree with their analysis, if you don’t then that is your prerogative and so be it. As for your continued question as to why I live here, maybe the answer is that this country was created and built by people like me and I still continue to believe that it is my country and not that of Hispanic illegal aliens, White-hating black activists, hardcore feminists or belligerent Christianophobic GLBT types. Like I said, if and when things reach Haiti 1804 or current day South Africa or Zimbabwe levels, which it very well could at some point given the Ferguson, Baltimore and Charlotte riots in which Whites were deliberately targeted, I might wish to leave.

    2. I never knew that considered Trump as a force of purity. Thanks for letting me know. In fact, I have always thought of Trump as a sort of clown, brash and media-hungry. I am certain he has been in involved in crooked deals throughout his lifetime. However, the way I view it none of these has wreaked the damage to our country that the crooked deals signed by our governing elites have. Did Trump sign NAFTA? Did he sign his name to the TPPA? Was he the one behind the ruinous Iraq war, which has cost the USA more than two trillion dollars as well as 4,500 Americans and some 500,000 Iraqis killed, not to mention the destruction of the Christian communities in the region? Trump’s corrupt deals pale into insignificance compared to the Clinton’s and the Bush’s.

    3. The onus isn’t on Trump about conserving what is left, the onus is on the conservative leaders who have been at the helm during the time which the USA went from being a First World, White and Christian country to a soon to be Third World, bankrupt, anti-Christian and anti-White country. Please inform us of the measures take by “respectable conservatives” to combat the White privilege dogma that is now de rigueur not only in universities but in high schools and even elementary schools around the country? Don’t try to claim that now it’s Trump’s responsibility to bring back American working- and middle-class jobs after our current leaders on both sides of the political aisle have been busy exporting those same jobs since the end of the Cold War. If “respectable conservatives” don’t like Trump then maybe they should have not helped create the conditions for a guy like him to appear in the first place.

    • Well... says:

      1. I like Pat Buchanan a lot, but in that article he’s stretching the definition of “rigged” to basically mean “not a perfectly level playing field.” It’s the same argument race hustlers use when they complain about the system being racist against minorities. But that’s different from what Trump means when he tells you the election will be rigged. So, which kind of rigged is it?

      You said that while you don’t intend to move right now, “[…] that may change depending on the situation [of corruption in the system].” Since you said the system’s been corrupt for decades, I wondered why you’ve stuck around so long in the first place. Now you’ve clarified that it would have to get as bad as Haiti in 1804, which is another way to sound alarmist and edgy while saying you really don’t anticipate ever having to move.

      2. You said Trump is “one man against an entirely corrupt system that has been entrenched for several decades.” Now you’re conceding he is actually not “against” that system but part of it, and now you’re claiming that his corruption is just lesser than those of our political leaders. If Trump is a billionaire who marries supermodels and our political leaders are mere millionaires or hundred-thousand-aires who marry homely women like Hillary Clinton, then either corruption is entrenched in the system but has failed to serve the corrupted as much as honesty has (meaning it actually isn’t very corrupt at all) or, the system is as corrupt as you say it is and Trump is one of the most corrupt people in the country.

      And since we also have had a some great politicians who aren’t corrupt (e.g. Jeff Sessions, Ron Paul, Todd Akin), then you need to explain how they managed to get into power. What does it say about corruption of the system that guys like these can serve for decades and vote on tons of policy? Maybe something more nuanced than your earlier claim??

      3. Now you are saying that the onus is not on Trump to be conservative. (!!) That’s awfully convenient for Trump, isn’t it? In that case what are you, as a conservative, electing him to do?

      You can deflect onto “respectable conservatives” all you want–in fact, I agree: they failed to conserve anything! Throw those bastards out!–but none of them are currently running for president as the Republican nominee. Your logic seems to be this:

      – “Respectable conservatives” failed to conserve anything.
      – Trump is not a “respectable conservative.”
      – Therefore Trump will conserve things.

      See the problem there?

      Again: if you simply think Trump will be less bad than Hillary, then quietly vote for him and move on. You (and here I mean the general “you”) are digging yourself into a hole by trying to paint him as a champion of the Right in any way.

  9. Jagdflieger says:

    1. I see that you aren’t even bothering to answer but rather are bloviating around attempting to ignore the points I raised. So, do you feel the system is rigged or not? Do you feel that the national media is covering the two campaigns with equal fairness or not, for example? Do believe that there will be massive voter fraud, almost entirely in favor of the Democrats, or not? I see that you conveniently ignored the other link I posted, of which I am not surprised. And what is your fixation with me moving? You brought that up, not me. Since you’re claiming that things for Whites aren’t so bad and that I’m being alarmist, how about you read this:


    Those rascally youths, scamps and ragamuffins!

    2. Nice attempt to obfuscate but sorry, I’m not falling for it. Trump hasn’t been the one making the political decisions that have led our country into the mess it is. Is he part of the system in the way that every American is? Yes, including you and me. But does he have the responsibility for the issues that I have brought up (and that you ignore), no, I feel that he doesn’t. The fact that there are a few decent politicians like Jeff Sessions doesn’t mean that special interests and powerful lobbies have far greater influence in our current political system than average Americans or do you feel otherwise? Trump is a powerful rich man who has admitted being part of the system, but at least he seems, again seems, to have more concern for working- and middle-class Whites than Clinton does. Taking into consideration the fact that the Democrats have basically abandoned the White working- and middle-class why should I or any other White care for their candidates?

    3. None of the so-called “respectable conservatives” are running for office for the simple reason that their worthlessness had been realized by voters in the primaries and they were rejected. So, what have they and their establishment allies been doing since then? Stabbing Trump and his supporters in the back before the man has even had a chance to put in practice what he said he would do and proclaiming their support for Clinton with nonsense like the Pu**ygate claptrap.

    Obviously, you and I will not agree on this issue. You made up your mind that Trump is a sham and are refusing to vote for him. Fine. I support the man because I am sick of the career politicians that have destroyed our country and would support anyone that they and the media are against. I admire that he has put up more of a fight against the leftist powers that be than any “respectable conservative” has in recent memory. Trump may have his problems but between him and Clinton it’s a no-brainer for me.

    • Well... says:

      Trump may have his problems but between him and Clinton it’s a no-brainer for me.

      That’s a perfectly honest and respectable statement. But it isn’t in essence what you (or most of the rest of the Alt Right) have been saying about Trump.

      There are thousands of elections that happen on “election day”, each one run by its own local board. Are a few of them maybe rigged? I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if that happens. But if Trump loses, will it be because some Beltway elites got together in a smoke-filled room and engineered the outcome they wanted? No, that’s just retarded.

      The media is unfair to conservatives. That’s been true for at least the past 50 years. In that time we had two Nixon terms, most of a Ford term, two Reagan terms, and twelve years of Bushes. If the mainstream media’s unfairness didn’t stop them in a world before Twitter and blogs like this one, it won’t stop Trump now. Even my 93 year-old grandfather knows not to trust the New York Times.

      And by the way, the media has no obligation to be fair. In fact, they don’t even have the ability to be fair, and never will! How do you be fair as a reporter? As a screenwriter? It can’t be done. All the media you see, read, and hear is the work of biased human beings who exaggerate, omit, cherrypick, and weave the narratives they want. This is even true of academic reports and statistical data. There is no “fair.” Get over it.

      You brought up moving. Actions speak louder than words, so I wanted to see what you really thought. Now I know: you won’t actually move until things get 1804 Haiti bad. But what are you going to do in the meantime? You think Trump will help with those flash mobs?

      Is [Trump] part of the system in the way that every American is? Yes

      You seriously think Trump is part of the system in the same way you are?? Trump wrote a book that was basically about how he took part in the corrupt system in order to advance his business. Trust me, he wasn’t thinking about the white working class when he did that. Either corruption hurts the white working class or it doesn’t.

      You might be right that Trump at least cares about the white working class more than Hillary does. But like I said, if that’s the case then just vote for Trump and see how it goes. Don’t pretend like he has anything to do with turning around the exportation of jobs or importation of cheap labor.

      I support the man because I am sick of the career politicians that have destroyed our country and would support anyone that they and the media are against.

      Yeah, that’s exactly what I said you were doing. And it’s a total fallacy. I’ll repeat:

      The Right was so starved for decent leadership we fell for the first rich & famous guy who showed up and said the right buzzwords. (Well, not me personally; I’ve been calling Trump an imposter since day one.)


      Your logic seems to be this:

      – “Respectable conservatives” failed to conserve anything.
      – Trump is not a “respectable conservative.”
      – Therefore Trump will conserve things.

      See the problem there?

  10. Jagdflieger says:

    “But if Trump loses, will it be because some Beltway elites got together in a smoke-filled room and engineered the outcome they wanted? No, that’s just retarded.”

    Just as retarded as dead people voting, right?


    Thanks for dropping your mask and admitting that you have no problem at all with the biased and corrupt media. Hey, the media is basically working hand in glove with the Clinton campaign but there’s nothing wrong with that! Hey, the media is stoking black resentment against police officers leading to incidents such as the December 20, 2014, and July 7, 2016, murders of policemen but get over it! (Tell that to the families of those murdered cops). Hey, the media knew “Hands up, don’t shoot” was bullsh*t but what the hell, they ran with it and what’s the big deal? I could go on but with you it would be a waste of my time since you’re okay with it.

    “You brought up moving.”

    Try reading my original post in this thread and point out where I mentioned moving. You’re so short of facts that you’re reduced to outright lies to attempt to make your points. However, since you have no problem with the media lying and distorting things, I’m not surprised.

    “Yeah, that’s exactly what I said you were doing. And it’s a total fallacy. I’ll repeat:

    The Right was so starved for decent leadership we fell for the first rich & famous guy who showed up and said the right buzzwords. (Well, not me personally; I’ve been calling Trump an imposter since day one.)”

    Okay, since you despise Trump and don’t consider him to be a “true conservative” (whatever that means, maybe you could define what is a “true conservative”) which other national figure would suit you then? You seem to want some sort of pure and unadulterated Messiah but you haven’t mentioned anyone so far. You said that you like Pat Buchanan a lot but lo and behold he’s a Trump supporter so I guess he’s out, right? Ditto Jeff Sessions. He fell for the imposter too? Todd Akins called Trump a “breath of fresh air” so I suppose he’s in the doghouse as well.

    “Your logic seems to be this:

    – “Respectable conservatives” failed to conserve anything.
    – Trump is not a “respectable conservative.”
    – Therefore Trump will conserve things.

    See the problem there?”

    Your logic seems to be this:

    – “Respectable conservatives” failed to conserve anything.
    – Trump is not a conservative.
    – Therefore Trump will destroy things.

    See the problem there?

    • Well... says:

      There is some corruption in our system. I don’t like it. But it doesn’t mean our system is so corrupt that it’s like a 3rd world country, or that we can’t trust the results of a national election. To make an analogy, everyone has some cancerous tissue, and it would be nice if that wasn’t the case, but it doesn’t mean everyone needs to go in for radiation therapy and chemo right away. We can either talk about the situation realistically, and gain useful insights we can use to improve our country, or talk about it with emotional rhetoric, and enstupidate ourselves and allow other people to make our country worse. I prefer the former.

      Here’s the link to you talking about moving: https://jewamongyou.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/a-quick-thought-on-clinton/#comment-44134

      Here’s what you said in that comment: “I have no intention at the moment to move although of course that may change depending on the situation.” (Emphasis added.) Maybe someone hacked your computer and wrote that for you?

      I don’t despise Trump, and I’ve told you several times I prefer him to Hillary, I just think he’s an imposter and a fraud as far as a candidate representing the Republican base goes. I do like Sessions and Akin in terms of what they stand for as politicians; I can’t see into their heads to know how convinced they really are of Trump’s genuineness or whether they just figure they need to help people rally behind him for practical reasons. I can only assume that, as politicians, they say what they say in public at least in part for those reasons.

      I think Trump might destroy things because he has a record of supporting Hillary-ish policies. It’s only the past year that he’s said otherwise, and even still he’s walked a lot of that back toward Hillary. Still, I’m not 100% certain he’ll destroy things. I am, however, 100% certain he is not the savior of the Alt Right in any way shape or form, and seeing so many people on the Alt Right talk as if he is has made me think the Alt Right was never really serious about its own best ideas.

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