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What is the Alt-Right?

I used to think I knew the answer to this question, but now I’m not so sure. Here are the elements I used to believe were essential to be part of this movement – back when it was sometimes called … Continue reading

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What is the National Policy Institute’s policy toward Jews?

I’ve never attended an NPI conference. My impression has been that there’s a lot of overlap between NPI and Amren conferences; they feature some of the same speakers, and the president/director of NPI, Richard Spencer, has spoken at Amren conferences … Continue reading

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Hillary’s “popular vote”

A recent headline reads: Hillary Clinton Won Popular Vote By Almost 2 Million — Can Trump Still Be President? The article continues: Nearly a week since the presidential election, all the ballots have yet to be counted, and yet it’s already been … Continue reading

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A loose end that needs to be tied

I saw this video a few days ago. A homeless black woman tried to protect Trump’s star in Hollywood. Though she might, indeed, have some mental issues, she tried to stand up to leftist bullies. In return, she was practically … Continue reading

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I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!

I just saw the news that Trump has won. Honestly, I never believed it was possible. I’d like to thank everyone who worked toward this victory, including Jared Taylor and all the other “Deplorables.” But this is only the beginning. … Continue reading

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Final thoughts on the election

I’m writing this at a quarter to eight Tuesday evening, and I still believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Hillary’s going to win. If it turns out I’m wrong, I’d be tickled. Let’s assume the Establishment gets its way and … Continue reading

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African exodus from the ICC

Writing for the World Politics Review, Julian Hattem writes: Africa’s long-simmering tensions with the International Criminal Court appear to be boiling over. After years of allegations that the ICC has focused solely on the African continent, while letting abuses in … Continue reading

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