What is the National Policy Institute’s policy toward Jews?

I’ve never attended an NPI conference. My impression has been that there’s a lot of overlap between NPI and Amren conferences; they feature some of the same speakers, and the president/director of NPI, Richard Spencer, has spoken at Amren conferences several times.

While Jared Taylor’s position is clearly one of tolerance toward Jews, and no serious accusations of anti-Semitism have been leveled against him (on the contrary, he’s sometimes accused of being too pro-Jewish by his detractors), I’m not aware of any such statement by Richard Spencer.

It’s true that CNN lied about what Spencer said. CNN claimed that Spencer questioned the humanity of Jews. In fact, he was questioning the humanity of certain journalists. CNN’s lies add validity to Spencer’s question.

That being said, take a look at this video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o6-bi3jlxk&w=560&h=315]

It doesn’t look like Spencer himself did the “Nazi salute” (a Google search for that term yields the above video at the very top. So typically Google), but some members of the audience obviously did.

Spencer’s choice of words “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory” leaves something to be desired. On top of that, why use the German word “Lügenpresse” to describe the lying media?

I wasn’t there, and I have no idea if there was some sort of context that would justify the use of such terms; the media is notorious for leaving out details that would be inconsistent with their narrative. But it’s hard to justify tolerating the use of the Nazi salute. This is not how you go about gaining a wider appeal. Such shows will not help us spread the word about our legitimate concerns.

The National Policy Institute has some articles relating to the “Jewish Question,” and we should have no problem with this. Nobody, and no ethnic group, should be above criticism. But neo-Nazis, or those who appear to be neo-Nazis, have no political future in America.

It would be great if Mr. Spencer would provide an explanation. Perhaps I’ll ask him at next year’s Amren conference, assuming he’s there.

Update: I finally got around to watching Spencer’s interview with Red Ice explaining what actually happened. Here it is:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFalXA-RNjI&w=560&h=315]

So it’s not as bad as it was made out to be (by the Luegenpresse). Still, I don’t think it was a good idea.

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  1. Zimriel says:

    Lügenpresse has been used as a meme in the alt-right; Deutsche Wiki says it derives from the nineteenth century. I confess to using it a couple times too, because Germany – then as now – did have a problem with pro-Left dishonest media.

    I quit using it when I recalled the Luther tract, with assonant title, Die Juden und ihre Lügen. I started thinking that when the Right back then said Lügenpresse, they were speaking code for Jüdenpresse. If it was the nineteenth-century reactionary Catholics who coined the term, they might not have approved Luther, but they would not have minded that one tract of his.

    So yeah, I don’t like it and don’t use it anymore.

  2. Well... says:

    The Dissident Right (I’m using that term because Alt Right is too specific and distracting right now) kinda has three groups in it with respect to opinion on Jews:

    1. People like Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire who aren’t at all obsessed with Jews and strive for a balanced, fair look at Jews that’s consistent with other concepts in race realism.

    2. People like Steve Sailer who aren’t outwardly monomaniacal about Jews but do tend to sniff out connections between Jewish journalists/high profile Jews and liberal/globalist/anti-White sentiments whenever they can. They sort of hint with their eyebrows about nothing in particular they’d ever admit to hinting at. Maybe Richard Spencer is in this category too–I haven’t read much of anything by him so I don’t know.

    3. People like the guy saluting in the video, the writers at The Right Stuff, and a lot of commenters on other Dissident Right websites who love to use triple parentheses and seem like they basically just wandered over from Stormfront.

    It’s a tricky question what should be done about group 3. Outwardly disavowing and purging them would be hard to do, it could open up fractures, and it would draw attention to an issue that too much attention seems to have already been paid to. Continuing to ignore them doesn’t seem to make them go away, and as long as people in group 3 are present, journalists are happy to stop by, take a look around, and say “The Alt Right is a bunch of neo-Nazis!”

    Eventually though, it will come to a head and the Dissident Right will have to make a choice.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think the Dissident Right must make that choice right now. This is a crucial time.

      • Stan d Mute says:

        The “dissident” right isn’t taking any explicit position on negroes, and seems to flag Jews only where they are obviously and explicitly advocating anti-white positions. The only group that is singled out for opprobrium across the board is Muslims.

        I don’t think we are wrong to notice the outsize Jewish role in destroying Russia with communism nor the outsize role Jews have played in American leftist anti-white politics. Jews have been at the forefront and clearly the leaders of this evil in America since the turn of the century (1900) if not even earlier. I believe what is needed is for the “good jews” to formally out the “bad jews”. For me, Trumpism means Truth and to hell with “feelings” or political correctness. Until a significant number of Jews can openly and vocally align themselves with whites in America, they’ll collectively get the bad rap so richly deserved for their anti-white activism of the past century.

        The good news is that many Gen-X Jews – at least those I know and guys like yourself and Stix in blogland – seem to abandon their parents’ hyper leftism and anti-white activism. So maybe it’s time for an overtly Jewish pro-white movement? It’ll be an uphill climb to change perceptions we goyim have of the Jewish role in anti-white media and entertainment, but you’ll have many white goy allies in your fight.

        Or in other words, remove the timber from your own eye before worrying about the splinter in your neighbors eye.

      • I think many in the dissright will cut spenser but a lot of those will be newfags that think the altright started last year and is centered on breitbart and youtube, a lot of us old timers are going to go with no enemies to the right.Even so we may think Spenser fucked up or is a ego.So heres the problem i think “wells” comment above is too simplistic,I think a lot of us fall into the category of getting the jews to flip is ideal, they have potential to be great citizens and they are getting hoisted by own petard so its not too far fetched. But the other side of the coin is we dont think its hateful and absurd to raise the jew question, in fact we think its pretty damn civilized to simply want to discuss it because frankly traitors are usually necklaced. It seems very few jews can think clearly on this or anyone else for that matter [ which is part of the reason the norming naziism is going on the entire rcism meme has to be burnt to the ground]
        It turns out ashkenazi jews are as much as 60% italian on mitochondrial side, certainly genetically as european as greeks italians etc. jews have lived with us 1000 yers at least several thousand by some measures and contributed as much as any and we share the book. jews are pretty civilized. so why the hell not include jews.
        well because they just dont see it that way, they see themselves as other and act as other which would be only a minor problem, the hasids for instance are not a problem they are essentially living as permanent refugees and do there own thing apart from the welfare and scams theyre harmless. but the ashkenazi are a huge problem they can be 1/8 jew and still have this big chip and continue to work against western ci and euroman interests, which even that would be manageable except you are 2% of population with 50% of power and wealth. That a huge problem, particularly n america where there can be no resentment but of course theres huge resentment any jew blog is full of a laubdry list of all we did wrong, oddly hats not considered anti white, but resentment at what jews do is. now even accepting le griffes analysis that jews IQ accounts for all the wealth and power no conspiracy needed its still a big problem in and of itself.
        Just imagine after the war a bunch of japanese settled here penniless and 70 years later owned half the wealth and power had dual citizenship and the perusal of any japanese blog revealed they were rife with ancient resentments and did not consider themselves american but raised their kids on the “is it good for the Japs” method. furthermore this was true even if they had married out a generation or two, that they hijacked our foreign policy to benefit japan, and had secured control of our media universities legal finance and medical professions, that an analysis revealed they had targetted certain key nodes of power and so even with only 2% those key areas gave them effectively veto power on the entire nation. Now you could say hey well that a free market for you, but is it. it took 200 years to build America probably the efforts of a billion or more non japs to do it ,is it really ok for them to target areas and gain control of all that and never assimilate.For my way of thinking its not the only way is they are genetically absorbed to the point of not being able to identify themselves but that seems harder than one would think. so there is a jewish problem. I dont think anyone wants another holocaust but whites are facing a possible genocide from leftism a leftism largely steered toward morbidity by jews and jew trained elite whites. now the only way out at this point is going to be a radical nationalist resurgence white males taking back what is theres. this could get popu;ist and ugly but i dont think it needs to,But jews are the ones who need to make that choice right now not us. now half my freinds are jews im a new yorker. jews have to now not later now declare loud and proud that they are white and stand in opposition to white dispossesion, and frankly to be credible a mea culpe is going to have to go with that and on top of that jews are going to have to get just as activist on the far right as the far left. In fact i think a far right jew ought to publicly publish a loyalty oath alll jews should sign to record their loyalty to white western civilization, their should be an opt out to sign if you want to declare you are not a white western but a religious jew seeking asylum in america, and another signing that you are a leftist opponent after the restoration leftist opponents can pack their property and emigrate along with any jews who only pretended to be with us. whites are either going to continue to be swamped by non whites and dispossesed until eradicated or we are on the verge of a sea change where we reverse the hispanic and immigrant african and mid east tide and institute a paternalistic approach to the remaining blacks this will take decades to do peacefully but it is in thie next few years the lines will be drawn

  3. Anders Hass says:

    He has said Jews are not white and they got Israel as a homeland (it was talked about in that altright press conference he, Jared and Peter Brimelow did)

    • jewamongyou says:

      I know Jared considers Ashkenazi Jews to be white. But either way, lots of pro-whites are not anti anybody else.

      • I think even some of the explicitly alt right WN crowd are clear they are not anti but pro self determination, however the elephant in the rooms is how is that going to work in america. They and i seem to think the blacks and browns are manageable without jew interference.without jews screaming racist almost all the immigrants could be deported birthright overturned hell the last two amnesties declared fraudulent and affirmative action reserved for the descendants of us slaves. without jewish cooperation it has to go to populist aggression and jews are going to get it as well as the elites white race traitors. while thats going on the browns and other immigrants will run home and ill bet when the blacks see the angry saxon they will understand the delusion they have labored under and be still.

      • Stan d Mute says:

        Jay, Ashkenazim ARE white. Neither my eyes nor more objective DNA tests pretend otherwise.

        The fact is that Jews THEMSELVES are the sole source of any disharmony or disunion with larger white populations. If you, for example, didn’t proclaim your Jewishness, you would be assumed to be and treated exactly like any other random white dude. It is where and to the degree that Jews hold themselves apart from “regular” whites that problems entail. And this isn’t unique to Jews – look at mormons for example and their persecution in America. Look at Amish and Mennonite communities that fled to Mexico and Central America to escape persecution. If a population subset holds itself apart and superior to the majority, especially where they are notably successful, they engender resentment and eventually hatred.

        In my view, again, the tragedy is the self-defeating nature of Jewish anti-white agitation and the loss to western civilization of the benefit from Jewish intelligence and talent – all due to silly superstitions and myths from thousands of years ago. We no longer shit on open ground or wipe with leaves, but we let superstitions of those days decide our fate? We plan colonization of Mars while bowing to fairy tales easily debunked by infants. In this respect are we so much more evolved than the illiterate IQ60 Congolese cannibal? Shameful.

  4. Jagdflieger says:

    “I know Jared considers Ashkenazi Jews to be white.”

    And indeed they are, according to the DNA evidence: http://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms3543 Unfortunately, in the Alt-Right there is a lot of this type of foolishness; I’ve seen people claiming that Catholics, the Irish, Slavs, and even Germans among others, are not White.

    • Zimriel says:

      The 2013 article deals with the maternal line. The women converted and joined the houses of Israel, as they did in Biblical times. At least 40% of those were European; there’s another contingent of east Asians, which is where my line came from. It’s a good article for what it is, but it doesn’t handle the preponderance of DNA, if it’s European or Berber or whatever else.

      For the actual racial admixture, you’ll want this one : http://biorxiv.org/content/early/2016/07/10/063099?rss=1%2522
      h/t, Razib.

  5. A. Alexander Minsky says:

    It’s interesting ,at least to me, that in an article about NPI and Jews, you neglect to mention that Richard Spencer’s speech was preceded by a talk from Kevin MacDonald on “Jews and American Consciousness”. Both the speaker and the topic matter says a lot about the differences between AmRen and NPI. I can’t imagine that an AmRen conference would ever invite MacDonald to speak, or have a speaker address the subject matter with which MacDonald dealt.

    I think it is worth noting that RamZPaul has disassociated himself form the alt-right due to some of the rhetoric and antics on display at last week’s NPI gathering. It may be time for philo-Semitic ,or just non anti-Semitic, race realists to do likewise.

    • Zimriel says:

      RamZPaul started his “posting career” in Well-dot-dot-dot’s second category but might be tiptoeing to the first. I’m in the first category, with occasional steps into the second, if only to get my bearings in the alt-right / dissident-right comment sections. I did read MacDonald for instance.

      Last July I proposed a response / answer to MacDonald, that mainstream American Judaism has sufferred a coup by internal heretics. I have a link to that at my name. Any feedback would be welcome.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yeah. I wasn’t aware of that, but I did mention that NPI deals with the “Jewish Question” in general and that I see nothing wrong with that. As for RamZPaul, I just watched his latest video on the matter today. All he says is that we can no longer use the term “AltRight” to describe ourselves since it’s been tainted. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal. I do. I’ve started watching Spencer’s explanation video on the matter (Red Ice). So far, I’m not terribly impressed. He should have spoken up about the salute, and made it immediately clear, that this is not what his organization is about. Even though that portion of his speech wasn’t serious, he should have known that it gives our enemies powerful ammunition against us. The millions of white Trump voters deserve to know that there’s a pro-white movement that’s not hateful and not neo-Nazi. That’s what we should be focusing on in these crucial times.

      • Well... says:

        So it sounds like maybe some of these lines are already starting to be drawn. But I don’t yet see any evidence of enforcement along them. (That’s kinda ironic, isn’t it?) Eventually the Jared Taylors and RamZPauls and John Derbyshires will have to either aim some repellent criticism at the Nazi saluters and their online counterparts, or else expect to be lumped in with them–and then promptly outcast from any serious discussion.

      • Stan d Mute says:


        “Lumped in” by whom? The overtly leftist and anti-white media? What you forget is that NO negotiations or compromises with Jeff Zuckerberg is possible. Nor will Mark Zuckerberg ever turn fakebook into a place where whites can freely organize and network. Our survival requires the destruction of this leftist anti-white plague and nothing less.

        Throwing pro-whites under the bus because they use non-PC references to WWII doesn’t help us. Exposing the WWII propaganda does. Whites must be pro-Jew only insofar as Jews are pro-white themselves. Those who are anti-white are my mortal enemy – period. I don’t give a shit about millennia old mythology, I care about the white genome responsible for western civilization and virtually everything good on our planet. It’s past time to defend ourselves from this century old onslaught and drive toward our extermination and our defense begins with truthfully calling a spade a spade. American leftism and neo-con movements have been Jewish led. If you’re concerned that gives Jews a bad rap, get to work leading explicitly pro-white movements and try to unwind that clock.

        Whites have finally embraced identity politics which leads to nationalism. If you are a white, American, of European ancestry, whose forebears believed the Jew mythology then you’re one of us. If you’re a Jew, living in America, whose allegiance is to Israel, then your not one of us and to the extent you oppose us you need to be ignored or sent where you claim to belong. It’s time to pick your side and live with the consequences of that choice.

    • Cl Hpson says:

      Speaking of things we can’t imagine, I can’t imagine you disproving any part of Mac Donald’s research. Nobody ever tries in fact.

      You wisely say his subject matters of choice are “not to be discussed” in fact 🙂

      • Hard Right says:

        Several people have criticized MacDonald. Here’s a couple of examples off the top of my head.



        MacDonald is full of shit. There is no such thing as a “group evolutionary strategy.” That isn’t how evolution works. Evolution deals with the survival of the fittest individuals. Anyone who believes that nonsense is a moron.

      • Stan d Mute says:

        @Hard Right

        I think he would have been on more solid ground expounding on the Jewish tribalism (or racism if you prefer) that seems pretty unique historically at least by comparison to other tribes/races that lived among one another. Absent the enormous phenotypic differences between say Bantu and Pygmy or between Bantu and Arab phenotypes, I can’t think of other examples where a group has maintained a distinct genotype through the millennia. There is certainly a “group breeding strategy” but calling that a group “evolutionary” strategy may be a reach too far. A “group eugenic strategy” perhaps?

      we are done apologizing its time for jews to apologize declare themselves to be white westerners working against the dispossession of whites.
      Look you better get something really fucking clear spenncer and co is basocally a neo nazi but if you have been dissident right for almost a decade you know its complicated whats going on over there its a lot of really new stuff happening fast but the other 40 threads of the dissright from moldbug /land to auster to sailor to coulter we are mostly not anti semites but that does not mean for a second we are not fully cognizant of your ungrateful treachery these last 100 years but the more important issue is even we agree that the nazi are right the racism meme must die die die die die no more apologies for racism ever again, no enemies to the right ever again no more all men are created equal no more feminism no more socialism no more corporatism no more multiculturalism more guilt no more slave morality commie popes cuckservatism proposition nations. you jews [and i have read this and all the other jewish altright blogs for a decade] are either with us or against us we are not negotiating terms we are taking what is ours.

      • jewamongyou says:

        It’s tough, due to the limited format of this WordPress theme, to figure out who you’re responding to sometimes Colleen, but let’s clarify a couple of things:

        Firstly, the words “Nazi,” “neo-Nazi, “racist” etc. mean very little these days. But there are certain people I call “Nazis” or “neo-Nazis” and they are my enemies. I didn’t choose to be their enemy; they chose ME. From the start, they’ve made it very clear that they have no tolerance for me as a person, that everything I say or write is suspect, and that given the chance, they’d kill me. All this is because I’m a Jew. For them, it makes no difference what my opinions, or actions, are. The fact that I’m a Jew is enough for them to hate me with every fiber of their being. Those are the people I refer to as “Nazis.”

        If you want to call Spencer a “Nazi” then that’s your prerogative, but I don’t call him that.

        Furthermore, it’s delusional to think that people who call themselves “Nazis” are going to take over in the US. With or without Jews, neither the American public, nor its establishment, would tolerate such a thing. The very notion is toxic, and it’s not productive to associate with that movement.

      • Stan d Mute says:


        This is exactly the reason I prefer and use “Jew-hater” instead of “nazi” or the even muddier “anti-Semite”. What could one call the typical Islamist who wishes extermination for Jews? If he’s Arab, can he be an anti-Semite? And what true nazi would embrace semites regardless whether Christian, Jew, Islamist, or Zoroastrian? Adding in your point that nazi means simply any white person winning an argument with a leftist and “Jew-hater” just seems the most accurate and succinct term left.

  6. Well... says:

    Today on my blog I talked a little more about my underlying thoughts on this: https://welldotdotdot.wordpress.com/2016/11/26/what-makes-an-idea-look-serious/

    Back before they became Trump’s cheerleading crew, the Alt Right had some serious ideas. I expect a lot of the Alt Right key figures would like to see those ideas become popular enough to influence government policy and public opinion. To do that, the neo-Nazis & trolls will have to be not just ignored but publicly shoved off the boat.

    • Stan d Mute says:

      No. because you are assuming CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOXNEWS, NYT, & WaPo are the arbiters of what may be discussed as “serious”. This is NOT the case. No more allowing anti-whites to dictate the rules of engagement.

      • Well... says:

        Stan d Mute:

        I don’t have the time to remove every last pricker from the tongue of a limping dog who has bitten a cactus. So I respond here to all your above comments in aggregate:

        1. Instead of trolling, harassing, and threatening, you say “flagging.” Instead of neo-Nazis, you hilariously say people who “use non-PC references to WWII”. Euphemisms have a smell. You reek.

        2. Earnestly acknowledging and addressing criticisms of one’s own group is a healthy endeavor. No Jew was ever inspired to do this by someone who was deliberately trying to remind him of a Nazi.

        3. The MSM is to humans what anthills are to ants: a natural outgrowth, a structure reflective of our species’s condition. I sympathize with your disgust at what passes for “serious”, but if you want society intact, “serious” can only be replaced; it can’t be abandoned altogether. In between football and the latest blockbuster movie, the Hank Hills (Regular Americans) out there are going to look to Fox News for “serious”–they aren’t going to get it from some edgy website. The Alt Right ought to be getting to work trying to look like a serious alternative to the existing American Right. Instead they’re trying to squeeze onto a piece of ideological real estate–white identitarianism–shared by neo-Nazis and the Klan. Good luck with that.

      • Stan d Mute says:


        “Non-PC references to WWII”. In this I cite as example the idea that Jews were all purely innocent victims of evil Nazi aggressions. This is simplistic, stupid, and really demeaning to Jews as much as it’s defamatory to Germans and others (like Henry Ford) who had some very legitimate complaints with Jewish behavior in Europe. Then as now, Jews led the Communist movement in all its violent and anti-Western Civ (anti-white) glory. They established a stranglehold on finance and usurious interest rates to control European corporations (the root of Ford’s concern), dominated education and indoctrinated white European youth with Communist philosophy, and dominated the press to prevent a free and fair public debate about what they were doing. Remember that “Jews declare war on Germany” was a headline long before any concentration camps were built.

        You also fail to realize that what we “know” of WWII is massively colored by wartime and post-war propaganda. America and England had to make Nazis the epitome of human evil to justify what we did to Dresden and other German cities that had no significant military targets whatsoever. Dresden, like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were as evil as anything the Germans did. Obliterating hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children is a war crime whether committed by the SS or the US Air Force. Innocent Jews are NOT more precious than innocent Germans or Japanese. Compounding our forebears’ evil is the fact that Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki were all destroyed well after it was abundantly clear the Allies had “won” the war. And the evils committed by the Allies absolutely pale in comparison to our wartime ally Russia’s war crimes which were at least as bad as what the Israeli Holocaust Museum claims the Germans did. But what do we hear about the Communists (or their present day progeny the Socialists and Progressives)? From our Jewish dominated media and education, the Communists, Socialists, and Progressives were noble heroes while the Germans (all Germans – not just SS) were history’s greatest evil.

        If you excuse this defamation of nationalism and excuse the laudatory promotion of Communism and it’s children, you’re helping prop up our enemies. I’d suggest you do some studying. Look at David Cole’s (a Jew) expose of Auschwitz. Read any of the fine esposes of the Communists’ war crimes. Watch some of the fine videos exposing our crime at Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.

        Jews are not pure as driven snow innocent victims. They’ve done plenty to harm the nations that graciously allowed them to enter, live, and prosper. They were the leaders of the Communist movement then and the Socialist/Progressive movement now. They lead the anti-white genocidal movement to invade Europe with Arabs and Africans and to invade America with Mestizos, Arabs, and Africans. That they do this at their peril doesn’t excuse them. Guys like Jay recognize their own implicit whiteness and that the Jew has never had a better friend than Western Civ Europe and America. When Europe is Muslim majority, how will the Jew fare? When America is Mestizo, Arab, and African, to whom will the Jew turn for protection? To the nonwhite, a Jew is just another cracker (or far worse). The Jews’ ultimately self-destructive activism has instigated the anti-Jew backlash. Just as negroes’ criminality and low IQ has instigated the anti-negro backlash. Nobody hates negroes “just for the color of their skin” and only a simpleton could believe such nonsense. Whites are the most accepting and welcoming people in the world, to accuse us of hating Jews “just because they worship the same god differently” is as defamatory and anti-white as it is stupid. And denying Jews’ agency in their own fate is equally defamatory as it denies their enormous talent and intelligence which they have unfortunately used as weapons against us.

        Again, it is long overdue for Jews to explicitly acknowledge and advocate for their implicit and genetic whiteness. Whites are awakening to our group interests and dangers we face. I’d far rather have the Jews join with us than oppose us – especially as the opposition is based on ridiculous millennia old mythology rather than science and reason.

    • You realize america just elected the guy who opened his campaign by calling mexican criminals and rapist -by a landslide. we dont have to do anything. trump is not the one the ubermensch he is only john the baptist preparing the way for the one we are summoning we are at the end of the cycle.So all your little machinations about who trump will be beholden to yad yada is dross this is only the beginning liberalism is dying the entire 100 years of it from the magna carta to obama will be ripped up by the root white men know who they are they are not goung to be wiped out by amerindians chines afrikans and semites and bitches trust me itsover this is just begun save your negotiating and suggestions we shove whites off the boats for jews. you want to save your sorry asses theres a really narrow window where any flip will be credible

      • Well... says:

        This way you write, with no punctuation or capitalization, and your link to a Facebook page, made me think you’re a spambot that sucks up keyworded phrases from the internet and randomly pastes them together. That’s why I deleted your comments from my blog last night. Hope you realize that.

        Since today I see you’ve posted here as well I guess you might be an actual human–maybe you have an autism spectrum disorder or something. No judgment here. So I’ll indulge you, but know that I won’t respond to you again unless you write in English. Surely a proud American white nationalist is capable of writing in English?

        1. You suffer from delusions of scale caused by excessive internet usage. You think there’s a whole movement of people who think like you when in reality it’s perhaps a few thousand people, most who would only dare say those kinds of things anonymously online.

        2. You also conflate people who think like you with white people in general. Maybe living in NYC you don’t realize this, but for example out here in flyover country most white gentiles really like Israel, and not because the NYT told them to.

        3. I actually agree and sympathize with much of what you said further up this page, but somehow the way you say it makes me sure that most Jews outside the Alt Right, if they read it, would instantly be convinced that you’re evidence of a lingering neo-Nazi problem and need to be gotten rid of. A lot of the Alt Right–even the mild-mannered Steve Sailer to some degree!–has this same inability to convey their thoughts without sounding malicious or patronizing.

        4. I’ve been reading Alt Right sites for years. Moldbug, Bonald, Sailer, VDare, Taki’s, alternativeright dot com back when that was a thing, even Donovan there for a while. Heck I’ve even read a few articles on The Right Stuff and Stormfront just to get it straight from the source. I still check up on most of these Alt Right sites once in a while and read the comments. Yes, there are exceptions to the general trends I’ve noticed, but the trends are definitely there. You can’t seem to point to evidence they aren’t, you just keep unfalsifiably accusing me of not knowing what I’m talking about. Maybe that makes you feel good, but it doesn’t help your argument.

        5. You can’t mention Trump without lapsing into übermenschen and summonings and Wagnerian ring cycles. You think the typical Trump voter knows what any of that stuff is or wants anything to do with it?

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  8. well youre a cuck you have no idea what the alt right is about and i dont mean spenser and his nazi cult you havnt a clue about the entire dissident right you mistake our civility for stupidity and you dont have a clue whats happening in the world that little rant about cnn and ants youre clueless theres a sea change starting,go educate yourself start with moldbug legriffe and the 200 blogs that are no longer active going back 20 years when you know what the altright is come back

  9. yes its hard to to use this comments thread, i wasnt even sure if my comments were being posted. but the blog is nicer looking than the old one.I was probably replying to Well…. Later I read some of his blogs stuff and realize despite having a lot of opinions on the altright he hasnt a clue about the dark enlightenment just a new fag cuckserve slumming i suppose.
    Youre around long enough its really hard to say from provocative posts in the DE whos an actual hater and who not, I was one who initially reacted to spencers publicityl stunt as a set back in fact Ive alwways been skeptical of the entire 4chan approach and was concerned when the alt right split from reaction that they would be difficult to keep a line between them selves and WN and the stormfronters. however i agreed racism as a concept had to go entirely, the way to handle someone is simply say well youre working against my interests so im not allied with you.and i think but could be wrong but it seems the 4chan trolling may have worked it may be we are all exhausted with the racist concept. The majority of the lads at stormfront are just too stupid to join alt right but some more thoughtful WNs do seem to have merged and so alt right really has separated from the dark enlightenment but a lot of the white nationalism is fairly thoughtful and sensible but some is explicitly anti jew. as i said Im on the fence, ironically the more i try to talk myself out of the jew paranoia the farther i fall into it. most of my life being a new yorker i simply told myself jews were anti white liberals because they see it as a defense against goys that they can hide in a sea of minorities,and that their culture is a lot of the reason they are liberal.basically i gave them a pass because i liked them and didnt see the existential nature of the threat.I underestimated how deep their resentments and alienation ran, i have spent a lot of time recently on jewish websites for jews to get a sense and realize i may not have known my friends as well as i thought Im beginning to feel like i must be that idiot that thinks he knows blacks because of some guy from grad school that was black, but that isnt the case at least half my friends have always been jews, anyway its a long way of saying as i already did in other comments that i think its a legitimate question , but one thing i noted jews seem incapable of seeing how this looks from the outside so i dont know if we can work this out if we cant discuss it. Its the same with the other races i have a lot of black friends they cant see a damn thing wrong with black behavior, I think many of us see our culture and people litterally on the verge of genocide sure it might take a hundred years but id say we are past the event horizon its unlikely this can be corrected politically yes possible but highly unlikely. i keep digressing. I wouldnt hold my breath for any in the dark enlightenment to push the neo nazis out of the boat simply because no enemies to the right is basic survival, jews shouldnt read that as we are nazi sympathizers but should themselves deal with the JQ vigorously. As to spenser well who knows tribalism is a powerful emotion once you start messing with it one must be disciplined so he could be a little off his meds. But heres the thing hes bright enough to know how using the german words and the haircut etc will be interpreted by his followers and the media so he wanted that provocation.white males have been oppressed for a very long time they are going to over react. can jews get passed this and become far right reactionaries, i dont know if could, i think of jay man a liberal no less thats pretty hardcore he may be telling the truth but hes working against his peoples interests,
    I wonder do you think these neo nazis would really kill i think theyre poseurs in any event if the right ever comes to power they will not be in control.

  10. Jagdflieger says:

    “Instead they’re trying to squeeze onto a piece of ideological real estate–white identitarianism–shared by neo-Nazis and the Klan.”

    Are you stating that it’s wrong for Whites to have an identity of their own? If so, what are your reasons that Whites can not engage in what blacks, Latinos, gays and Jews have been doing for decades or even millennia? Do you have a problem with non-White identitarianism?

    “Back before they became Trump’s cheerleading crew, the Alt Right had some serious ideas.”

    Like which? Honestly, I’d like to know which of their ideas do/did you agree with.

    “To do that, the neo-Nazis & trolls will have to be not just ignored but publicly shoved off the boat.”

    Sorry, but that is never going to happen. First of all, the Alt-Right is an Internet-based phenomena with no one dominate point of view – you have people that focus on blacks and their massive crime like Paul Kersey of SBPDL and Colin Flaherty; others that focus on the Jewish question like Kevin McDonald, others like Brad Griffin and James Edwards who are mainly Southern Nationalists and others such as Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire who are at their core simply pro-White without any one specific theme. There are a lot of sub-divisions and bickering between and even within these groups so the idea that certain ideas can be “shoved off the boat” is ridiculous because there is not just one boat but various under the umbrella designation of the Alt-Right. Furthermore, as long as “a certain people” are viewed as being disproportionately over-represented among the enemies of Whites there will always be a strong undercurrent of anti-Semitism in the movement and in my opinion the way to counter this belief is for more Jews to become involved in pro-White activism. JAY, for example, is doing great work in this regard.

    • Well... says:

      “Are you stating that it’s wrong for Whites to have an identity of their own?”

      Nope. Identify away. But you can’t expect to go about it the same way minorities have and get the same results they did. It’s not apples to apples.

      “Like which [Alt Right ideas did/do you agree with]?”

      Preserving our national (American) identity via increased control over immigration, and thoughtful criticism of feminism, gay issues, and equalitarian fantasies are a few that come to mind.

      (Documenting anti-white media bias was never very interesting to me. It’s nice to have the documentation in one place, I guess, in case someone tries to claim the media isn’t biased against whites, but it is not really a solid thing you can stand a movement on. My gut reaction was always “Yeah yeah, we know…why not do something about it instead of this whiny pontificating?”)

      “First of all, the Alt-Right is an Internet-based phenomena with no one dominate point of view”

      That’s basically true, but it doesn’t mean a few key players couldn’t have taken it in a more productive direction when the spotlight swung their way. It was a huge missed opportunity, and to me suggested that something important was missing.

      “there will always be a strong undercurrent of anti-Semitism in the movement and in my opinion the way to counter this belief is for more Jews to become involved in pro-White activism.”

      I agree! As I’ve said on my blog, the best way to break stereotypes is to do it yourself. But you have to think harder about how to attract Jews to this kind of thinking. Flirting with the people who do Nazi salutes is not going to work, and tells me you don’t really want to attract Jews at all.

    • Well... says:

      “Are you stating that it’s wrong for Whites to have an identity of their own? If so, what are your reasons that Whites can not engage in what blacks, Latinos, gays and Jews have been doing for decades or even millennia? Do you have a problem with non-White identitarianism?”

      I’ve thought about this more and changed my mind. Yes, I do have a problem with identitarianism–all of it. It was foolish for blacks, Hispanics, and gays to pursue that route. It’s gotten them a few short-term symbolic gains but totally bankrupted any hope they might have of true success, and replaced irrational hatred of them with informed resentment. The same goes for Jewish identitarianism, which as manifested has basically nothing to do with being God’s set aside tribe of priests and everything to do with being poor helpless victims constantly in need of special help from others.

      Those who pursue white identitarianism are foolishly sentencing their own children to a permanently crippled future, competing for scraps at a shrinking trough. Are you seriously telling me your vision of success is some white knock-off version of whatever Al Sharpton is doing? If so, then maybe you deserve even less.

    • Stan d Mute says:

      It’s becoming obvious that “Well…” has imbibed an over-generous helping of Socialism probably via a lifetime of Communist driven education.

      What he fails to see is that the slumbering giant has awakened. The Socialists pushed too far too fast. They became over confident and allowed themselves to brag openly that whites would be replaced in America within a generation and replaced in Europe perhaps even sooner and all via mass INVASION (it’s time to stop using “immigration” and “migrants” and “refugees”). An invasion is no less an invasion just because the invaders aren’t carrying rifles. He talks of “flyover country” without realizing the whites in remaining white majority areas see what’s happened in California, the Northeast (urban cities anyway) and Southeast, and are unanimous in their opposition. It’s one thing to generously welcome a few aliens who suffered hardships (of their own creation) back home. It’s an entirely different matter when you see hundreds of thousands of these invaders swarming across the border and realize they’re headed for Smallville, USA. Witness the mass demonstrations of ordinary white folks opposing bus loads of “migrants” headed for their neighborhood. Witness the county-level election results on a national map. America is a vast sea of red with urban welfare pockets of blue.

      That we don’t openly talk of white group interests, that such conversations are heavily coded, is evidence only that our “elites” who still sign the majority of paychecks remain stuck in their socialist indoctrination courtesy of a failed educational system. But look at the approval ratings for our media and educational systems – notice anything there?

      And in re Trump’s victory, bear in mind the millions of disaffected and hopeless white voters who didn’t bother voting because of their perception the Socialists have rigged the game. These folks haven’t been voting (until now going forward I hope), but they have been buying firearms and stocking up on ammo at terrifying and historically unprecedented rates. Those thousands of YouTube channels on firearms and prepping for societal collapse? Their tens of millions of viewers and subscribers? Coincidental to America’s invasion? I think not.

  11. Jagdflieger says:

    Thank you for your comments. I believe that identitarianism is a natural consequence of living in a heterogeneous society and that history demonstrates that whenever there is a state comprised of various ethnic or religious groups these will over time squabble and fight for dominance to the point of separating into independent nations or that one group ruthlessly imposes itself on the other(s). That is why I find it unbelievable that people such as Merkel could have allowed millions of Muslims into Germany, for example, thinking that such would somehow be beneficial. These people must be completely ignorant of history or they simply don’t care. I am not surprised that as the USA transforms from a White to multiracial country that identity politics have arisen. For some time now, racial minorities have engaged in identitarianism in order to benefit themselves at the expense of Whites. What is interesting is that now Whites might be beginning to do the same and where that will lead is anyone’s guess. I do believe, though, that White identitarianism is very different from that practiced by Sharpton who you mentioned. Black identitarianism, by and large for what I understand, consists mainly of grievance-mongering and attempting to bully spineless Whites into providing more and more “gibs” for useless and violent blacks. White identitarianism, with the exception of the monomaniacal Jew haters, who often remind me of blacks and others whining about Whites, seems to be more focused on having nothing to do with non-Whites and rejecting anti-White propaganda than extortion.

    • Well... says:

      First, your history’s wrong. The USA has always been multiracial; the change has been a matter of scale and proportions. What I see is that there’s a kind of an optimal balance, which we’ve been turning away from for the past decades, but we’re still far from totally beyond hope. If you’re white and want to restore some of the balance in your area, your first duty is to have more than 2 kids, and also to stand up against mass immigration.

      Second, identitarianism regresses toward the mean. The reason the identitarianism of the monomaniacal Jew haters resembles so closely that of minority groups is because they’ve had more time to regress. What do you think the kind of white identitarianism you’re espousing will realistically look like in 10, 20, 50 years? If you want “nothing to do with non-Whites,” you’re right back with the Stormfronters in even less time than that. BTW, “nothing to do with non-whites” is a dumb criterion anyway. Should John Derbyshire have to divorce his wife?

  12. Jagdflieger says:

    “First, your history’s wrong.”

    No, it isn’t. You obviously have a very limited knowledge of world history to believe that what I wrote is in error. There have been countless examples bearing out the validity of what I stated. If you don’t know them that’s not my problem and you need to educate yourself. Look at the causes for the breakups of the Aztec and Mongol Empires, for example.

    “The USA has always been multiracial…”

    Wrong again. Even the enemies of Whites know this as (((Steven Seidman))) [sorry JAY, I just had to do that] has written regarding White Americans:

    “White culture constitutes the general cultural mainstream, causing non-White culture to be seen as deviant, in either a positive or negative manner. Moreover, Whites tend to be disproportionately represented in powerful positions, controlling almost all political, economic, and cultural institutions.”

    The USA was founded and created by Whites and for Whites and these constituted 80% to 90% of the population until a decline set in following the 1960s and which has continued to the point that Whites will be a minority by 2040. Until very recently, non-Whites had as much say in the running of the country as Whites permitted them and nothing more. If you doubt this examine the end of Reconstruction, Operation Wetback and the Chinese Exclusion Act for some of the better known examples. In each of these cases Whites acted in their exclusive interests and couldn’t have cared less what blacks, Latinos or Asians desired.

    Regarding your second point, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about since as usual you don’t provide specifics. What are you meaning when you state that White identitarianism will somehow “regress to the mean?” Are you claiming that Whites will began demanding “gibs” and freebies from blacks and Latinos? Are you aware that these these peoples are utterly worthless compared to Whites? Just look at the current state of sub-Saharan Africa and much of Latin America for proof. Look at majority black cities in the USA if you want to look closer to home. What is there for Whites to take from those people? You can’t get blood out of a turnip. You have claimed to read Alt-Right websites and yet you don’t know what I mean by Whites wanting nothing to do with non-Whites?


  13. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Stan D Mute,

    Ashkenazi Jews may be white, but (despite how I appear in the photo) most people who meet me in real life do not consider me white. Even now, after having been deprived of sunlight for months. Other than that, I do agree with you that Jews need to stop hating whites, and separating themselves from whites.

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