Africans in Mexico refuse to work

I found this YouTube video, where a Mexican complains about his government spending resources on African migrants while his own people suffer. If he thinks the only trouble with these migrants is their laziness, then he’s in for a surprise; it’s only a matter of time before those African migrants start to rape the locals.


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5 Responses to Africans in Mexico refuse to work

  1. Robin says:

    Africans migrate to Mexico?
    It’s a crazy mixed up world to be sure it is.

    • spesbona cape says:

      Obviously they don’t really want to stay in Mexico – they just see it as a stepping-stone to the riches of the USA. Maybe if some US blacks could be paid to go there and tell them how horribly “racist” the whites are in the USA, and how they are being slaughtered all the time by racist white cops and how life is hell for them, perhaps they would stay in Mexico or just go back to Africa? I am being silly of course….

  2. So. He despises those who refuse to assimilate into, and contribute to, the mores, customs, and benefit of their host country. I invite this Mexican gentleman to come up and tour Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, or any other area where illegal MEXICANS are mooching off their host, demanding “their own slice”, and demanding others pay for it.

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