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Yes, whites really are persecuted in America

If you’re still in denial over the persecution of whites in the United States, this should wake you up from your slumber. Hat tip to Mekong Delta69 (in a comment at Amren). According to Eyewitness News ABC a school is facing … Continue reading

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Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley battle “hate” at the expense of the First Amendment

When I saw this story in the Oregonian, I thought the journalist had taken some liberties with the story. He wrote: Noting a recent spate of anti-Semitic “hate incidents” in the Portland area, Democratic U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff … Continue reading

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Jewish man arrested over bomb threats

The Jew-haters were right, and not for the first time: A Jewish man has been identified as the source of a series of bomb threat directed at Jewish Community Centers. From Good Morning America: A 19-year-old Jewish man who is … Continue reading

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Religion versus ideology

In a recent op-ed piece on Massachusetts Live, Joseph Levine writes: States that violate rights can be legitimately targeted by boycotts and sanctions, while ethnic/religious identities cannot. That was the principle underlying the BDS movement against apartheid South Africa, is … Continue reading

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I finally watched Trump’s speech to Congress

It took me a few days, due to a heavy work schedule, but I finally got around to watching the entire speech. Overall, I was very impressed. I was impressed because Trump struggles with the English language; he’s not alway … Continue reading

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“White man exonerated”

“White man exonerated.” The corporate-owned media is loath to use these words, even when the news story itself cries out for such a headline. A Yahoo Lifestyle headline reads: Dad Accused of Sexually Assaulting 4-Year-Old Daughter Cleared 20 Years Later … Continue reading

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