I finally watched Trump’s speech to Congress

It took me a few days, due to a heavy work schedule, but I finally got around to watching the entire speech. Overall, I was very impressed.

I was impressed because Trump struggles with the English language; he’s not alway the most eloquent of men, and people frequently misunderstand him. But this speech was delivered almost flawlessly. Even with a teleprompter (does he use one?), it would still take a lot of practice to pull off something like that.

It did bother me that he gave lip-service (at the very beginning of his speech, no less) to “Black History Month.” He also pandered to Hispanics at one point. However, I can forgive him for this, given that it might be a political necessity; it seems he really does want to win black support. Perhaps he’ll have limited success in this endeavor. We’ll see.

Trump brought up the fact that he’s continuing construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline, but failed to even acknowledge the rights of Native American tribes. Whether you believe that this pipeline presents a threat to tribal land-rights or not, enough people do to have warranted some sort of reassurance. Also, if blacks and Hispanics are deserving of special mention, then Native Americans certainly deserve such a courtesy. As for whites, I hope I live to see the day when the President of the United States can openly call for white rights. Apparently, there’s more work to be done in this regard.

I was pleased to see Trump highlight, once again, the great toll immigrant crime has taken on Americans. “Boos” from the Democrats only served to remind us how little they value the lives of American citizens.

Some of the things he called for, or aspires to, seem impossible. No, not “all Americans” can have high-paying jobs. Lowering the cost of currently ridiculously-priced drugs, and streamlining FDA approval of new drugs is definitely within reach. I hope he can do it.

Throughout it all, the look on Elena Kagan’s face spoke volumes. As I looked at her, I thought of all sorts of diseases that might strike her. Same with Sonia Sotomayor.


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  1. wish all jews would come out as white and proud and loud alas thats the opposite of the case and so I begin to see the jews as an enemy of my people a people i once included jews in when i could afford to be generous.To point to a few exceptions is like pointing to Thomas sowell, to point to the many politically agnostic is like talking about islam being a religion of peace. The saliet fact is that jews as a group work against whites as a group and always have. I dont give a shit why, if youre insecure build your own nation and see how successful you can be while having to build your own rather than extract from others. sorry to rant on you you do good work but its not enough youre a voice in the wind. theres going to be a war this makes me sick it didnt have to be if jews had stood up for real justice not social cimmie justice we would have a small solvable problem but now we are going to have world wide armageddedn

    • Well... says:

      First sentence: 47 words, no punctuation. (Also no space between that sentence and the next one.)
      Last sentence: 44 words, no punctuation
      Total paragraph breaks: 0
      Sentence capitalization appears random (example: “Thomas sowell” – capitalized Thomas but not Sowell??)

      If only they’d make illegal immigrants learn English, then maybe Colleen would be motivated to as well.

    • I don't like stupidity says:

      Colleen, I am sorry the US dept of education failed you.

  2. Garr says:

    Colleen, if you’re feeling upset about things that have happened in your life recently you might consider reading the novels of Charles Dickens. They’re very amusing, and would probably cheer you up. Anyway, I’m sorry things haven’t been going well for you, and hope that you meet the man of your dreams soon.

  3. Afterthought says:

    Yes, he uses a teleprompter.

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