The benefits of foreign health care workers for Britain

It wasn’t very long ago that The Guardian touted the benefits of lax immigration laws to Britain’s socialized medical care system: NHS (National Health Service).

Thinktank warns stricter immigration rules could hit service after stats show 11% of all staff and 26% of doctors are non-British…

Figures obtained by the Guardian have shown the most complete picture yet of the reliance by the NHS and community health services in England on foreign nationals, with people from more than 200 countries employed.

The statistics, produced by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), show that 11% of all staff for whom data was available and who work for the NHS and in community health services are not British.

The proportion of foreign nationals increases for professionally qualified clinical staff (14%) and even more so for doctors (26%), prompting the British Medical Association (BMA) to observe that without the contribution of non-British staff, “many NHS services would struggle to provide effective care to their patients”…

“People are still attracted to work in the NHS,” he said. “Without them we’d clearly be short – it would be very hard to replace that number overnight.

“If the single thread of immigration policy is just to get the overall figure down by any means, you’ve got to look at the consequences of that on the NHS.”

Finch said that while the NHS benefited from foreign nationals, health services in the countries they had left could suffer.

He added that as the economic fortunes of some countries providing large numbers of staff to the NHS improved, people might become less inclined to leave, potentially creating problems for Britain, albeit not in the near future.

Finch downplayed the prospect of foreign nationals preventing British people getting a job in health services, saying that under the government’s points system for non-EU migrants, workers would not gain entry unless there was a vacant post they were needed to fill…

While the figures help illustrate the contribution of migrants, they do not paint the whole picture, as many will have taken British nationality since arriving.

It never ceases to amaze me how simplistic open-borders people can be. You’d think the only concerns, about having foreigners tend to Britain’s sick, is brain-drain on the countries of origin, and a loss of jobs for native Brits.

It never even occurred to them that the quality of service might not be quite as good, or that foreigners might simply not care as much about sick Britons.

I’m not saying there’s definitely a link, only that further investigation is necessary. Look at this more recent headline:

NHS 111 ‘put suicidal callers on hold until they hung up’

The NHS is investigating claims by an undercover reporter that suicidal people calling the NHS 111 helpline are being left on hold until they hang up while staff are asleep on duty.

The Sun placed a reporter at the NHS 111 call centre at St Charles Hospital in Ladbroke Grove, west London, which provides 24-hour support for callers from 11 boroughs in north, west and central London…

The newspaper said it found call handlers asleep at their desks or describing themselves on “busy” on the internal computer system to avoid new calls and new patients.

Technical glitches reportedly ended with one handler hanging up on at least three patients, including one with heart palpitations.

Workers were told to tell callers they were experiencing technical failures when they may have been struggling to work the system, according to The Sun.

There are conscientious and caring people of all nationalities; we all know that. But I’ll pose a question for you leftists/ open-borders proponents (and I know you’re out there):

Do you really believe that, overall, there’s going to be just as much concern from Ghanaian 111 operators, toward Native Britons, as from Native Britons themselves? Looking at the big picture, would you actually expect equal results if you somehow tested the overall empathy of a thousand Pakistanis toward ailing white Britons to the overall empathy of a thousand white Britons toward other white Britons? If your answer is “yes,” then tell us how it is you are so naive.

Maybe others have a different perspective on this, but to me, it seems like the above behavior is linked to a lack of concern toward the people who are calling for help.

London is now majority non Native Briton. I tried, but couldn’t come up with statistics to cross-reference ethnicity and age. I suspect that the remaining whites of London tend to be older than other groups. That’s how it is in the U.S., due to lower birthrates among whites. It will be interesting to follow this story; were the errant 111 employees of immigrant background? Were the victims Native Britons. Maybe not, but I find it hard to believe that NHS’s massive infusion of “Diversity” will leave the quality of its services unscathed.

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4 Responses to The benefits of foreign health care workers for Britain

  1. Gerry Gee says:

    An interesting post? I am from the UK and have been angered over many years by the ruling Governments who have between them ran the NHS down to the level where it is facing total collapse. The worst era was under the Labour Government of the war criminal Tony Blair. His open door policy (much like Merkel’s in the EU) was to open the flood gates to the world (not just the EU) and we will never know the true amount of people who came into the country.

    Estimates put it between 2 to 3 million. Most of those were seeking health and social benefits, bleeding the nations NHS dry without having to pay a single penny. Then there are the Health tourists coming to the UK, again bleeding the NHS dry and then returning to their homelands. Africans were coming into the country to seek treatment for cancers and HIV costing as much as £100,000 each and the Labour Government had a policy not to pursue them for monies owed. As for the Doctors and Nurses, constant refusal to pay these professionals a decent living wage meant many moved abroad. The Labour Government then stopped training of Nurses saying it was too costly to train them, preferring to take a bus abroad collecting nurses to work in the NHS (most of which it turned out were not even qualified) and as the then health secretary stated it was cheaper to bring in four foreign nurses than to train one British nurse.

    Then we have Brexit. Brexit was successful because the British people were sick and tired of the Labour and Conservative Governments choosing foreign workers over their own people… just because it was cheaper to do so. The flood of EU and other immigrants lead to crowded schools, Doctors practices, Hospitals, Housing -etc etc… they would liked us to believe that it was a benefit to the country, but statistics show and money they earned was sent back home, including being allowed to claim and send back child allowance for families that didn’t even live here –
    Poland being the worst offenders!!

    London to paraphrase a quote (excuse my language – but there is no alternative) is a shit hole. Now run by a Muslim Mayor who’s soul purpose is to give everything to immigrants and Muslims and nothing to the indigenous white Londoners. White flight is known in British culture now, where cities over run by immigrants, the white indigenous population move away to more rural areas. Cities Like Leicester and Bradford are the first in western civilisation where the immigrant population exceeds the white folk. The white people are now a minority in most of the towns and cities here.

    UKIP and Nigel Farage want us to control our borders, but the Liberal Progressives wont stand for it, claiming racism, and fascism being UKIP’s policy. But 4 million votes at the 2015 election produced just one MP. The Liberal Democrats, Scottish Nationalists, the Green Party polled less collectively, and have over 100 MP’s – where’s the democracy in that? The Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats don’t want a proportional representation system, it’s against their desire to have more MP’s in Parliament. The system has been trashed by the Liberal progressives, much the same as in the States, Brexit has caused a lot of hate in this country, much the same as President Trump being elected has caused in the states.

    But the tide is turning, we are getting back our counties and closing the borders to people whose only wish is to abuse the systems and generosity we give, and do not wish to reciprocate likewise. Inner cities across the UK ARE no go areas, Trump was right and lambasted for saying so, and speaking these words here cause offence and cries of racist and fascist..
    People have had enough, the long haul required to return out countries to a normal society is going to be long, but it is happening now, and will succeed. We do not need immigrants coming here speaking ill of our beloved land, if they don’t like it then they should go back where they came from.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Those politicians have a lot of nerve to claim that they’re “saving money” when they’re the ones whose policies have bankrupted the system. I hope y’all can turn this around before it’s too late. Time is of the essence.

  2. sestamibi says:

    London may not be majority Native Briton anymore, but I don’t think the remainder are all Third World vermin. Many are Poles, Italians, and other Europeans. Could you give us a breakdown on that?

  3. Robert Marchenoir says:

    Read the Daily Mail regularly. There’s one type of story constantly cropping up : Doctor so and so, who used to be a surgeon, or gynecologist, or general practitioner, or nurse at the NHS, on trial for gross negligence / misconduct / sexual agression / rape on patients. Sexual crimes, very often. Name is always N’Golo something or Mohammed whatever. You’ve got their pictures, too. They simply hate us.

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