Asylum-helper killed by asylum-seeker

We can thank karma for this one. Karma and The New Observer, which reported:

The first victim of the Stockholm truck-ramming attack—carried out by a failed asylum seeker—was a Belgian psychologist who worked helping failed asylum seekers avoid deportation, it has emerged…

Dereymaeker worked for several years as a psychologist in the Belgian Immigration Service’s detention centers, helping illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers under threat of deportation.

Het Nieuwsblad quoted one of her friends as saying that she “was always seeking meetings with these people to create a common understanding and to build bridges.”

Maybe they can take her mangled bones, and use them to build a bridge somewhere. Hoisted by her own petard, I say.

I already have a possible target for the next victim: Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt. Also from The New Observer:

Jews and Muslims in Europe have a “common cause” in opposing the rise of pro-European parties, Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, has announced…

Goldschmidt called on Jews to “show solidarity with Muslims.”

Goldschmidt warned that the rise of ultra-nationalist parties and damage to the European Union caused by Brexit threatened the security of Jewish and Muslim minorities.

“When there is tolerance for other languages, other cultures, religions, traditions, we Jews feel more accepted,” Goldschmidt, who is also chief rabbi of Moscow, said.

“At the moment when an ultra-nationalist wind begins to blow, it makes Jews, as a minority, uncomfortable.”

I can already see the fatwa on his sorry head. The first victim was, perhaps, too young to understand that she was aiding murderous savages in their quest to obliterate people like her from the face of the Earth. As for the rabbi, perhaps he’s old enough to be senile, or ignorant of the reality on the ground in today’s world. I think he should take a few strolls through the Muslim areas of Paris or London, dressed as he is, and see how tolerant his precious “Diversity” is of him.

Orthodox rabbis are supposed to be more worldly than that. He certainly doesn’t speak for me.




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5 Responses to Asylum-helper killed by asylum-seeker

  1. I says:

    Well, makes one wonder what people are thinking. Presumably they’re doing what they perceive to be in their best interests.

  2. How much more proof does Europe need that these people are bad news and need to be sent back to where they came from????

  3. Truth-hammer says:

    Gotta watch that karma.

  4. DD says:

    Happy Passover JewAmongYou, thanks for all you write.

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