The Portland Free-Speech rally

While I support President Trump’s efforts to “make America great again,” I’m not exactly a gung-ho Trump supporter. But yesterday’s rally was primarily about free speech, so I was inclined to attend. When I learned that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was trying to get the federal government to cancel the rally, that clinched it for me.

Leftist media outlets repeatedly characterized the event as “Alt-Right” or “far-right.” In fact, it was anything but that. The organizer, Kyle Chapman, had announced:

NAZI, KKK, IDENTITY Europa, or ANY OTHER White Nationalists will not be allowed into the Patriot Prayer Trump Free Speech Rally tomorrow.

During the rally, two men were holding signed that said “Diversity is code for white genocide.” The organizers grabbed the signs (from me, as it turned out; I was holding one momentarily), threw them to the ground outside on the sidewalk, and made it clear that such messages were not allowed at the rally.

Mr. Chapman repeatedly told us that “skin color doesn’t matter. Ethnicity doesn’t matter…” and that “we’re all united because we’re Americans.” In fact, the opening performance, after his introductory speech, was a traditional Maori dance and chant, which everybody was encouraged to join. He also made sure to have a transexual deliver one of the speeches. She mocked the antifa, by wearing a kerchief on her face and showing a communist flag – which she then trampled under her feet:


So, despite numerous claims to the contrary, this was NOT an Alt-Right event – and the organizers didn’t seem to get the memo that no matter how much you try to show leftists that you’re as inclusive, and tolerant, as they are, you’ll never win; they’ll still call you a Nazi. However, I did mingle among the crowd, telling people that whites must stick up for themselves. That whites have a right to exist, and must defend it. People were open to that message.

Here are some photos from the rally:

Pepe the frog was there in force, as were Kekistanis. I spent a lot of time chatting with a Jewish man who sported a kilt and a Kekistan cape. He was part of a group that included some motorcyclists who had volunteered to help with security. He, and some other Jews, told me they’re part of a group called the “Jewish Alt-Right.”

The antifa counter-protesters were holding a large sign that seemed to say something in Hebrew. I couldn’t make it out from our location, so I walked around and into the antifa crowd (I was wearing neutral clothing) in order to get a better view:


It’s not Hebrew, but Yiddish. I don’t actually know enough Yiddish to translate it. I asked each one of the masked protesters what the sign says. None of them knew; they told me:

We were given the sign, and told to hold it…

Hmmm… At that point, they rolled it up. I think they felt rather silly, though I’m sure they still got paid.

Counter-protesters, including antifa and SWJs, freely entered the rally to verbally confront us. Nobody harassed them, and they were in no danger. Had somebody wandered into the leftists camp wearing a MAGA hat, they would have set upon him like a pack of wolfs. Given this scenario, which is the more tolerant crowd, the leftists or the pro-Trumps?

One of the motorcyclists told us that a couple of black guys entered the rally looking for a fight; they had been told this was a KKK rally. When the cyclist told them the truth, they completely changed their tone. I did see them wandering around, and I got the impression they might actually vote for Trump in the next election. Incidentally, we did have pro-Trump blacks, several Hispanics and some Asians. I chatted with one Asian man, who wanted to keep a low profile due to his profession. He came to show his support for free speech.

There were a few hundred of us. If not for the fear of losing one’s job, being socially ostracized or being harassed, there would have been several thousand. The media likes to portray our relatively small numbers as evidence of a lack of support in the community. As a matter of fact, it’s not due to a lack of support, but rather to the atmosphere of fear created by the Establishment Left.

Here are some more photos of the counter-protesters:

The only swastikas were to be found among the leftists. Yes, they threw tampons (with fake blood on them) at us, or at the police. As for the two large black spiders they left behind, I’m not sure what they symbolize, but one of my new Jewish friends was able to pick it up after the end of the rally. It sat on the table later on, when we were dining together:


It will make a nice conversation piece.

Some of the antifa took to throwing stuff at the police. On our side of the protest, there was nothing but respect and gratitude toward the police.


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9 Responses to The Portland Free-Speech rally

  1. oogenhand says:

    Christianity is more dangerous to whites than Jews are. Most Christians aren’t white, so the churches will NEVER stick up for whites. It would be very stupid for them to do so.

    And turning the other cheek is never a good idea.

  2. Yorkshire Rounwytha says:

    “Based Stickman” Chapman can rail against racial solidarity all he wants, but unfortunately his enemies are very endeared with the notion and are using it to crush the white demographic in America at present.

  3. Hey, it was great meeting you on Sunday. Best article about the Portland Rally so far 🙂 (you would be perfect in that Alt-Right Jewish Group, let us know :))

  4. Hi, great to see you are quite active. I wrote you a few emails, never got a response.

    I was trying to get you to advise some other activism.
    Please reply.

  5. Georgia Resident says:

    Isn’t it a little ironic that one of your first experiences at a free speech rally was having your sign taken away, because the message on it wasn’t allowed?

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