Just got back from the 2017 Amren conference

… and you may be asking yourselves: What took me so long to write about it? The answer is that I took a detour to New Jersey on the way home.

As for the conference, I don’t think I can do better than this attendee in describing it. It was the first Amren conference where I felt out of place – for being too old. A majority of attendees were twenty-somethings.

It was also the first conference where antifa protesters were allowed to enter the actual hotel and harass us. I’m not sure what the law is in Tennessee, but infringing on another’s personal space, for the purpose of harassment, might be an offense.

That being said, here are some photos of the antifa protesters outside the hotel, and inside:

That last one was photographing me.

Somebody must have told those antifa that our conference was based on hate. Yes, we’re critical of some non-white groups – but no more so than the Establishment Left is critical of whites. Personally, I don’t think those antifa have any clue what they even mean by “hate.” I hope that their behavior doesn’t discourage people from attending future Amren conferences; on the contrary, it should serve as motivation to be even more active.

As for the speeches, the ones that stand out in my mind were delivered by Jared Taylor John Derbyshire. Derbyshire spoke of the history of race-realism and that of race-denialism. He made it clear that race-denialism has no future. Advancing science will see to that. Taylor’s first speech, which I particularly liked, consisted mainly of letters he has received from non-whites across the globe encouraging him to keep up his work. When this speech becomes available on YouTube, I encourage y’all to watch it. It’s a short one.

The first speech, delivered by Helmuth Nyborg, dealt with the correlation between colder climates and higher IQ’s. I wasn’t terribly impressed, partly because these concepts are old-hat for pretty much all of us, and partly because he avoided the obvious issue of the Inuit (if cold climates make for high IQ’s then the Inuit should be smartest of all). It fell to Mr. Taylor to pose that question, and even then, Mr. Nyborg didn’t answer it until prodded a second time. His answer lacked depth; he claimed that inbreeding depressed their average IQ. I think there’s more to it than that – and, in fact, the Inuit DO have a higher average IQ than other Native Americans.

One speaker was a no-show: Serge Trifkovic. I asked Mr. Taylor, at the very end of the conference, if he’d heard what happened to Mr. Trifkovic, and it was still a mystery. He was to speak about “Islam and the Third Invasion of Europe.” I hope the Muslims didn’t get to him.

You’ve probably already read about the incident where one of the attendees was attacked by antifa, and suffered injuries. I was hanging out by the lake at the time, heard shouting and caught the tail end of it. I saw two or three men ganging up on one man, striking him and pushing him down the hill into the lake. As security was treating him, one of the officers asked me to speak to the man in order to arrange something for his dog. In the end, the hotel staff found a solution.

If you want to help the victim, who also has legal troubles due to the incident, you can donate here. I’ve already done so.

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  1. CharlesK says:

    I saw the assault from a fifth floor balcony. I missed the crucial first few seconds. When I rushed out to see what the noise was our guy was flailing on the ground with three people wrestling with or striking him. Hard to tell from that angle. I just saw their arms in contact with him. One was female. I ran in to get a video camera. There were no Park Rangers yet. When I came out two or more had rolled to the bottom of the slope, and there was a crackle of taser, then it devolved into an episode of Cops as the Rangers arrived.

    I told what I saw, but it added nothing.

    About the Eskimos, of whom the Inuit are a subset, parisitologist Dick Despommier, emeritus Prof. at Columbia, says they have 100 percent rate of toxoplasmosis (all that seal meat) which might explain some IQ depression. I accept the argument that because they are very thin on the ground up there any potential spouse who could be met by walking a month in any direction is probably a cousin of some degree. But most likely, “the farther north the higher the IQ” must peter out at some point. The Eskimos had great technology (seagoing kayaks that can do an “eskimo roll”, harpoons, cold weather gear that handles -50C) but they had no wood for building or fire. No structures, no smelting.

    And most importantly, no agriculture.

    But yes they have higher IQ than American Indians.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It would be interesting to compare SAT scores, grades etc. of Eskimos to Native Americans. I doubt we’ll see any such research from American universities however; God forbid the results support HBD.

    • John X says:

      Europeans and Asians were in cold climates for tens of thousands of years, plus Europeans had the caucasus Aryans sweeping through Europe with their high IQ’s, mixing with the local populations. On the other hand, Inuits had a limited number ( therefore more in-bred and less diverse in terms of IQ differences, so it takes longer for the avg IQ to rise), in a very cold climate, for way too little time to increase their IQ to above Europeans, let alone Asians. Give them another 15,000 years isolated up there, with increasing numbers, and they would increase to a Euro/Asian level eventually.

  2. Admin says:

    How do the protesters know who’s going to the conference and who’s just staying at the hotel?

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