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I was going to write about my recent cruise to Alaska/Canada, but I haven’t finished editing those photos yet, and we’ve had some nice protests, so I figured I’d post about the protests first.

Y’all may remember that we had a free-speech demonstration here not long ago, which I attended. The same man who organized that rally also organized the ones we had today. It was originally supposed to be in downtown Portland, but Joey Gibson moved it, at the last moment, to nearby Vancouver (Washington). A few of his staunch supporters showed up in downtown Portland anyway. Thus, there were two such rallies. This time, the rallies were dubbed “Patriot Prayer” rallies. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about freedom of speech.

I showed up around one o’clock and joined them. They only numbered about a dozen at most – but there were many hundreds, if not thousands, of counter-protesters. The police were there in force, and they did their job fairly well, unlike in Charlottesville. Apparently, antifa behaved as they usually do, and some of them got arrested.

I marched with them for a couple of blocks, and then mingled with the crowd, engaging in a couple of debates.

As you can imagine, we had an interesting conversation, though her friend disapproved of her even talking to me.

One man had literature equating the Alt-Right with ISIS. When a couple of Christians asked him, “So you’re saying that the Alt-Right and Islam are similar?” The man became confused, claiming he didn’t know which religion ISIS is (!!!). The Christians pointed out that he’s judging the entire Alt-Right based on the actions of a few crazies, so why not do the same with Muslims? I chimed in that Muslims are more dangerous, because they actually have a book, which they consider holy, that encourages atrocities. His reply? The Alt-Right has Mein Kampf! Unbelievable.

Here are some photos from today:

The whole affair really drives home how irrational people are. It’s a case of mass hysteria based upon religious conviction. On the bright side, if only a dozen or so Alt-Lights can rile up a city so easily, as we saw today, then that means we have A LOT of power!

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  1. Dave says:

    I would be very curious to know what you talked about with the young lady demanding people look her in the eye. She seems easily triggered.

    • jewamongyou says:

      In a nutshell, she claimed that those who organize such protests hate Jews, and that I shouldn’t associate with such people. I said it’s possible that SOME of them do, but that I hadn’t encountered it. I participated because I agree with what the protest was about. I pointed out that some of the people who participate in events like the Democratic Convention hate whites. She denied that any of them hate whites, and I directed her to do some internet searches if she doubts that. I said that you can’t judge a person by the friends of their friends because we’re all interconnected. I told them that a friend of a friend of a friend etc. of theirs is definitely a Nazi. They had no answer to this, and they ended up just walking away.

      • The CPUSA (Communist Party) endorsed Hillary Clinton, but most of her fans are not Communists I’m sure. This link discusses it.

        I read years ago that Hillary also once marched in a gay pride parade that included NAMBLA, an organization that advocates for pedophiles. If I were like these liberals, I would claim Hillary is a communist and a pedophile based on some of her connections. The fact is we could accuse many leftists of being communist, pedophile, or terrorist, based on the “friend of a friend” concept.

  2. Aurelius says:

    Members of the Alt-Left show what decades of indoctrination can produce in those already predisposed to pathalogical altruism. The mind boggles. Just imagine an African American carrying a sign with, “Abolish the black race!” on it.

  3. Admin says:

    On the bright side, if only a dozen or so Alt-Lights can rile up a city so easily, as we saw today, then that means we have A LOT of power!

    It’s great if an alternative set of narratives to the mainstream ones have this kind of power, but that just heightens the responsibility of those holding those narratives to 1) get them straight, 2) guard them closely, and 3) and be strategic and tactful with how they’re advanced. It would be very easy to be called out on hypocrisy or hyperbole, to be outshined by purely polemical individuals/factions within the Alt Right such as a few commenters I’ve seen on this very blog, or to have a few poor choices be blown up into a scandal.

    I don’t see the Alt Right managing this very well, and sooner or later they’ll be in a worse spot than they were 2 years ago.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve been pondering the same exact thing lately. There’s a rule in the Alt-Right: Don’t strike to your right (or something to that effect). It means that you shouldn’t try to make yourself look more acceptable to the Left by attacking those who are more to the right than you. I think this rule is becoming a problem. We must distance ourselves from neo-Nazis, not to make ourselves more acceptable to the Left, but for our own honor.

      • Admin says:

        I’ve seen people in the Alt Right argue for “no enemies to my right” but I didn’t know it was a rule. Maybe it is.

        If so it’s a dumb rule, but really it misdirects the problem, which isn’t necessarily people with even more right-wing political views (whatever that means at this point), but people with much less tact, sense, and persuasive ability.

        Those are the people you don’t want to let anywhere near your message or even seem allied with, because perception of any fringe movement will attach to the lowest common denominator that represents it. When you’re a fringe movement how you’re perceived is much more important than what you say or do.

        (And while most of America is very conservative and even probably outside to the right of the Overton window in many ways, make no mistake that the Alt Right is still a tiny fringe movement.)

  4. Jon says:

    In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Admin, tact, sense, and persuasive ability are not winning attributes of a modern movement. The Left has known this for decades, but apparently the Right is going to continue to be painfully slow to figure that out. The Right needs to temporarily abandon its sense of civility to win this war, or otherwise it needs to be prepared to accept a permanent loss.

    The Left will sooner go to Total War than it will be persuaded by anything that the Right has to say.

    Everyone in the middle of this knows that. No great force of people is going to change sides that have not already, unless forced to do so because their life immediately depends on it; or unless the media and school systems change political hands. So, why don’t you know that yet?

    The Right, in total, needs to either get with the paradigm, fast, or those that can’t figure out what the future holds through looking to the past need to step aside.

    The instruction manual for the Left is Alinsky, not Chruchill. That should tell you much of what you need to know. The stormtroopers of the Left are absolutely expendable, and those directing them are without conscience as a matter of their belief system.

    No persuasion on the Right will enable a conversion of the Left. If the Right were ever to begin to take over the mechanisms that allow the Left to keep power, like the school system, then there would be war.

    “No enemies to the Right” is an admonition that comes from those on the Right who watch the winning Left and how they work, as well as from those who know that the entire Left political apparatus is essentially driven by Far Left politics (forced economic equality, forced class equality [reducing everyone to the behavior of the ghetto], racial eradication, national eradication, world imperialism of this system, etc).

    The Left hasn’t a need for such a reminder because, for them, its axiomatic (switched to “no enemies to the Left”.) On the Left, those working at the Center-Left, at least those in charge, are doing so to move things to the Far Left.

    They are not Center-Left ideologues, and almost everyone working within the Leftist apparatus knows and implicitly accepts this. However, on the Right, even within its ranks there are endless people warning against Far Right politics.

    At its core, this is about political power. Specifically, how much can be incubated and wielded against enemies. Outside of Total War, this is how politics moves further Left or Right.

    Political power is measured both in how effectively individuals can cooperate with each other, and then in that factor being multiplied by the number of closely cooperating individuals.

    The nasty irony of this is that political power is best incubated at the Far ends of the political spectrum. On the Right, most political power can be created at this pole because this political system encourages the most effective ethnic interpersonal cooperation.

    On the Far Left, political power is the strongest at the far pole because this system does two things: 1. eradicates Right Wing ethnic political power and 2. forces, at the barrel of a gun, the population to adhere to the political system of the government.

    So, I get how a Jewish man, JAY, would be guarded against far right political power among gentiles. However, there are a few truths to remind ourselves of in light of your opinion:

    1. Your ethnic group enjoys Far Right power in your own nation.

    Christian Swedes (including those on the Far Right), for instance, aren’t complaining in Israel about the Far Right nature of the Jewish government, as well that nature in a large part of the Jewish populace.

    Instead, the Christian Far Right ( which is actually a contradiction in political terminology, but that’s another discussion) would largely be happy to grant Jews their Far Right government in exchange for support for their own.

    2. It’s inescapable that the Left will build more political power and win without effective and continuous pushback from a significant Far Right movement. I would happy to discuss this in further detail should you have any questions or points to make in regard to this.

    3. Why should we cede permanent victory to the Left merely to allow for diversity within our own nations?

    • Admin says:

      Yeah, I keep hearing people in the Alt-right say that (“The Left = Saul Alinsky, we need to get with the paradigm and be the mirror image of Antifa/SJWs, persuasion and civility don’t work, etc.”), and it just sounds dumber every time. Really, it gets back to the reason I got disillusioned with the Alt-Right a few years ago. It’s this obsession–and all the distorted thinking that comes with such an obsession–with winning some kind of culture war, at apparently any cost, rather than with actually doing something that will make the country a better place to live.

      What are you gonna teach your kids? Grow the f*** up.

  5. sestamibi says:

    I can’t help but wonder how many (if any) kids the hot babe in your first pic has or intends to have. That is the bottom line for Jewish survival, and what we see is the Left among us having few or none, while the Orthodox and their patriarchal society accounting for a growing share of a smaller Jewish population in the future.

    L’Shanah Tovah to you, J.A.Y. and all our friends reading this.

  6. Dan says:

    These militant white liberals only exist in significant numbers in places like Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, where their distance from NAMs allows them the social privilege enough to be able to social signal about being socially closer and more generous to NAMs.

    The closer to actual NAMs these people live, the more this wealth shrinks and the less it is risked on protesting on behalf of NAMs (which in turn may actually lead to more contact with NAMs).

    The distance from NAMs is a form form social wealth, which they then spend on social signalling in a manner that implies that they can spend this wealth (though in actuality the distance stays the same or increases).

    In the end, such signalling is an older form of English class signalling that imparts increased status when you display that you can live in a manner that implies that you have an excess of something that only the wealthy generally have an excess of. If you have a lo of land and money, you get horses or a pack of dogs and caretakers to imply it. If there is no chance that any part of your life will touch that of a NAM, you protest vigorously on behalf of NAMs.

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