Is Amren a “hate site?”

If you read this article at Amren, and glance through the comments, you’ll find these:

My only issue is with the numbers I wish it would be 100%.

Where abortion leaves off, gangstas in the hood take up the slack. Drugs and bullets!

Can white people abort the entire negro race to Africa? Also, thank you Margaret Sanger!

I wish that number were 100%

Not all the comments are of this nature, but far too many. As much as I’ve criticized blacks on this blog, I don’t want to see them exterminated. What I want is reasonable demographic management and freedom of association. And while I’ve sometimes defended blanket condemnation of the black race, as a reaction to the ridiculous adoration the Establishment Left lavishes upon it, I’ve never seriously condoned the condemnation of the entire race.

Mr. Taylor has made it clear that he is not a hater, and it seems to me that Amren should reiterate its rejection of such hatred more forcefully. It should moderate the comment section to reflect a philosophy of benevolent race-realism – so that visitors don’t get the impression that it condones a “Final-Solution” form of race-realism.

It’s easy to slide from white-advocacy/race-realism to the caricature of bigotry that the Establishment Left portrays us as. But this is ideologically lazy. We should demand more of ourselves.

If the black race is genetically more prone to social dysfunction, then we owe it to the good ones to give them credit, and not call for their extermination. Good blacks should be our allies, so it pains me to see the comment section of Amren become what it has become.

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  1. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    AmRen and its commenters don’t represent “hate.” When you step back and look at where our society has gone in the past quarter century, the site and its followers represent a new kind of equality.

    As a people, we now tolerate hatred when it come from the left: In rap records, in the movies, and in academia. All of this is mainstream and reaches far more people than AmRen. Yet we only demand people on the right revoke their rights to freedom of speech because “hate speech” can apparently only be directed against minorities.

    Some people are now questioning this…and pushing back against it. That’s what those comments symbolize. When you have a free society, this kind of speech is part and parcel of it. We knew this in the 1960s and 1970s. But somewhere around 1990, the keepers of society (i.e. the media and academia) decided that only people on the left were free to hate — and that when whites behaved the same way they needed to be shamed and ostracized.

    This is made-up “media morality.” Where is it written in any bible or constitution that “hatred” can only be directed at minorities? Not only is that situational ethics, it’s paternalistic and infantalizes minorities (and women too, for that matter).

    People are tired of years of this. People are sick of watching various people lose jobs because they said one wrong thing while millions of dollars are thrown at race-baiters on the left. In this light, those comments you cite aren’t so much hateful as hopeful. As perverse as this might sound, they’re a signal that some people don’t buy the anti-white hatred that’s been sold to us as a new type of morality. They’re Winston Smith slipping that note to Julia, going against Big Brother.

    Would I like that kind of hatred directed against me personally? No, not the personal level I wouldn’t. But I would also realize that’s life! Free speech isn’t always nice and the First Amendment means citizens have to take the good with the bad. When the larger society sees this again, that’s when I’ll consider the AmRen comments gratuitous and truly hateful.

    P.S. “Hate site” doesn’t get a hyphen.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That’s why I’ve sympathized with these kind of comments for years. But I believe it was Jared Taylor who once said, at an Amren conference, that we must hold ourselves to a higher standard than our enemies. I’ve been railing against the media, for their outspoken hatred against whites, for years. So you’re preaching to the choir here when you point out that we’ve put up with way too much anti-white vitriol from Mediagov.

  2. Dave says:

    About 10 years ago I discovered Amren through Sailer’s old blog. The articles were generally well written and linked to important statistical studies that prestige media had ignored for years and that needed to be heard and seen.
    What really stood out though, and made a lasting impression, was the extremely low level of the comments. A lot was similar to what you highlighted, some of it worse.
    To someone like myself, just taking the “redpill”, this was very disconcerting and disappointing.
    Comments like this undermine the integrity of the authors and the sites they post on. By now, many years later, I’ve grown used to it, but to be frank, I wouldn’t ever want to associate with people who present their thoughts that way. It’s low class and occasionally disturbing, and I’ve said as much to AmRen for years, to no avail.
    Newbies to dissident Right sites can easily be turned off forever by commentary like that, whereas they would be more open to the arguments if they lacked the potty mouth comments section.
    No one, or at least not thoughtful people, wants to associate with, or think they are associating with, nasty, openly bigoted meatheads.
    AmRen, and several other sites should have cleaned up and moderated their comments section years ago.
    Alas, the damage has been done, and no matter how highbrow and gentlemanly Jared Taylor is, his site provides a platform for lowbrow gutter language. It poisons the whole presentation of otherwise important information.
    If Jared wants to play in the mud, he shouldn’t complain when he stands up covered in filth.

    • Zimriel says:

      Every now and again the AmRen moderators do flush the comments of some of their most egregious haters. But then they doze off and the haters return. I know that I’ve been light on commenting there for the last few years.

      Kersey at SBPDL has also purged his more rabid commenters from time to time, but is less diligent. Probably because his site is aimed at that one genotype in a negative fashion. Without racial animosity he hasn’t got a site.

    • Thank you for your insight. I thought I was the only one noticing this ongoing problem. In the past, I have left several comments, appropriate , though not wordy. I am a cancer survivor and unfortunately chemo has taken away quite a bit of my verbiage. I do try my best. Just today, the ” moderator” ” removed” three of my comments. The last two, calling out the moderator for the removal. Again all appropriate. They are worse then the anti free speech crowd, hiding under the guise of pseudo intellectualism and anti haters. Please !

      • barnacle bill says:

        I got banned eventually from AMREN. I refer to them as ‘The old women’s knitting society’. The never even get close to anything that MIGHT, improve our situation a small amount. I have suggested two different ideas, which I have researched to some extent, but without any feedback. Then WHAMMY, I get banished. Oh well, they were getting old and stale.

  3. Jagdflieger says:

    Hi JAY! Nice to have you back after a long time. I hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. Regarding the comments one frequently sees on Alt-Right sites, I understand where Days of Broken Arrows is coming from, but at the same time I feel strongly that over the top hate is very off-putting to a broader audience and repels rather than attracts. He is absolutely correct that leftists can openly express their hatred of whites and that such statements are now normalized and mainstreamed due to the constant repetition of these and the total lack of push back by cowardly and ineffectual “conservatives” that are terrified of advocating for whites and the hypocrisy of such is infuriating. However, I do feel that on Alt-Right and race-realist forums there does need to exist a strong moderation of comments. If you have any doubts of what no moderation will lead to, just visit Occidental Dissent. The comment section is an absolute disaster… the highest level of discourse reaches “Gas the kikes, race war now!” No intelligent and self-respecting person would care to associate with such people and it feeds directly into the stereotype the left has portrayed of us.

  4. Georgia Resident says:

    The problem with a diverse society is that it’s never really at peace. At best, it enjoys an uneasy truce. At present, there is a demographic war being waged against Whites. It’s a war waged primarily with the threat of government violence, but oftentimes with very real and immediate violence waged by the anti-White elements in society. And like soldiers in a long war that, certain victories notwithstanding, is currently against their side, many pro-Whites are very embittered. Men who’ve gone through war often carry a hatred for “the enemy”, combatant and noncombatant, into peacetime. So while it’s regrettable that some White advocates actually do feel the sense of hatred for blacks expressed in some of the worse comments on the AmRen site, not to mention ultimately counterproductive, it’s simply a part of the reality of the racial conflict that has been forced on racially aware Whites.

  5. Dan says:

    Whatever the fate of the Black race is (and all races), its already sealed. Nothing is left unplanned. Whatever one or one hundred Amren commenters say is irrelevant. I would only offer that the planners are likely more calculating and less empathetic than even the average alt-Right member. Though, that fact neither implies a bad nor good end for anyone inparticular.

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