I wonder if they were pro-Diversity

I wonder how many Asians need to be killed by Diversity before they come to their senses. In a world increasingly dominated by savages, whites and Asians should be natural allies.

3 charged in execution-style slayings of couple in gated community

HOUSTON – Three men have been charged with capital murder after investigators accused them of following a suburban Houston couple to their home in an upscale gated community, forcing them into their house at gunpoint, fatally shooting them, then ransacking their house.


 Erick Alfredo Peralta, 20, Aakiel Ricardo Kendrick, 21, and Khari Ty Kendrick, 23 have been arrested in the capital murders of Bao and Jenny Lam.


The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says Aakiel Ricardo Kendrick, Khari Ty Kendrick and Erick Alfredo Peralta were arrested Wednesday. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says one of the men confessed to killing Bao and Jenny Lam, both 61, Thursday at their Spring home…


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3 Responses to I wonder if they were pro-Diversity

  1. Dave says:

    Good luck getting Asians to openly take the side of white people. In private, many Asians will admit to disliking blacks, and many Asian business owners know full well what operating a business in a majority black neighborhood entails. Asians are also consummate conformists, and they now know what can, and cannot, be said publicly.
    Privately, Asians prefer whites, intermarry with us in increasingly large percentages, and understand that this society will only function well with a white majority, but you will no longer hear them speak about this openly.
    We also have the recent trend of fully assimilated Asian youth becoming shrieking SJW’s. They see the handwriting on the wall and are fully plugged into current trends, and are acting on it.
    Of course, should white people ever collectively push back against this rising tide of insanity, we will see where Asians really stand.
    For now, they won’t take our side.

    • Ifwg says:

      Actually interracial marriages among asian americans has been steadily declining since 2010.

    • Dan says:

      Asian SJW-sim is actually worrying, as opposed to that of NAMS, because they can be both competent and prone to easy ideological zealotry and accompanying extreme acts. There is even evidence that the elite class is guarded against them to a degree, likely for his reason imo, if Ivy admission policies are anything to go on.

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