“Two black men did it”

It’s not uncommon for whites to blame blacks for fictitious crimes, or crimes that they, themselves, committed.

A recent case in Canada illustrates this:

Antoine originally told police that she and Gargol met up with an unidentified white male, while out for drinks. She then claimed to have left the outing early to go to her uncle’s house.

Later that night, she reportedly posted on Gargol’s Facebook page, making it appear that she was looking for her. “Hope you made it home safe,” wrote Antoine.

But the “white male” that she claimed that they met up with never materialized, and authorities found even more holes in the story. Antoine’s uncle later admitted that she asked him to lie and pretend that “two black men” killed Gargol.

A woman disfigured herself with acid, and blamed it on a black woman:

It was a terrifying story: Lizzie Dunn said she was walking down the street in Staten Island, New York, on Monday when a stranger approached her with a question.

“I didn’t know the person,” the 52-year-old told the New York Daily News. “She asked me for cigarette and I told her no.”

Dunn said the woman then asked if she could spare some money. She again refused, she said…

But it all turned out to be a lie, police told NBC New York.

There was no stranger asking for money who sprayed Dunn, police say, because she sprayed herself and fabricated the story…

Police arrived after Kenwood called 911. Dunn told officers that a black woman in her mid-40s assaulted her with the caustic substance. But police later determined that Dunn, who they say had other scars from self-inflicted wounds in the past, sprayed herself with acid from her home, the New York Daily News wrote.
A man accidentally shot his girlfriend, and another man, who accidentally shot himself, blamed it on a black man. And then there was Susan SmithEven Hispanics are in on the action, blaming a black man for setting his girlfriend’s house on fire.
The media gleefully reports such incidents, as if to say, “Blacks are actually no more crime-prone than the rest of us, and here’s evidence that they don’t deserve the bad rap.”
From the comments on the first article above, it appears that many people actually believe that black criminality is a myth perpetuated by such false claims.
Having experienced black criminality first-hand, and having heard many first-hand accounts from other people, I reject this explanation.
Let’s take a look at false accusations of rape.
According to Quartz, women make false accusations about rape for one of four reasons:
But while false accusers often have similar histories, they have various motives. These can be divided into roughly four categories: personal gain, mental illness, revenge, and the need for an alibi.
In three of the above cases, many times there was no specific suspect involved; the accuser had to make one up out of thin-air. How many of those phantom rapists, do you suppose, are women? When was the last time you heard about a crazy woman inventing a story about being raped where the perpetrator was another woman?
We don’t need extensive research to tell us that the number is zero, or close to zero. Why? Because such people pick the most likely type of perpetrator to give substance to their stories. Since men are more likely to rape than women, phantom suspects are most likely to be male. Where’s the outcry?
Additionally, imagine you just killed somebody in a drunken rage, and now you want to deflect blame away from yourself by making up a story. Wouldn’t you want to provide details to your story, to make it more believable? Describing the perpetrator as “black” is just another way of adding specificity to your story, in an effort to make it more believable. Also, if you describe him as “white,” then you must provide additional details, such as hair color, eye color or nose shape. Stating that he is “black” does away with several potential sources of confusion, while still providing the same level of specificity. Describing him as “Asian” would also work, but Asians are far less prone to violent crime than blacks; hence, it’s not as believable.
In a nutshell, the high black crime rate is not an artifact of imaginary black perps, rather, imaginary black perps are an artifact of the black high crime rate.
It’s also worth nothing that there have been many fake “hate-crimes” committed against blacks, and other minorities, but we don’t see the Media taking this as evidence that real ones never occur.
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2 Responses to “Two black men did it”

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    I am not sure, given the photo, that the murderer in the first story is not First Nations. She certainly appears to be so. Also she grew up in foster care which a lot of Native kids end up doing due to the alcohol issues so prevalent in the aboriginal community. That doesn’t negate the point of your post however. They do happen, but the frequency appears to be significantly less than when it’s the other way around and it’s a supposed crime against minorities.

  2. Whites lie about black crime because blacks do commit lots of crimes.
    So, it is a lie based on general truth.

    But when blacks do ‘hate haoxes’, it is a lie based on a general lie. White people don’t generally go around burning crosses in the lawns of Negroes.

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