Bring back imperialism

I read an interesting article on Premier Christian Radio (hat-tip to Voice of Europe). It has to do with the plight of migrants who convert to Christianity:

It’s feared that an Afghan Christian covert who sought asylum in Switzerland may be killed if the Swiss government deports him.

Christian legal group ADF International has filed an expert brief with the European Court of Human Rights in support of the man known as A.A. (anonymised for security reasons).

ADF said if he is sent back to his home country he could face severe social and formal persecution, with punishments ranging from lengthy imprisonment to death.

“International law is very clear on the fact that no country should return a refugee to territories where his or her life could be in danger,” said Jennifer Lea, Legal Counsel with ADF International.

“Afghanistan is not a safe place for a Christian convert…”

I would question the sincerity of such converts, since some are suspected of doing so simply to increase their chances of being granted asylum. This case clearly illustrates the point. The article is not clear if he converted in Afghanistan or in Switzerland. I think there should be procedures to test the sincerity of such converts: Have them eat pork while sitting on a copy of the Qur’an. Have them publicly denounce Muhammad.

Whether they convert to Christianity, or simply discard the Islamic faith, if they do so sincerely, then I applaud them. It’s an important step in the right direction, and I don’t think it’s acceptable to send them back home to almost certain death.

On the other hand, Europe can be demographically destroyed by Christians, just as it can be destroyed by Muslims. It shouldn’t be Europe’s responsibility to take in all the Christians of the Muslim world. International law should be clear that this is not expected. Otherwise, every superficial, hedonistic, self-centered, materialistic person in the Muslim world would migrate to Europe and declare himself “Christian.”

In the long-term, what is needed is regions, within Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc. that are safe for non-Muslims – and there’s only one way to do this: By force of arms. At least until the local Muslims mature to the point where they can be trusted to respect those who do not share their beliefs. This could take a very long time, considering that such attitudes are in direct contradiction to Islamic teachings.

Perhaps an area, somewhere in Ethiopia for example (which is already mostly Christian), can be designated to house such people until their numbers grow. Then they can raise armies and reconquer some of their native lands from the Muslims.



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  1. There is another issue. We owe the Christian refugees to keep them away from their Muslim persecutors.
    That would demand:
    religious segregation, a no no
    keeping Muslims away from Europe and those converts, a no no
    Persecuted Christians: No asylum, no safety!
    Christian refugees can not come to Europe, because Europe welcomes their persecutors. Europe invites and welcome Muslim Christian-killers, and Christians-as-sex-slave-apologists.

    Refugee Camps hostile to Christians
    Christian refugees get attacked in Holland, by their fellow Muslim compatriots the Christians are trying to flee from. Imagine the insurmountable danger they would face in a Syrian refugee camp

    Christians in Syria can not flee.
    Thus Christians in Syria and Iraq have nowhere to flee. Even in Holland, their life is threatened (by Muslim refugees).

    German version of this article
    Kein Asyl, keine Sicherheit für verfolgte Christen!
    Religiously motivated attacks on 743 Christian refugees in German refugee shelters [English, German Version, 2, 3]
    The present survey, including 512 further documented cases which have been collected between May and September 2016 in the above mentioned as well as other federal states, shows that religiously motivated attacks occur frequently and nationwide. Taking these new cases into consideration there are now 743 Christian refugees who have reported religiously motivated attacks. With more staff at hand, a significantly higher number of cases could have been included in the survey. Consequently, this second survey is still to be considered most likely as the tip of the iceberg in regard to the number of religiously motivated attacks on Christian refugees and other religious minorities. It must be assumed that there is a high number of unreported cases.

    Protecting victims or putting Muslims under general suspicion? One of the reactions to the publication of the first report on religiously motivated attacks was the fear that this might result in putting all Muslims under general suspicion. Some drew attention to the risk that such a publication might nurture religious conflicts and xenophobia. Of course, such warnings have to be taken very seriously. However, this must not be allowed to thwart efforts to protect the victims of these attacks. This is particularly true since a lot of the refugees belonging to religious minorities have already suffered from great injustice and persecution in their Islamic-majority home countries – for many the reason for their flight to Germany, a country they thought to be safe. Partly severely traumatised, these refugees now face similar experiences in Germany, without receiving adequate protection

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