“Make America Great Again” Portland walk

My son’s in town visiting. It was his idea to walk around Portland wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. Unfortunately, he only had one, which I grabbed and wore. He did, however, have a nice Trump t-shirt, which he wore.

I doubted anything dramatic would happen, and I was right. We got some nasty looks from a few lefty women, which I relished (I mean the looks, not the women). We got a few thumbs up and kudos from passersby. After a while, we got hungry, and decided to visit a Lebanese restaurant where I’d eaten before. The owner almost fell backward when he saw my son’t t-shirt, and then gave him a robust thumbs up! Yes, the owners are Christian.

I’m going to have a lot of free time the next few weeks, so hopefully, I’ll actually be posting.

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5 Responses to “Make America Great Again” Portland walk

  1. I admire your courage, or is it insanity? If you run into antifa or BLM, police will arrive too late to save you.

    Can you please add 4Racism.org to your blogroll?
    And always check http://4racism.org/site-map.html for new posts ..
    De-weaponize the term “racist”,

    Racism saves lives, racism is love, black lives matter to racists

    0) Racism: a Virtue to Reclaim?!

    4Racism org will argue the radical notion that “Racism” (as defined by Anti-Racists) is something positive worth striving for, that Racism is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism!

    The fear of being called racist (Racism-phobia) corrupts social science research, paralyzes media and police, hampers public safety, harms minorities, leads astray politicians and manipulates the voting public.

    Race differences in IQ are of similar size (1-2 standard deviations) and as undeniably proven⇓ as sex differences in height.

    Reclaim “Racist”

    The fear of being stigmatized as “racist” ‘haters” paralizes people and prevents us from stating scientific truths, from promoting the policies that best help all people of all races, from voting for politicians and parties that pursue such humane goals.
    To extirpate the horrible consequences of misinformed anti-racist policies⇓, the derogatory term “Racist” must be reclaimed as virtuous and owned with pride.

    Racism (as defined by the anti-racists) is beneficial to Blacks, Minorities, to all.

  2. Bill says:

    Antifa are like any American thug group. You’re generally safe unless outnumbered, as they are inherent cowards

  3. Jason says:

    I’m not so good with blogs, or figuring out how to contact folks. Seems we’re in the same area. If you want to meet up for a beer shoot me an email

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