I found this gem on Quora

I’ve been participating in the online forum Quora recently, trying to guide people to the truth (my opinions :). When I saw the following, I knew I had to share it – as a cautionary tale:

In 2013, my baby sister, 22 years old at the time, was murdered by her “best friend” during an argument. Being friends, my sister felt no need to be afraid for her safety and felt safe in arguing with her “friend.” The other girl, deciding her reputation was being damaged, pulled a knife and stabbed my sister in the neck. The injury killed her within minutes.

In court, the entire ordeal was turned in to a black vs white, state of our country, type case. My sister was white, while her friend was black. The lawyer decided his best defense was to claim that the only reason this wasn’t being viewed as self defense was because the defendant was black. It was nauseating.

Their “friendship” was diminished and my baby sister was painted as a dangerous girl who could have attacked any moment, and so the girl was only protecting herself by taking action. I watched for 5 days as this nonsense went on. On the 5th day, I watched a jury release my sisters killer so they couldn’t be painted as racists.

Watching this lawyer sway the jury and turn this case into a case of race was so dishonorable to my sisters memory. She helped raise her boyfriends black children, dated a black man, had multiple black friends, and it was all torn apart for the sake of a not guilty verdict.

Criminal defense attorneys are the worst.

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  1. Can you link the story..?

  2. J. Junger says:

    Amren recently had a similar story about a 96 year-old WW2 vet who was blind and beaten to death with a flashlight by a young black male, who made off with $20 and some change. This guy’s public pretender did the Hail Mary similar to the “defense” mentioned here, although it didn’t work. Thankfully.

  3. Poco says:

    Having had extensive experience with negroids she should have known what to expect. How can I and why should I feel sorry for someone who courted those who are known for that type of behavior? If anyone is to blame for her fate that would be her.

  4. Many people think courts are places for justice. They are not. Aside from the issues of race, trials are nothing but a tango contest. The prosecutor dances, the defense attorney dances. The jury then holds up their score cards, and the higher number wins. It’s all a matter of performance. Nothing more.

  5. Jan Assman says:

    Here is the news story:

    Gross. Imagine having a “friend” like that. But then, she also “dated” a black man, with kids, so no surprise really.

  6. Song For the Deaf says:

    lol @ mudhsarks who get killed by blacks. just lol

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