Good doctors being forced out in UK

In case you had any doubts as to the grim future that awaits the UK, here’s an example of how things are going over there:

NHS surgeon accused of racism and ‘forced out of job’ after raising concerns about three Asian colleaagues

An NHS surgeon voted Doctor of the Year was forced to resign after being accused of racism for raising concerns about the abilities of three Asian colleagues, a tribunal has heard.

Peter Duffy, 56, reported one Indian doctor for missing “several” cancers, playing a round of golf when he had been called to treat a patient and being unable to use an ultra sound machine.

The married father-of-three also claimed that two other doctors, from India and Pakistan, had bungled operations, tried to “suppress discussion” over the avoidable death of a man who had had sepsis and were involved in possible overtime fraud.

But Mr Duffy, a consultant urologist, said he was subjected to “malicious, toxic and utterly false” allegations over a ten year period working at Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) and was warned to “watch his back” over his whistleblowing.

It was claimed that one of the doctors vowed he would be “taught a lesson,” while another was said to be “spitting blood” after being suspended.

He claims he was “brutally driven out” by colleagues intent on revenge.

In 2015, Mr Duffy transferred to Furness General Hospital, Barrow, where he was voted “Doctor of the Year by patients and colleagues at Morecambe Bay Hospitals NHS Trust.

He was also praised for treating all members of the team equally, “getting stuck in, even mopping the floor between theatre cases.”

But that year, consultant Saleem Nassem, one of the RLI doctors he had complained about, was appointed co-clinical lead for the trust’s urology department.

He claimed that one colleague told him: “You’ve made enemies here. They’ve got the means, the motive and now the opportunity to finally get shot of you.”…

Long story short, the good doctor was forced to resign. He is now practicing elsewhere.

Welcome to Britain, where the police allow native girls to be raped and murdered rather than be accused of racism, where journalists are detained, and then banned from the country, for trying to exercise free speech – and where good doctors are forced to resign in favor of corrupt, and inferior, doctors.

There is nothing “great” about “Great Britain” any more.

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  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    And it’s coming soon to a clinic and hospital near you as well. The US is only about 5-10 years behind in this. We allow foreigners, graduates of foreign medical schools, to apply for residency positions at the expense of American graduates.

    It’s not much different with nursing. Nurses are MUCH further along the political correctness spectrum than physicians and have been for quite a number of years. They basically reward incompetence as long as you are “culturally competent” and follow orders blindly. Go to any hospital in any city and you will find that many of the floor nursing positions are filled by foreign workers, many of whom can barely speak English, who are there on visas because of the “nursing shortage.” There’s no shortage of nurses. There is a shortage of nurses willing to put their licenses and livelihoods on the line for the kind of abuse they suffer daily in order to keep admin salaries and bonuses fat. Most hospitals are knowingly putting patients in danger with their staffing ratios, in my humble opinion. And they have no incentive to change because they can always find foreign workers who are more afraid of losing their jobs than their licenses.

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