Does obesity serve the Progressive agenda?

Here are two graphs for your inspection. The first one is from USNews:

obesity rates

The second is from the Pew Research Council:

intermarriage rates

While “intermarriage” does not exclusively refer to black/white couples, there’s no reason to doubt that such couples adhere to the same trend.

My hypothesis is that as white women grow more obese, and their value in the dating market decreases as a result, they are more receptive to advances by black men – who tend to be more forgiving in matters of BMI. White men, being less forgiving, seek refuge in Asian women, who tend to be more svelte.

Does racial intermarriage fit the Progressive agenda? Obviously so. Does this mean there is an “Obesity conspiracy?” Alex Jones, where are you when we need you?

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4 Responses to Does obesity serve the Progressive agenda?

  1. Jason says:

    I never really thought of it that way but it’s a good point. I always assumed the obesity issue was a way to control people and make them more docile. You never really see a large group of fat people bucking the system

  2. countenance says:

    I think you’re correct but in a different way.

    The increasing rate of obese white women will fuel the rise of the progressivetard agenda, in that there will be an increasing supply of obese white women to fill roles in the media, academia, non-profits, foundations, activist groups, to engage in social justice warriorism, to whine about trivialities like “fat shaming,” and otherwise, use their cultural (or sometimes actual political) power to get revenge on all the rich and powerful men who don’t believe they are attractive, and also compel society to rewrite the rules of physical attractiveness so that they are at the top of those.

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