Permanently banned from Quora

Good news! I’ve been permanently banned from Quora, or so it appears. Getting banned for speaking up against injustice is a badge of honor.

On a more sinister note, this illustrates how the Establishment Left, through its intolerance, is promoting extremism and violence.

I’m old enough, and mature enough in my views, that I’m not going to go off the deep end and shoot up a mosque. But the points that I tried to bring up at the big-box social media sites are glaringly obvious to many millions of people. If these points can’t be discussed openly, if bringing them up leads to ostracism or worse, then some people will find “alternative methods” to communicate their displeasure. David Wood explains it very eloquently:


David Wood’s points about Islam apply equally to racial/ethnic dispossession. When people are unable to have civil, and open, discussions about these issues, “alternative methods” will be utilized.

Aside from this issue, the practice of banning those with opposing views leads to the creation of echo chambers. Quora, Facebook and Twitter are gradually becoming leftist echo chambers, where opinions are inexorably nudged ever more to the left.

When denizens of these echo chambers denigrate more open platforms, such as Gab, as nests of neo-Nazism, they have nobody to blame but themselves. Those on the right are also human, and when left with no alternative but to interact with their own ilk, will also grow more extremist over time. The difference is that leftists have options; they’re not being forced into ghettos. In contrast, conservatives (increasingly) are.

In a previous post, my friend “Human Stupidity” warns me:

We are really concerned. All reasonable race realists and nationalists get defunded, kicked out of jobs, banks, social media. I already warned you, you should run your blog on so you can self host

I think he’s right; sooner or later, I’ll probably get removed from WordPress too. I have backed up all my previous posts, and would be able to upload them to a website. Unfortunately, I lack the expertise to do so. Also, I’m not sure if the comments would be preserved. I’m open to ideas.

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7 Responses to Permanently banned from Quora

  1. Jeff Wilson says:

    Don’t worry about being banned from Quora, consider it a badge of honor. I’ve been banned from Breitbart and FoxNews, and I have NO LEFTIST VIEWS. Communists and Muslims rely on physical terror, Socialists and Globalists rely on psychological terror. Dump on them all, when you can, and then leave them in the dust when they block you.

  2. Hey, thank you. Many comments
    a) it is amazing this guy’s video does not get deleted from youtube. it is extremely subversive and even remotely understanding Breivik or the Christchurch guy is almost guaranteed prison in Europe, New Zealand, ….
    b) someone should tell him to put up copies on minds .com and vk .com

    c) True Speech is Forbidden, True Facts are Taboo. #DeCriminalizeTrueSpeech
    Free speech is not our primary problem. True Speech repression, is our society’s worst problem.

    When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to [truthfully] refer to the suspect’s religious, ethnic or other minority membership {GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council} 1
    The true news report sentence “Black kills white woman” or “Pakistani Muslim rapes white girl” is forbidden to utter. 2 3. Googling “Black kills White” yields examples of White police killing Blacks.

  3. d) the question is not Left vs Right, but lies vs truth.
    The Left and the cuckold Right spread a false ideology of egalitarianism and racial equality, by means of lies. Even the likes of Ann Coulter and Yannopoulis (?) and Ben Shapiro dare not to touch the real truth. main issue: speaking truth is not allowed by media codes
    so the so called informed voter is uninformed voter. This is the biggest vote rigging campaign of all times
    My friend’s is dedicated to the effects of voter manipulation and will post about 60 years of vote rigging by institutionalized mandatory media misinformation through media codes as described, with more moderation, in sincerity .net

  4. Your blog: Step 1
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    study it, get ready, but that can wait until the day you get kicked out. See which hoster to choose. For you a specialized wordpress hoster is best, you will not host any other sites.
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  5. sestamibi says:

    Add the Watertown NY Daily Times to your list.

  6. sestamibi says:

    Also got banned at American Greatness, which really surprises me because it’s one of the best conservative sites around. I still read it, even if I can’t comment.

    At some point I’ll re-enroll in Disqus using a different nom de cyber, but all this doesn’t mean that much to me right now.

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