No 1950s art of Mohammed

I’d rather post a quickie than leave y’all wondering if I’ve disappeared again. The truth is that my life is so hectic, and busy, right now, that free time (in front of my computer) is a rare commodity.

I could post from my cellular phone, but then the posts would be riddled with typos. Can’t have that!

Anyway, I was in downtown Portland recently, and a guy was selling unusual postcards. Many of them featured Jesus doing preposterous things, such as dropping bombs on poor, third-world, people, engaging in other forms of carnage, riding dinosaurs etc. I thought they were interesting.

jesus art

I said, “I see you’re a great fan of Jesus. Do you have anything with Mohammed?” He replied, “There is no 1950s vintage art of Mohammed. If there were, then I would use it.” He repeated this to make sure I knew that he would have no problem mocking Mohammed at his business.

I wonder if doing so would make him a fool.

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  1. 370H55V says:

    Doing so would most likely leave him dead.

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