Back from the 2019 Amren conference

Last year, I missed the Amren conference, so I was doubly happy to have made it to this year’s event.

The most obvious difference, between this conference, and the previous ones I’ve attended, is the level of security. Barriers were set up, along with a road-block. They asked me what I was there for, and let me pass only when I answered correctly. At the entrance, all luggage was thoroughly searched, all pockets emptied, and everybody checked with a metal detector. If you left the building, you had to go through it all again upon returning.

Protesters were kept far away; I didn’t even see them, except maybe for a fleeting glimpse. I heard there were about 30 of them. Apparently, some of them got arrested.

Here’s the definition of “terrorism” from (definition #1):

the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

When two young attendees had returned to the conference grounds, after leaving for something to eat, Antifa protesters attacked them in the parking lot. One protester kicked the attendees car, causing damage. Security was already on the way, and was able to apprehend the perpetrator. I happened to sit across from the victim at the conference banquet, and this was the first-hand account I got.

Do you think any of the corporate “news” organizations (even Fox) are going to report this, let alone report it as “terrorism?” Do you think government statistics on terrorism take Antifa activities into account for their statistics? Most terrorism, in this country (and probably in Europe as well), comes from the Left. it is not reported, seldom prosecuted, and ignored when compiling statistics on terrorism.

When California ethics (sic) professor Eric Clanton was prosecuted for seriously injuring a Trump supporter with a bike lock, was he charged with terrorism? No. Not only were there no terrorism charges, but his charges were dropped to misdemeanor simply battery. He got 3 years probation.

This is why we do not take these claims seriously:

While the data show a decades-long drop-off in violence by left-wing groups, violence by white supremacists and other far-right attackers has been on the rise since Barack Obama’s presidency — and has surged since President Trump took office.

How can the Washington Post speak of “the data” when such “data” excludes the vast majority of violent acts? If your sources are flawed, so too will be your conclusions. Or perhaps the Left defines “terrorism” differently than the rest of us. This is quite possible, considering how they’ve redefined “racism” and have no idea how to even define “hate.”

Back to the conference. The speeches were not bad; be sure to watch them after they’re uploaded to YouTube. I took no photographs this year, because only authorized photography was allowed.

Most of the attendees seem to have been from the South and Midwest this year. I did find two others from my area. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of new friendships for me.

We had a little get-together after the conference. I had the opportunity to hear a first-hand account of our descent into banana-republic status.

When Greg Johnson (author of several books, including “The White Nationalist Manifesto,” arrived at the Atlanta airport, with his Canadian friend, they were subject to special treatment.

Though the two were not together in line, government officials pulled them both from the line. Mr. Johnson asked the official which government agency he was from. The reply? “I am not required to tell you that.” Since only a few people knew about his attendance at the conference, and it was only communicated through electronic media, Mr. Johnson could only conclude that the Federal Government had been spying on him. The agent, though already familiar with Mr. Johnson’s activities, asked him about his politics… “So, you’re an author… What do you plan on doing in Nashville?” After answering the questions honestly, and being a US citizen, Mr. Johnson was free to go. He was told to wait for his friend outside.

Mr. Johnson waited outside for a long time. He tried to get information from a lady at the “Information Booth,” but she was no help. Eventually, he found out that his Canadian friend, having admitted that he was going to “conduct interviews,” was immediately deported back to Canada, and banned from the US for 5 years – for attempting to “work” in the US without the proper visa!

On a positive note, I got to spend quality time with old friends, including Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson.

I’m still tired from my trip, so please forgive any typos, and feel free to point them out in comments so I can fix them.

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