I can help you find God!

Have you found God? If not, I can help you. He’s right here:

Yes, that’s God – for many millions of people (but not for the bird that pooped on him). You can disparage George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to an American patriot, and he won’t bat an eye. You can disrespect Moses, Maimonides, or even Albert Einstein to a Jew, and he won’t take it personally. You can slight Jesus to a Christian, and the worst he’ll do is pray for you*. But ridicule the Great King, and nobody will have mercy upon YOUR soul.

My friend Diversity Chronicle shared a recent Daily Mail article with me. It’s nothing new to most readers of this blog, but it’s still worth a read. It details King’s sexual exploits, including (allegedly) how he approvingly looked on as a woman was raped in front of him.

A poster-boy for the Me Too movement. Yes, he was ahead of his time.

Quora re-activated me, so I posted this question:

Hypothetically speaking, would your opinions change if it turned out that Martin Luther King was a rapist?

Almost right away, I was accused of blasphemy. The second responder wrote:

What kind of disrespectful, nonsense question is this?

Naturally; everybody knows God is infallible… everybody but yours truly. I think the guy who called me out on the blasphemy is a Jew. He’s probably confusing MLK with YHWH. This is understandable; in both cases, there is a prohibition against uttering the god’s real name.

I think there is benefit in organized religion. In many cases, it’s the glue that holds human societies together. It gives meaning to otherwise dreary, and hopeless, lives. It often encourages people to be kind to each other, and to build valuable institutions to that end.

Like other human instincts, such as our love of fatty, and sweet, foods, it now often works to our detriment. Some day, scientists may find the “religion gene,” and with it, a more fleshed-out explanation for why so many people worship King.

*Don’t ridicule Mohammad in front of a Mohammadan, if you value your life.

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3 Responses to I can help you find God!

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    I was stunned when I finally learned the truth about King. Communist, serial adulterer, was known to have participated in orgies, etc. This doesn’t surprise me, it fits in with the whole seamy underbelly of him and his retinue. I would say that we shouldn’t hold him accountable to #metoo for the simple reason that it was a different era, except that what he apparently did is even more heinous given that era.

  2. 370H55V says:

    Wait long enough. These things happen overnight and are called “preference cascades”.

  3. sestamibi says:

    As a landssman myself, I’m so glad this blog is still around, and hope the sensitivity readers at WordPress don’t catch up with it. But in that eventuality, I hope you will prepare for jewamongyou as a stand-alone blog and back up all your archives.

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