Antifa out of control in Portland

It appears that Portland authorities continue to direct the Police Department to do nothing to combat Antifa violence. A noted journalist was attacked yesterday, by Antifa thugs, in Portland:

Celebrated journalist and hoax specialist Andy Ngo was violently assaulted today to the point of a brain hemorrhage by a group of Portland Antifa members. Brandishing weapons, the mob bruised and bloodied Ngo, stealing his Go Pro camera that contains the real-time evidence of the assault.

I just happened to be in downtown Portland yesterday. I knew nothing about the protest, as I’d canceled my Facebook account long ago, and I’m out of the loop.

But I happened upon a man, miserably sprawled on the ground as people walked by. He said “call an ambulance!” It’s not unusual to see people miserably sprawled on the ground in Portland; it’s part of the homeless culture that our so-called “leaders” have cultivated over the years. This is probably why most people ignored him. But I didn’t. I asked him what happened.

He told me he was attacked by Antifa. That they’d stolen his for-rent scooter, and sprayed him heavily with pepper spray. The man was suffering from severe pain in his eyes, and entire face, was oozing mucus and couldn’t walk. He had “journalist” stamped on his camera pack.

I called 911, spoke with the dispatcher, and waited with him for over half an hour. Dispatch called me back a couple of times to clarify our location – and asked if he could possibly walk to the fire department, which was a couple of blocks away. He said he couldn’t. The ambulance never came. Maybe they had a lot of more life-threatening situations to deal with. Eventually, the man started to recover some sight, and was able to get up and walk.

“Portland, the city that works.” I don’t think so. More accurately, it’s “Portland, the city where mob rule is encouraged.”


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11 Responses to Antifa out of control in Portland

  1. ta-nehisi rabinowitz says:

    When do we start killing them?

    • jewamongyou says:

      When we must do so to protect ourselves from them. Until then, I’d like to think that many of them will grow out of it, and become productive members of society. I really think they’ve been brainwashed.

      • ta-nehisi rabinowitz says:

        I don’t think that’s going to happen. Most of them in their 30s with nothing left to lose. Many have college degrees in useless subjects but think they are entitled to six-figure corporate jobs as coordinators of diversity, sustainability, and inclusion, or equivalent nonsense. And we are already at the point where we must do so to protect ourselves from them.

        My family lives in Portland, but I won’t go there to visit until I can feel safe.

  2. Jain says:

    And this is why I never go downtown on weekends.

  3. countenance says:

    Maybe this is what it’s going to take to get people to take this gang seriously.

    This is the same cabal that almost assassinated Frank Magnitz just after the new year. Likewise, the police in Bremen might as well not be there, and, predictably, no suspects yet, probably ever.

    Oddly enough, Germany plays into what happened right there by you, in that the American ambassador in Berlin, himself gay, wants Trump to crack down.

  4. Senator Ted Cruz has just demanded that a Federal investigation being conducted against the Mayor of Portland, for allowing the Antifa terrorists to attack people. The Mayor needs to go to jail for racketeering.

  5. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    Hey, I have no other way to get hold of you, so I apologize but are you and your family OK? I just saw the news about the shooting last night.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for your concern. Which shooting are you referring to?

      • thetinfoilhatsociety says:

        The Portland shooting. I assume you are not a clubber but that doesn’t mean you or family weren’t randomly walking in the area. You were the first person I thought of when I saw that news headline this morning.

  6. jewamongyou says:

    Re: thetinfoilhatsociety,

    I’m pretty sure you’re referring to the recent Dayton, Ohio shooting. It happened in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio, not in Oregon the state. Confusing, I know.

  7. aidan maconachy says:

    Wasn’t Andy Ngo involved with Quillette or may still be. Not exactly a raving right-wing radical. Watching these thugs target him without a cop on the horizon was an eye opener. Like the time I watched them take over a street in NY and slow traffic, as they cased licence plates for Southerners and waving cudgel-like objects. Some obese blob in black screamed at an innocent driver to f off back to Alabama or other parts south. Also not a cop in sight. And Dems keep warning about violence on the right.

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