Islam is RIGHT about women

I found this on Quora, and I’ll quote the one who posted it, one Caleb Beers:

This question is great!

For those of you not in the know, “Islam is right about women” is a statement that is designed to confront your deeply-held assumptions about the way things are and challenge your identity. If you agree and say, “Yes, Islam is right about women,” you’re endorsing the way Muslim countries treat women, which makes you a misogynist. But if you disagree and say “No, Islam isn’t right about women,” then you’re an Islamophobe.

The problem is this: some of us have an awkward relationship to Islam, because the Islamic world is not progressive, but Muslims are an “oppressed” group. Yeah, yeah, there are a few liberal Muslims (mostly in Western countries) but Islamic societies are not exactly liberal.

This places us in an awkward position: you want to align yourself with “oppressed” people, and Muslims are a designated “oppressed” group, so you can’t really criticize them. On the other hand, though, practicing social liberalism would get you beheaded, or at least flogged, in most Muslim countries.There has never been a “Slutwalk, Mecca,” and perhaps you should ask yourself why that is…

Here’s the news report about it:

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  1. Islam is right when it comes to the veracity of women’s testimony. Blasey-Ford proved that. Crystal Mangum proved it. Tawana Brawley proved it. College women who have morning-after-the-night-before regrets prove it. The most innocuous compliment at work proves it.

  2. Nice article. This is the achilles heel of PC. Opressed minorities that opress other minorities. Jew hating Muslims. Hispanics attacking Blacks. Muslims raping women. We deal with this here
    Victim Classes Rank Ordered: Muslims and Blacks Trump Women and Gays
    If you agree with Islam, they cannot accuse the author of the poster of hate speech.

  3. As a radical men’s rights activist (MRA), one might defend the veracity of the sign. Judgybitch suggests that women should not vote, because the vote for leftist policies that destroy the country. And Jay Hammer proposes that husbands should have the right to beat women and children. When I countered: “But there are violent abusive stupid men”, he countered “The woman chose him as her husband. It is her fault that she did not know how to select a better husband”.

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