The Northwest Forum in Seattle

I had the privilege of attending the 14th Northwest Forum in Seattle yesterday. It was the first white-advocacy conference I’ve been able to attend without flying across the country.

The conference was well-attended, with a good generational mix and a healthy representation of the fairer sex. Unlike the American Renaissance conferences, these are not open to the public; only vetted people were allowed to attend. There were no protesters, and no disruptions. Not surprisingly, it was a very friendly, and positive, event. From the moment I set foot in the door, I felt welcome, and I thank the organizers for all their hard work and great attitude.

There were three speakers. First was Jared Taylor. The title of his talk was “The Cornerstones of Lefty Foolishness.” Essentially, it was a recap of black/white differences in IQ, and how they manifest themselves historically and in our contemporary world.

The core message of Mr. Taylor’s talk is indisputable: Racial differences in average IQ exist, and their ramifications, are obvious for all to see. As usual, Mr. Taylor delivered this message with eloquence and humor.

I must take issue with one often repeated claim, however. It’s the claim that “Sub-Saharan Africans never invented writing, multi-story buildings, the wheel or the domestication of animals.”

Historic Ethiopia (Abyssinia) did have a writing system since ancient times. They also had multi-story buildings (churches). Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The earliest inscriptions of Semitic languages in Eritrea and Ethiopia date to the 9th century BC in Epigraphic South Arabian (ESA), an abjad shared with contemporary kingdoms in South Arabia. After the 7th and 6th centuries BC, however, variants of the script arose, evolving in the direction of the Geʽez abugida (a writing system that is also called an alphasyllabary). This evolution can be seen most clearly in evidence from inscriptions (mainly graffiti on rocks and caves) in Tigray region in northern Ethiopia and the former province of Akkele Guzay in Eritrea.[4] By the first centuries AD, what is called “Old Ethiopic” or the “Old Geʽez alphabet”

It’s true that this writing system came from the Middle East – but so did the European writing systems; they were derived from Phoenician. The Greeks and Romans didn’t come up with it themselves. The origin of the Runes is still a mystery. It’s possible that they do, indeed, represent an indigenous European form of writing, though it’s likely it was derived from Etruscan, whose roots were also in the Middle East via Greek.

In any event, average IQs in the horn of Africa are among the lowest in the world. Clearly, a low average IQ is a hurdle to the spread of a writing system into a society. But, given the right circumstance, this hurdle can be overcome. In the case of Abyssinia, the early introduction of Christianity might have provided the right circumstances. There are reports of ancient inscriptions in Somalia as well, and I heard that they used to use a Ge’ez-based writing system. I need to do more research on this.

The second speaker was Patrick Casey. The title of his talk was “The War on Dissent.” Mr. Casey elaborated on the various available tools our enemies use against us, and how we can defend ourselves. He pointed out that while we still, in theory, have freedom of speech, there are grey areas where the government (along with corporations/banks and media) can infringe upon this right. Doxing is one such tool. Taking away tax exempt status might be another. Depriving white-advocacy groups from any means of accepting payment is yet another.

I found it refreshing that Mr. Casey brought up “The Jewish Question.” My opinion is that it needs to be openly discussed – without the hate and vitriol we find on forums such as The Daily Stormer, but in an honest manner. Mr. Casey pointed out that Israeli Jews are not the same, politically, as American Jews.

This is a good time to point out that the organizers of this event knew, in advance, that I am Jewish. The Northwest Forum is not an anti-Jewish group.

The last speaker was Stephen McNallen. The title of his talk was “Meditations on the Peaks Workshop.” Mr. McNallen is an older gentleman, and he’s seen a lot in his life. That much was evident from his talk. His talk essentially covered the growth of Asatru, in which he was instrumental. He wears a large Thor’s Hammer around his neck, and it has served as a good conversation piece over the years.

Mr. McNallen is very passionate about his faith, and I think this sort of specifically white form of spirituality is important. In recent times, the Abrahamic religions have not served the interests of white people. Europeans should look back to their roots for inner strength and growth. This is exactly what Mr. McNallen encourages.

At the end of his talk, he spoke of “Permanence,” and I think he took this concept a bit too far. He said white people need to colonize the cosmos in order to gain racial immortality. with all due respect, if humanity ever manages to colonize far off solar systems, in short order, we’ll diverge into separate species. It will not, by a long shot, be possible to maintain any sort of unified human species, let alone a specific race. And why would our distant, far-flung, descendants even WANT to? Common sense dictates that they’ll adapt to whatever planets they find themselves on. That a group of idealists, 20,000 years ago, held the white race to be the ultimate expression of beauty would hold little currency in those distant times and places. There will be new species, and new races.

On this topic, I’m with the Buddhists: Nothing lasts forever. Nevertheless, I commend the fighting spirit of those who seek eternity for their people. The struggle for survival must go on, even if we all lose in the end.

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