Propaganda from the Right

When it comes to selective reporting, and lying by omission, the Left dominates. But I’ve noticed that people on the right, even pro-white voices, have been guilty of this.

For example, RamzPaul just tweeted:

Which proves ‘anti-racism’ just means ‘anti-White.’

He cited a Voice of Europe article, which stated:

The Edinburgh University has been accused of supporting ‘blatant racism’ for having hosted a supposed ‘anti-racism’ conference which banned white people from speaking…

However, 42-year-old Jane McColl, an anti-racism campaigner from Glasgow, described the event as ‘blatantly racist’, adding: “It sets back the battle to achieve equality and fairness by decades, all because of the actions of a tiny group of extremists, whose perverse sense of logic has led them to belittle white people, not by who they are as individuals, by merely because of their skin color…

A spokesperson for the university has stated that the tackling racism was of great importance for the institution while adding that it placed ‘great value on issues around equality and voice’.

It’s a bit of a hyperbole, on RamzPaul’s part, since it was “anti-racism” campaigner, Jane McColl, who criticized this policy, and called it out as “racism.” Obviously, for McColl, “anti-racism” does not mean “anti-white.”

But what about the Voice of Europe article itself?

It claimed that the University forbade white people from “speaking,” but if we follow the link to the original article, we find this:

The University of Edinburgh has been criticised for hosting an “anti-racism” event in which white people were due to be banned from asking questions.

At face value, there’s a difference between “speaking” and “asking questions,” though it may be that there was no actual practical difference in this case. We don’t know, but why change the verbiage from the original article?

Furthermore, the Voice of Europe article ends with the last paragraph I quoted above. In contrast, the original article goes on to say:

He said: “Consequently the university has met with the event organisers to ensure the event is compliant with our values.

“We have expressed our concerns to them about certain aspects of the format of the event and they are revising their ‘safe space’ policy for the conference as a result.”

Those details are too important to omit. The university, apparently, acknowledged the complaint, and made changes to the program. It’s not clear how far it went to rectify the situation. It’s irresponsible for the Voice of Europe to leave out this detail.

It’s also unclear, from any of the above articles, if the event actually took place in the past, as planned, or if the changes were implemented before the event took place. The Voice of Europe headline reads:

UK: ‘Anti-racism’ conference banned white people from speaking

The implication is that they went ahead with the original plans. But the Telegraph article implies otherwise.

Propaganda is a powerful tool, and millions of people are leftists because of it. We should definitely use this tool to our advantage – but not in a way that leaves us vulnerable to accusations of “not being reliable sources of news.” Unlike our enemies on the left, we have enough reality on the ground to report accurately, and still support our positions. Unlike CNN or Newsweek, there is no need for us to twist the news, or lie by omission, in order to get our point across.

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  1. The Mad Jewess says:

    Hey Bro, Im baacckk 🙂 On my wordpress site. Ill link you.

  2. The Mad Jewess says:

    RamZPaul is OK. But, I see what you’re saying here.
    I used to get into it with him, though about Hitler. Hitler was an a$$hole. Im glad my WW2 Granddaddy fought the Nazis. I could see killing Commies only.. Im all for no more Commies. But, he just brutalized so many. Terrible.
    RamZ thought it was all about ‘usury’. Well, if thats the case, WHY did Hitler invade and annex one small country after the next? Because he was a fn nut

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