Fresh-ground coffee!

If you’ve been making your coffee from pre-ground coffee, STOP RIGHT NOW! Buy one of those small grinders (Fred Meyers has one for about $6) and grind it just before you make it. What a difference!

On a more somber note, another innocent white man was murdered by two yoofs; apparently, he refused to give them a dollar:

A 59-year-old man attending the Great Frederick Fair in Maryland Friday was set upon by a pair of teenage brothers who attacked and killed him after he refused their demand to give them a dollar, according to officials.

Video of the attack shows the man, later identified as John Weed from Mount Airy, knocked out from being sucker punched and then being spat on as he was limp on the ground. Weed was white, the teens charged in the attack are black. Weed was reportedly punched in the back of the head by one brother and then a few minutes later he was fatally punched in the face by the younger brother.

Will this be considered a “hate-crime?” I’m not counting on it.

The next time black men* complain of whites crossing the street to avoid them, remind them of these attacks. Always be vigilant around those who fit the profile of yoofs: Sagging pants, ghetto language, a swaggering gait or aggressive panhandling – along with membership in the black race, especially males. These are danger signs, much like certain colors in insects, which serve as a warning to would-be predators: I AM POISONOUS!

*Clarification: I’m not advocating treating all black men like violent criminals, only the ones who fit the profile, as described.

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3 Responses to Fresh-ground coffee!

  1. I says:

    I shall avoid all yellow/black, and red bodied, black men in the future, as well as the large, and colorful, ones. And, if they’re foaming at the mouth, then I’ll be super careful and in the meantime I’ll train my nose to detect a foul odor.

    Ok, I get it. There are characteristics that are indicative of danger. But what good would recognizing those tells have that done that fellow in the story? By the time he got clocked in the back of the head, the most important factor in safety, namely distance, was already compromised. Yes, he could’have forgone the fair, or avoided public spaces altogether, but what kind of life is that? Or, say he physically triangulated the two miscreants, well, there could’ve been a third …

    • jewamongyou says:

      I didn’t mean to imply that this particular victim could have avoided his fate by following my advice, but others may in similar situations. Each situation is different.

  2. scannersliveinvain says:

    Yes, it is considered a hate crime (at least among the black Twitter folk). They say Weed called the youths a degoratory name starting with the letter “N”, which would naturally excuse beating and kicking the man to death.

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