Who’s killing transgender people?

A recent Huffington Post article, reposted in Yahoo News, calls attention to the short life-expectancy of transgender people, and bemoans the high number of homicide victims among them.

At Least 22 Transgender People Were Killed In 2019. Here Are Their Stories

Violence against the trans community has been an ongoing epidemic. The life expectancy for transgender women of color in the U.S. is 35 years old; it’s about 78 years old for their cisgender counterparts. The number of known trans and gender non-conforming deaths was at an all-time high in 2018 with 26 recorded deaths, according to the HRC, which steadfastly tracks anti-trans violence.

Below are the 22 trans and gender non-conforming people ― the overwhelming majority of whom are Black transgender women ― known to have been killed in 2019. 

The Huffington Post wants us to see photos of the victims:

An ignorant person might assume that these transgender blacks were murdered by racist white rednecks.

However, a little investigation reveals that, of all the suspects we know about, all but one were black, one was mestizo and NONE were white. Here are the photos the Huffington Post does NOT want us to see:

If the Huffington Post really cared about the lives of transgender people, it would identify the problem correctly – as a black problem. It’s not whites who are murdering transgenders.

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13 Responses to Who’s killing transgender people?

  1. Chris Donnellan says:

    Excellent article!

  2. Fluechtling.net says:

    Why do you wonder, why does Colin Flaherty wonder about the cover up? It is a feature. You need to attack the regulations, not wonder why the rules are being obeyed.
    Orders to police, teachers, and media demand to hide the race of criminals, explicitly or implicitly they mean to hide the race of “protected group” criminals. World wide media regulations do this in WRITING
    , German PresseKodex12.1, the Associated Press Stylebook , Canada: Globe and Mail Style BookCanada: Globe and Mail Style Book, USA: Reuters hand book, NABJ: National Association of Black Journalists Guide, Society of Professional Journalists Diversity Style Guide,

    • jewamongyou says:

      Most of my “why” questions, at the media, are rhetorical in nature. Most of the public denies the existence of such bias.

      • Fluechtling.net says:

        The bias is regulated in WRITING, in the media style books. Also in some anti-racism laws. The bias is a feature, an official policy, and, strangely, the mandatory bias generally accepted. http://Sincerity.net describes the bias. The cure is to totally reject gag orders, demand the right to #TrueSpeech.
        True facts like “Black man accused of killing Transgender woman” are taboo to say.

  3. Fluechtling.net says:

    @Jewamongyou, could you please add sincerity.net to your blogroll? Also study and potentially repost some of the content.
    Sincerity .net’s parsimony, its simplicity is revolutionary. All evil we bemoan can, simply, be reduced to mandatory dishonesty entailed in anti-racism regulations and official #PCGagOrder. As in my prior comment, above.
    This dishonesty, the gag order, is generally accepted, even required. The path to enlightened social sciences and policies is through elimination of these mandatory gag orders.

  4. countenance says:

    It’s because so many black women look so much like black men, that black men get easily fooled and catfished by black transwomen. When the clothes come off, and truth comes out, the “cis” black man gets angry, and engage in stereotypically black male ways, i.e. violent.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That might be what happened in some of the cases. I think the vast majority of trans people understand the safety value of full disclosure.

      • Hard Right says:

        There’s not much data, but it appears as though black trannies get murdered for the same reasons any other black person gets murdered – robbery, drugs, grabbed the last piece of chicken, attended a funeral, etc.

  5. mobiuswolf says:

    They’re comparing them to how long a woman lives?

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