“No Safe Spaces” the movie

My friend Diversity Chronicle urged me to see “No Safe Spaces” at a theater, since it’s now playing in the Portland area.

The venue had posters outside the entrance, showing some of the movies currently showing:


Notably absent was any poster advertising “No Safe Spaces.” Once inside, I also noticed that “No Safe Spaces” was being shown at the very last auditorium:


The showing was supposed to be at 8:45, and I arrived at 8:40 to an empty auditorium. In the end, there were about 10 of us watching the movie. This was the last showing of the day; I’m sure there were more at earlier showings.

It had been many years since I’ve been inside a theater, so I showed up on time and took my seat. Somebody should have warned me I’d have to sit through 20 minutes of vile, in-your-face, propaganda (AKA “previews”) before the feature film actually started. Apparently, most people are inured to such propaganda, so they think nothing of it. For me, it was painful to watch.

But once the feature film started, I was not disappointed. I learned some things about Dennis Prager I had not previously known, and I have new respect for the man.

As one would expect, the movie tells the many tales of left wing censorship and oppression, mainly on American campuses, but also within the comedy industry. It was riveting and humorous.

The producers emphasize that it’s not only conservatives who fall victim to left wing oppression; anybody who can think for himself, including some leftists, are vulnerable.

Much of the movie is dialog between Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla. They repeatedly tell us how ethnic groups don’t matter, that all that matters is the individual, and that America was founded as a “concept nation.” That is what will be inscribed on the epitaph of American Conservatism.

I haven’t watched many Prager University videos, so somebody correct me if I’m wrong – but I get the impression that this conservative group is eager to entertain dialog with leftists, but not with white-advocates. I would love to see a debate between Mr. Prager and a prominent white-advocate… or perhaps the “free exchange of ideas” only goes so far with this crowd.

Despite its flaws, I wish this movie were required viewing for all American high school students.

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2 Responses to “No Safe Spaces” the movie

  1. Matt says:


    Prager gives his opinions on White Nationalism at starting at 14:19

    As far as I can tell, Prager supports ethnic nationalism but not racial nationalism. I tend to agree with this position, as racial nationalism is far to broad of a category to coalesce an identity around, but who am I to judge.

    White identity in America seems to me to be quite empty, as it glosses over the inter-European cultural and biological differences, lumping an assorted bunch of people together under the banner of ‘White’.

    It could certainly be argued that at the time of Independence, white Americans were in the process of becoming a national tribe in their own right, based around common British ancestry. But shared British heritage died in the 1820’s with mass Irish immigration; and shared Northwest European heritage died around the 1910’s with mass Europe wide immigration; and shared European heritage died of course in the 1960’s.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I haven’t watched the clip yet, but based on what you said, most white-nationalists would agree with you in Europe. In America, the various white ethnicities that have migrated here have coalesced into one white American ethnicity.

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