Should Jews be considered a “white nation?”

I just finished reading Greg Johnson’s “The White Nationalist Manifesto.” Instead of writing just one review on this pivotal work, I decided to discuss each point in separate posts. There are only a few things I disagree with him on – and most of those are along the lines of “let’s examine this more closely, and maybe rethink this.”

Johnson writes (pg. 20):

Second, Jews are a highly influential minority in politics, the media, business, academia, and the professions. Jews are, moreover among the principal promoters of trends conducive to white genocide, such as massive non-white immigration, racial integration, miscegenation, feminism, and sexual liberation. Jewish organizations have also led the way in demonizing all pro-white ethnic activism as “hate…”

I can’t find the source right now, but the ancient Jewish sages stated, “If not for the Torah, Jews would destroy the world.”

All of the crimes, perpetrated by Jews upon white peoples, were perpetrated by Jews without Torah, that is to say, secular Jews. It is secular Jews who are “destroying the world.”

In The Ashkenazi Revolution, Kalman Katzenelson argues that there is no singular “Jewish People,” but rather, a confederation of Jewish peoples. His arguments are based on disparate histories and, by extension, disparate ethnicities/peoples.

There is much overlap, ethnically, between secular Jews and religious (IE. Orthodox) Jews. Through rampant intermarriage, among secular Jews, this overlap is diminishing. Ideologically, the two groups could not be further apart. Secular Jews are, as a group, just as religious as Orthodox Jews, but their religion is Cultural Marxism.

Johnson writes (pg. 92):

It is impossible for non-whites to become members of other white societies. It is difficult for whites to become members of other white societies. It is easier, of course, if an immigrant and his new homeland share the same native tongue and basic culture – for instance, the countries of the Anglosphere.

The transition, from Orthodox Jew to Cultural Marxist Jew is not an easy one. I suspect, however, that it’s easier than the transition to Conservatism, or nationalism. There are serious psychological, and social, hurdles that stand in the way. One’s family may disown him.

Johnson makes it clear, in several places, that there are many “white nations.” There is no such thing as a “generic white.” Why not consider Orthodox Jews to be one of those nations?

One question that Johnson does not address, in this tome, is “What is a Jew?” Of course, racially speaking, the vast majority of Ashkenazic, and Sephardic, Jews are white. They are indistinguishable from other Europeans, though some of us retain Mediterranean features. The main objection to Jews being “white” is ideological, not racial. But this objection only applies to SECULAR JEWS. Most Orthodox Jews are quite conservative; their lifestyle is a wholesome one, they are a high-IQ, low-crime, pro-family-values demographic.

One may object to some Orthodox practices, such as circumcision, but similar objections could be raised about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Are Jehovah’s Witnesses “non-whites?” Russians have issues with corruption and alcoholism. Are these grounds for being excluded from whiteness? In Western Europe, and America, most whites are self-loathing. We seek to address this by changing their minds, not be excluding them from whiteness.

Clannishness, and an unwillingness to intermarry, is one issue that some have with Orthodox Jews. Johnson writes (pg. 90):

What should our attitude be toward people from other white nations?

Ethnonationalists with to preserve distinct European cultures and subracial types, which is the whole point of having distinct homelands in the first place. We do not want to see the emergence of a homogeneous European man or a white monoculture. Therefore, policies toward other white nations must bear this goal in mind…

No white society should allow large populations of guest workers from other white societies, or create conditions that lead to large numbers of its own people to search for work abroad.

Immigration between white societies should be limited. Practically all cases would be due to marriage. The naturalization process should firmly promote normative homogeneity, i.e., assimilation of the dominant language and culture by immigrants…

Regarding the last paragraph, it sounds a lot like conversion.

Because there is no official ETHNIC distinction between religious Jews and secular Jews, when there is an attack upon one group, members of the other group often also feel the pain. When one group is extolled, the other group may also feel pride. Sometimes, the two groups mingle, or join forces. This does not make them the same – any more so than alliances between Jews and gentiles would make them the same.

Orthodox Judaism does not consider secular Jews to be fully Jews. Secular Jews cannot be counted in a quorum for prayer services, and if a secular Jew handles (uncooked) wine, that wine is no longer kosher. In practice, Orthodox Jews treat secular Jews with kindness and respect. This is partly because most Orthodox Jews are nice people, and doing so comes naturally to them, and it’s partly because doing so may draw secular Jews back into the fold. But the fact remains that secular Jews do not hold full “Jewish” status. This is based on behavior, not genetics.

In the same way, white-nationalists should consider Orthodox Jews as “white.” But once an Orthodox Jew strays from his roots, and embraces Cultural Marxism instead, he loses his “white” status – because now he is dangerous, and cannot be trusted. At that point, he’ll join forces with other Cultural Marxists, and seek to destroy the world.

Edit: I wanted to ask my fellow, non-Jewish, white-nationalists about their thoughts on gentiles who convert to Judaism. Do they lose their status as “whites?”

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3 Responses to Should Jews be considered a “white nation?”

  1. Jack Burns says:

    I think it should respectfully be noted here that Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews genetically cluster separately from all other racial (e.g.“White”) groups and indeed even from each other. Were this not so, Jews submitting DNA samples to 23&Me et al could not expect the detailed results they actually get. Anyway, many thanks for a great and informative site. Be well.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, we’re genetically distinctive. I do wonder, however, if there are other European populations that are also genetically distinctive. The Magyars originated from outside Europe, and their language is not Indo-European. The Basques may be another candidate.

      Actually, you just reminded me of something I forgot to mention in my post. The question of converts to Judaism. Thanks!

  2. Mike says:

    We are speaking of both political association and genetic reality:

    between which there is obvious crossover within the broader Jewish group and within the broader “White” group. However, in terms of genetic category flexibility due to political considerations, genetic reality does impose limitations.

    Which only means, for example, that it is difficult to racially excommunicate an enemy. Genetics cannot be denied. As Jews, even Orthodox Jews, do not deny Jewish genetics in spite of any political wandering: we can not genetically nullify a legitimately White person, especially one who falls within a certain range of genetics.

    Race is genetically flexible, to a strict degree, but not politically breakable. We can politically excommunicate White enemies, though, and arguably have been practiced at doing this over recorded history whenever a White group declared war on another White group.

    Racially speaking, the majority of Jews are similar to Whites with a genetic tendency toward a specific extreme. This speaks to a group tendency, not the exceptions on either side of that median cluster. Though, again, the profile is similar enough to constitute an Aryan branch. Ashkenazim, at the least, share our (Northwest Euro) basic genetic heritage with some differing proportions of genetic load from any one source.

    Perhaps this will give you something on which to gain a hand-hold:

    “Dr. Steiner discovers a relationship between the seven churches and the divisions of the Aryan race. Thus, the church of Ephesus stands for the Arch-Indian branch; the church of Smyrna, the Arch-Persians; the church of Pergamos, the Chaldean-Egyptian-Semitic; the church of Thyatira, the Grecian-Latin-Roman; the church of Sardis, the Teuton-Anglo-Saxon; the church of Philadelphia, the Slavic; and the church of Laodicea, the Manichæan”.
    – Manly P. Hall

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