An “attempt to push a preconceived narrative”

An Amazon executive was tragically killed in San Francisco recently. Her death was ironic, as Business Insider reports:

The former Amazon executive Joy Covey was killed after colliding with a van delivering Amazon packages, according to an explosive investigation into the company’s logistics network by BuzzFeed News and ProPublica.

Covey was Amazon’s first chief financial officer. She was riding her bike in San Francisco’s South Bay suburbs in 2013 when a delivery van turned left into her path…

Covey’s collision with a delivery van was previously reported, but the BuzzFeed News-ProPublica report revealed for the first time on Monday that the van was carrying Amazon packages…

The details of Covey’s death emerged as Amazon has come under scrutiny over the impacts of its growing delivery network following investigations by Business Insider, BuzzFeed News, and The New York Times, among others.

In a nutshell, Buzzfeed accused Amazon of neglecting safety in favor of speed. To this, Amazon…

… called the new report an “attempt to push a preconceived narrative that is simply untrue. Nothing is more important to us than safety.”

I’m surprised they didn’t say “Amazon is committed to safety.” Every time a large company gives lip service to something they’re supposed to prioritize, it will say “… is COMMITTED to…” Fill in the blanks.

But back to the point. I seem to remember a recent instance of somebody “pushing a preconceived narrative… Oh yes! It was Amazon – when it chose to censure all of Jared Taylor’s books.

Far be it from me to rejoice in the death of Joy Covey. I didn’t know her, and many truth-loving people would leap at the opportunity to have a job like hers, so I won’t judge her after her death – unless other pertinent information comes to light.

But I do rejoice in the fact that Buzzfeed and the New York Times have attacked Amazon; all three of them are rabid Leftist organs, and purveyors of lies. It’s even more delicious when a pusher of preconceived narratives accuses other pushers of preconceived narratives of pushing preconceived narratives.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and Happy Hannukah to all of my Jewish readers!

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