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Crime and inadequate punishment in UK

A Pakistani will probably spend about 6 years in prison for a vicious hammer attack that left a young Native British woman nearly blind in one eye. From Yahoo News: A carjacker who left his victim partially blind after hitting … Continue reading

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Why are Jews perverts?

We Jews have a reputation for being somewhat more perverted than others. Sometimes, this tendency serves as a tool that my less wholesome co-ethnics use to attack Western Civilization. In his video “Drag Queens to Appear in SUPER BOWL While … Continue reading

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Surprise! South African Airways has a theft problem

As South Africa continues its downward spiral, we shouldn’t be shocked to learn about problems that continue to emerge. In an article by Kwame Hagan, in Worldsfinestdestinations, we learn about luggage-handlers stealing items, and South African Airways’ lack of concern: … Continue reading

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I experienced Diversity today (language warning)!

Yes, even in the western suburb of Hillsboro, we can enjoy the benefits of Diversity. I was outside a shop, and was able to capture the wonderful kumbaya song of love that so characterizes the interaction of Diverse People of … Continue reading

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the West, Dawa, and Islam

After watching the Hoover Institute interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, titled “Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the West, Dawa, and Islam,” I began to realize what a great ally this lady can be in our struggle for Western civilization – at … Continue reading

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Find the Cognate!

Much of Islam was taken from Judaism, and Hebrew and Arabic are closely related. It’s fun to compare the two languages, and I’ve done so in the past. But this time, I’d like to focus on religious terms, working from … Continue reading

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German government: Evil or stupid?

Germany’s birthrate is a mere 1.5 per woman. If we count only ethnic Germans, then that rate would surely be even lower – probably around 1.3 or 1.4. In other words, a majority of Germans have either no children, or … Continue reading

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Bank of America hates white men

I just got back from a visit to my local Bank of America branch. Unfortunately, I must do business with them. People got a bit jittery when I pulled out my cell phone, and started taking photos – but hey, … Continue reading

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Washington County pushing more Diversity

Residents of Washington County, Oregon have received emails including a draft resolution from the county, and a survey. Here is the first part of the resolution: Whereas, the government of Washington County is of and for all the people of … Continue reading

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Interesting Quora discussion

Here’s an interesting conversation I participated in on Quora. I hope y’all enjoy it: Scott Wallace  “There is nothing American about immigration”. Are you frikkin kidding. If there was no immigration there would be no white people here. Zip. Nada. … Continue reading

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