Amren Conference 2020

I’m in the process of signing up for this year’s Amren (American Renaissance) conference. I say “in the process” because banks have been participating in the War against Whites for some time now – and it is no longer possible to tender payments to American Renaissance via credit card.

Instead, we must now fill out an online form, which will reserve our place at the conference/hotel, and then send in a check or money order by snail mail.

This inconvenience shouldn’t impact the number of attendees; anybody who is willing and able to attend this conference should be committed enough to overcome such minor obstacles. It’s not the sort of thing a casual visitor would do on a whim. White-Advocacy conferences are not an impulse-buy. Revolutions aren’t accomplished by armchair warriors who can’t be bothered to walk to the mail box.

My hope is that these recent difficulties with the banks will serve to illustrate, to those on the fence, the necessity of supporting white-advocacy groups, such as American Renaissance. The fact that powerful forces so desperately seek to prevent us from holding conferences, and meeting face to face, should reinforce our resolve to do just that.

Some, such as Greg Johnson (In Defense of Prejudice pg. 67), argue that:

… maybe it is time to rethink the conference model altogether. The internet and digital audio production and film-making technologies have dramatically undermined the monopoly of the mainstream media. Jared Taylor can sit in his family room, address a digital camera, upload his talk to the web, and practically everyone on the planet with computer access can view it.

Every American Renaissance speech could be professionally filmed and distributed the same way. The cameraman could travel to the speakers and film them in their homes with proper lighting and sound. They would also have the leisure  to get every presentation perfect, without being hurried along by the conference schedule.

He goes on to list the great costs of such conferences, and that web-based presentations are far more efficient in reaching large audiences.

From a practical perspective, Mr. Johnson is right – but the fact remains that every time we successfully hold a conference, it’s a moral victory for us. Attendees leave with renewed morale and commitment.  But it’s not only attendees who benefit; thousands (if not millions) of others, around the world, are encouraged and invigorated through these conferences.

The fact that the most powerful institutions in the world, the major banks, have taken the trouble to silence us, should also illustrate the need to donate, and encourage those who can, to do so.

Do you think that a liberal, seeing a photo of a starving child in Africa, would excuse himself from donating on the grounds that the child has no bank account? White advocacy organizations are, in a sense, in a worse position than the starving child. At least the starving child has powerful NGOs working to raise him from his misery.

In conclusion, dear readers, whether or not you made a New Year’s resolution, take your $5 or $10 or $100 and send a check or money order to American Renaissance (call the number at the bottom of the page for information).

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