“Boxy” thinking from Red Ice

I was watching the most recent “Flashback Friday” video, from Red Ice, and (18:28), they brought up a disturbing story. It’s from the National File:

Pastor’s Wife Celebrates Transgender Child’s Puberty Blockers, Paid by Church Insurance

In a viral Facebook post, activist mother of trans child, Jamie Bruesehoff, celebrated the insertion of puberty blocking implant.

Her trans daughter, Rebekah, 12, is a public figure with their own Facebook page…

I completely agree with Red Ice, that this is disgusting. The story speaks for itself. But Henrik and Lana felt the need to point out that most such medical devices are produced in Israel, and then to claim that Israel is willing to encourage this type of behavior in the US, but not within its own borders.

As for Israel producing hormone-blocking products, this may be so, but let’s take this in context; Israel is the source of a multitude of revolutionary technologies, including medical devices. I’ll point out that Israel is also a leading innovator in medical devices for pregnant women. It would not be surprising if an Israeli technology is utilized some time during Lana’s pregnancy.

I’ll take this opportunity to wish Lana and Henrik a smooth, and successful, pregnancy, culminating in healthy children and lots of joy.

What about the claim that Israel doesn’t allow such perversions within its own borders? It’s simply not true. Within Israel’s secular community, which comprises the great majority, liberals push the same agenda that they do in the Western world. Israel is quite LGBT-friendly. If there are no children in Israel using the same hormone-blocking implant, it means little – as it’s extremely rare even in the West. Hence, the “celebrity status” of this child.

We all know there is a “Jewish Problem.” We know that Jews are often at the forefront of the War against Whites. It’s no secret, and there are plenty of factual accusations that can be leveled against such Jews. So there is no need to manufacture anti-white Jewish conspiracies where there are none, or to take baseless cheap shots.

And there’s no need for Red Ice to pepper their videos with snide remarks aimed at Jews. It’s not productive at all; just deal with the issue head on. They don’t need to worry about YouTube banning them anymore.

Earlier in the video (6:10), Henrik remarks that modern design, which utilizes many linear and square patterns, may be intended to make our thinking “boxy.”

The frequent use of boogeymen is, in my opinion, an example of “boxy” thinking. It’s easy to cartoonize your opponents, portraying them as if they’re villains in a comic book. In such comic books, villains are purely evil, and heroes are purely good. There is very little nuance. At a certain level, it’s intellectually lazy to use an entire demographic as a prop in such a way, as if they’re villains in a comic book.

This is my main criticism against the book “Camp of the Saints.” Though prophetic, the book fails to portray the invading hordes as human beings. They might as well be a swarm of locusts, or a colony of ants. This may have been intentional, but it’s counterproductive. If you portray your opponents (for lack of a better word) in such a way, sooner or later, people are going to actually meet them, and realize that they’re quite human after all. At that point, you’ve lost credibility.

Consider what happened to Derek Black, the son of Don Black, founder of Stormfront. One can only imagine what horrors Derek was taught about Jews as he grew up. Inevitably, Derek moved out and met REAL Jews – who turned out to be very nice. Now Derek is a flaming liberal.

I wouldn’t waste my time criticizing hard-core Jew-haters, such as we find at Stormfront or The Daily Stormer. We can only hope that they see the error of their ways on their own. Red Ice is better than that.

I live in Portland. Sometimes, when I get home, I feel like I’ve walked through a jungle, with monkeys flinging excrement at me. I can turn on my computer and let the cheerful dispositions of Henrik and Lana wash away all the filth. They’re a great source of inspiration for many of us. For this I am grateful.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in a world where Jews and white-advocates got along? We pro-white Jews do what we can to foster cooperation. An occasional nod of acknowledgment (as in “POC allies”) would be nice.

Keep up the good work Red Ice. I always wish for your well being and success.


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  1. In between rabid Antisemitism and Cultural Marxist/NeoCon lack of introspection, I hope we can reach a point where we can talk openly about Jewish ethnic self-interest, together with several other taboo topics, without being shouted down and banned.
    It seems strange to me that so few Jews can see that they are working against their own interests by undermining generally sympathetic European societies and by diluting them with hostile foreigners.
    Whenever I read about this perfidy, always committed by a tiny number of individuals, I can’t help thinking, that’s actually quite brilliant. Imagine if they were on our side. Outfits like Red Ice might help with such recruitment.

    Demonstrating the blowback from this CM nonsense:

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