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No, I’m not asking for money. What I’m asking for is time-donation.

Aside from writing this blog, I’m also active on Quora.com (username Reuben Hayat). I’ll be active there until (inevitably) I’m banned for good. At that point, maybe I’ll actually find time to visit the shooting range; it’s been too long.

Quora is a great way to reach a wider audience, and to educate people. I’ve actually had some success in opening peoples’ eyes. But sometimes it’s a lonely fight. Leftist bias is rampant. They do tolerate conservative views, and there are some good conservative writers, some of whom straddle the line to white-advocacy. Those writers have some immunity, since they’re well-established, with large followings.

Not so yours truly. Most of the time, when I write about race, my post gets deleted for “violating Quora policy.” The accusations are typically baseless, and appeals are often futile.

Yesterday, somebody asked that I answer the question “Why are African Americans treated differently in the US?” Here’s what I answered (within hours, it was removed for “violating Quora policy”):

It’s required by law, just as different treatment of women is required by law. The notion that ALL demographics will produce equal results, given the same opportunities, is the official policy of the US government.

Unfortunately, nature does not agree with the US government, and the races/genders are NOT equal.

We see unequal results in contact sports, with American blacks having an advantage – but this isn’t viewed as problematic, since blacks are an official “victim group.”

Discrimination against whites is expected, and encouraged. for example, defending accusations of racism, McDonalds recently defended itself thusly:

“McDonald’s said it disagreed with the characterization of the company’s behavior. In a statement, it said 45% of its corporate officers and all of its field vice-presidents are people of color.” (McDonald’s: black executives sue over ‘systematic’ racial discrimination).

In a country that’s still around 66% white, nobody cares that whites are underrepresented among McDonald’s corporate officers – and NONEXISTENT among its vice-presidents.

Obama-era guidelines force school districts to treat students differently based on race; if they discipline too many black students, the district will run afoul of federal guidelines, and lose money:

“The directive, cast as a “guidance,” in fact formalized a fundamental shift in the Department of Education’s approach to civil rights enforcement. Prior to the Dear Colleague Letter, the standard held that civil rights are violated if students are treated differently because of race; for instance, if a black student and a white student both curse at a teacher, it’s wrong to suspend the black student and give the white student a warning. The Dear Colleague Letter expanded the standard from disparate treatment to disparate impact; now, if two black students and one white student curse at a teacher, it could be a civil rights violation to punish them all equally.” (Obama’s School Discipline Guidelines Put Students in Grave Danger | Manhattan Institute).

What about college admissions? An Obama-era judge just ruled that it’s okay for Harvard University to discriminate in favor of blacks, at the expense of Asians and whites:

“A federal judge in Massachusetts has ruled that Harvard University does not illegally discriminate against Asian Americans.

The keyword is “illegally.” Harvard does discriminate against Asian Americans in its college admissions process.

District Court Judge Allison Burroughs concedes that Harvard follows a “racially conscious” admissions system that gives a plus to black and Hispanic applicants but dings Asian applicants, according to Harvard’s own internal review.

Treating a group worse or better than the way people usually are treated is the dictionary definition of discrimination, though Burroughs takes pains to avoid using the term in her decision.

But the Massachusetts judge, a Barack Obama appointee, maintained in the ruling Tuesday that Harvard’s discrimination was legal because Harvard demonstrated a compelling rationale for needing its race-conscious admissions program, and that such a program was the only way for the college to fulfill that rationale.” (Why Using Racial Discrimination to Create a Diverse University Is a Bad Idea).

Are black and white employees treated equally in today’s workforce? Not in my experience. For example, when I worked at a fairly large company, we had bad hires of all backgrounds – but when I asked about one particularly bad employee, who happened to be black, I was told (by my manager) that since he’s a member of a “protected group,” HR requires a lot more documentation before he can be gotten rid of. It’s much more difficult to fire a black employee than to fire a white employee.

Far from addressing past anti-black policies, such practices/attitudes PERPETUATE them.

When employers know that it’s harder to fire black employees, don’t you think they’ll shy away from hiring them in the first place?

When white McDonalds employees see blacks getting promoted ahead of them, creating a glass-ceiling for whites, don’t you think this will create some resentment?

When black students see that they can get away with misbehaving in school, don’t you think this will have the effect of encouraging such misbehavior?

The way forward is to treat people with equality, not to force a racial caste-system upon American society.

So, if you’ve got spare time on your hands, please create an account there, read the rules. Post on a variety of topics. When you write about race, or white-advocacy, remember to take baby steps and to be polite.

Also remember to upvote my comments, assuming you agree with them, and to report anti-white questions and answers. Yes, they do remove anti-white content when it’s reported. You can also follow me there.


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  1. I get Quora emails in German. There are some quite politically incorrect writings about refugees. But, it could be that they carefully avoid the fully “racist” views and keep focussing on cultural differences. Like Ann Coulter, Yannopoulis, etc.
    You also, probably, “misinterpreted” the question. I suppose the questioner wanted to know why Blacks have different outcomes due to racism. And you answered the opposite.
    You are quite courageous to post under your true own name. I suggest you sign up with a few fake names and write as long as you can until you get kicked out. BUT: did they delete all your prior answers once they evicted you, or did the old replies remain?

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