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Here’s an interesting conversation I participated in on Quora. I hope y’all enjoy it:

Scott Wallace

 “There is nothing American about immigration”. Are you frikkin kidding. If there was no immigration there would be no white people here. Zip. Nada. None.

The white people who founded this country were not immigrants; they didn’t immigrate to any specific country. Rather, they founded their OWN country. They were PIONEERS, not immigrants.

Well, this may be true, and held true between the declaration and the recognition by the English. Once that was signed, any new people who arrived in America were immigrants. By your logic, the only people who are not immigrants are the people who can claim direct ancestry to that founding population.

Which is of course bollocks.

Just be honest, that belief, and the one against immigration of non whites is racism, pure and simple.

Reuben Hayat

The European immigrants, who came afterwards, did not demand ESL programs, they did not disproportionately use social services, they did not agitate for large swaths of the US to be ceded to another country (as in Aztlan to Mexico). They did not fly the flags of their respective countries of origin. They did all they could to learn English quickly, and to become completely American. All this is a far cry from what we have today with immigrants/migrants from Latin America.

Craig Nunn

All you say is true. Its racist regardless. I also don’t have much to argue against Mr Jetts argument, he is correct in all but what can be done about it. That ship has sailed, its already too late. Close your borders, its going to delay the inevitable by a decade or two. The only viable alternative is really to re-institute the programs of ethnic cleansing that has been practiced before in the US, just on a larger scale. I’m pretty sure your immigration problem would likewise be solved….hardly anyone would ever want to go to a country that did that.

The conversation can be found here.
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2 Responses to Interesting Quora discussion

  1. Craig Nunn is 100% right. What you say is “racist” according to the generally accepted definition of “racism”. gives the answer: “Yes, I am a proud racist,”. Racism is virtous, and saves Lives.
    Racism Saves Lives • #RacismIsLove #4Racism Racism is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism
    • Anti-Racism is Anti-Science
    #TheTruthIsRacist • #BlackLivesMatter2Racism
    What else do you want to say? Grovel and say “I am not a racist”? Get into discussion about definitions of “racism”?

    • The main page 4Racism dot org that argues the damage done by the racism taboo.
      has further arguments.
      Furthermore, the foundation of all this is dishonest confusing vocabulary.
      The definition of “racism” is unclear, confusing on purpose, as in dishonest obfuscation. There are multiple definitions of racism. An honest discussion about race realism is not allowed, it violates media “ethics” restrictions, “community standards” or what calls the #PCGagOrder
      You are not allowed to argue against “diversity”, because we have unequal rights. You cannot argue against “minorities”, but you can speak against Anti-white racism is virtuous. And, you must not call it anti-white racism. Such frankness is

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