German government: Evil or stupid?

Germany’s birthrate is a mere 1.5 per woman. If we count only ethnic Germans, then that rate would surely be even lower – probably around 1.3 or 1.4.

In other words, a majority of Germans have either no children, or only one. Angela Merkel has no children.

Anybody who’s had more than one child can tell you that the best way to foster bad blood among siblings is to show favoritism toward one, while ignoring the others. I believe that, secretly, most parents do have a “favorite child,” but a GOOD parent treats them equally.

The decision-makers in the German government have no idea how to raise multiple children. They have no experience in such matters.

This would make them ignorant. Ignorant enough to support a year-long “Jewish History Month.” Yes, if you follow the link, it’s in Yahoo FINANCE. What are you trying to tell us Yahoo?

From the article:

Germany will launch a year-long campaign celebrating and explaining Jewish life and culture in 2021, in the face of what the Central Committee of Jews in Germany described as an “explosion of anti-Semitism” in the country.

The joint initiative by the Central Committee of Jews in Germany, Catholic, and Protestant churches, and other groups will include a broad variety of cultural and historical exhibitions about Jewish life and faith in the country as well as festivals, special postage stamps, and the production of a Jewish food guide…

Felix Klein, the government’s antisemitism commissioner, told journalists in Berlin on Tuesday that “Germany and Judaism belong together, and are a centuries-old, important pillar of our secular society.”

It’s true that the initiative comes from private organizations, but these organizations cannot issue postage stamps; only the government can do that; obviously, this has government support.

If I were a rabid, frothing, neo-Nazi Jew-hater, this initiative would make me very happy. What better way to encourage hatred toward an ethnic group than to give it special treatment, and place it on a pedestal?

From my experience, most of the anti-black sentiment, found in the US, stems from the same kind of treatment toward blacks. When the powers-that-be elevate one ethnic group over others, there’s going to be some resentment. In the US, this has been going on for at least 50 years, to one extent or another.

Jews are supposed to be smart, but maybe the “Central Committee of Jews in Germany” is comprised of leftist Jews – in other words, Jews who reside on the left side of the Bell Curve.

If so, then those Jews, their Christian, and government cohorts, are just plain stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if some members of Germany’s government view it from a different angle. That would make it an alliance between dimwits and villains.

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  1. Chris says:

    The regime running contemporary Germany is the worst enemy of the German Nation and People, bar none. They are actively working deliberately to destroy their own nation and replace the population with third world migrants their descendants.

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