Surprise! South African Airways has a theft problem

As South Africa continues its downward spiral, we shouldn’t be shocked to learn about problems that continue to emerge.

In an article by Kwame Hagan, in Worldsfinestdestinations, we learn about luggage-handlers stealing items, and South African Airways’ lack of concern:

It is now evident to me that South African Airways (SAA), the national flag carrier and largest airline of South Africa, is the hub of real thieves who steal from its passengers without shame. And if you, unfortunately, become a victim of their habitual robbery, be prepared to be treated with gross disdain…

I quickly opened the bag to check if all my personal belongings were intact. To my utter dismay, my black Pierre Cardin suit, with its trouser, had been stolen. Not only that, but the baggage handling crew had also stolen my Tom Ford Private Blend fragrance – Tuscan Leather – and left the case in the bag. As to how they got to know there was a fragrance beneath my clothes in the bag still amazes me. This gives details to how deep they dug into my bag and how long the handling crew has been doing this.

Back to the issue of my suit, my fold-over garment bag which contained two white long sleeve shirts and two pairs of suits (Kenneth Cole and Pierre Cardin) was folded and put on top of my clothes in the bag. When they opened my checked baggage, they went a step further to open my fold-over garment bag and made away with one of the pair of suits, leaving the other suit and other flying ties behind…

From the many accounts I read online after my incident, this is not the first time a passenger on board South African Airways has experienced and reported an issue of this nature but it seems the operators of the airline do not give a hoot about the complaints of the passengers. This simply implies that South African Airways condones such act. Or could it be that that’s another source of revenue generation for the airline – stealing from passengers and possibly selling the stolen items?…

In Lusaka, I contacted the South African Airways office and lodged an official complaint. The lady I spoke to asked me to contact their department at the airport. I immediately did but the lady seemed totally unconcerned (even the hotel I booked was) – maybe she will indirectly benefit from the proceeds of my stolen items.

As word of this scandal spreads, it’s only natural that South African Airlines will eventually collapse – or be artificially propped up with government subsidies.

As fewer and fewer people patronize such corrupt South African institutions, it’s also inevitable that the blame will be laid at the feet of “racism.”

This is similar to the phenomenon of urban-American “food deserts,” where we’re told that quality grocery stores shy away from certain ethnic neighborhoods due to racism – even though we all know the actual reason is the high incidence of theft (robberies and shoplifting).

At this rate, South Africa will become a giant “business desert,” where few reputable companies dare do business – due to high levels of crime and corruption.

No need to worry about the Africans though; they can relocate to Europe or the US, where organizations such as HIAS, churches and an assortment of other NGOs will welcome them with open arms…

… so that the process can continue in Europe and America. This is why borders are important.

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3 Responses to Surprise! South African Airways has a theft problem

  1. All sub-Saharan airlines pinch your stuff, so far as I know. Keep your valuables in your carry-on, and watch that like a hawk. Checked luggage is just for dirty undies and cheap toiletries. A locked, clam-shell suitcase offers some protection.

    • It is not the ground crew in South African airports that does the stealing? In that case, all airlines would have the same problem when travelling to South Africa.
      In most third world countries it is advisable to keep electronics in hand-carry, but expensive fashion clothes cannot really be carried on the airplane.
      The population is totally kept in the dark about the downfall and deterioration in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sweden, Detroit, etc because by virtue of the #PCGagOrder it is not allowed to speak negatively about minorities (who cause exactly this deterioration).
      So no nation can learn form the mistakes and the downfall of other nations.

  2. Ethan says:

    “or be artificially propped up with government subsidies.”

    That scene from the Superman movie where Superman caught a falling Lois in midair and said “Don’t worry Miss, I’ve got you.” And then she said “Yeah, but whose got you?” popped into my head when I read that.

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