Why are Jews perverts?

We Jews have a reputation for being somewhat more perverted than others. Sometimes, this tendency serves as a tool that my less wholesome co-ethnics use to attack Western Civilization.

In his video “Drag Queens to Appear in SUPER BOWL While Pro Life Ad is BANNED” The Red Elephants (Vincent James) points us to his Telegram channel, so that we may learn who financed the promotion of drag queens during the Super Bowl.

I’ll save you the trouble, and include that Telegram page below:

Oh how exciting! For the first time ever, this year’s Super Bowl will feature an advertisement with drag queens! Hmmm, I wonder who could be behind this incredibly “diverse” ad? Yes indeed!

I grow weary, oh so weary, of noticing.


Wisely, Mr. James did not bring this up on YouTube – though you needn’t have any strikes against you for YouTube to delete your channel. Just ask Red Ice.

Mr. James, I look forward to meeting you at this years Amren Conference.

One of the comments, on that YouTube video, links to a History Collection article called “17 reasons why Germany’s Weimar republic was a party lovers paradise.” If you read the article, you’ll notice many similarities to today’s trends; they are trends that can lead to the downfall of a civilization, as humans essentially descend to the level of animals.

One of the leading personalities of the Weimar sexual revolution was Magnus Hirschfeld. According to Wikipedia, he was…

An outspoken advocate for sexual minorities, Hirschfeld founded the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee. Historian Dustin Goltz characterized this group as having carried out “the first advocacy for homosexual and transgender rights“.”Hirschfeld’s radical ideas changed the way Germans thought about sexuality.” Hirschfeld was targeted by the right wing for being Jewish and gay, he was beaten up by völkisch activists in 1920,and in 1933 his Institut für Sexualwissenschaft was sacked and had its books burned by the Nationalists, forcing him into exile.

Scratch the surface of most modern famous secular Jews, and you’ll find some sort of sexual perversion – and our enemies are quick to point this out.

It’s not because we’re, by nature, evil. Sorry to disappoint y’all, but it’s not that simple. Let’s take a look back…

The ancient Jewish sages (referred to, respectfully, as Hazal – our Wise men of blessed memory) were fairly open about sexuality; they were not prudes. The Talmud contains several instances of sexual advice both to men and women.

We find one sage advising a woman to give her husband one breast at a time. Another sage, when confronted by a woman complaining that her husband made love to her with her on top, told her, “it’s like a fish; some people prefer it to be served on one side, others prefer the other side.” Yes, our ancient sages would have been considered progressive…

… to a point. Male homosexuality, and cross-dressing, are strictly forbidden in Judaism. They are both proscribed in the Torah. Authentic Judaism does not allow either of those practices. It certainly does not celebrate them. But, aside from a few specific prohibitions, Torah Judaism allows for a large degree of sexual freedom. In this regard, it was in line with the rest of the ancient world.

But as our exile wore on, the rabbis became more and more puritanical, particularly the Ashkenazic rabbis. Sexuality was dealt with only on Victorian-like terms. New rules were invented, and ever more modest clothing required. Young men were required to spend their youths, prior to marriage, studying the holy books.

I do wonder how young Jewish men would react when they happened upon sexually explicit language in those books. I know that I found them interesting when I read them. I’m fairly certain that they would be glossed over as quickly as possible.

What would happen when a Jew threw off the yoke of Torah from his shoulders? Naturally, he would explore the various aspects of sexuality that were previously off-limits to him. He might even go to extremes.

Of course, this sort of thing happens to ANYBODY who suddenly releases himself from religion – but it was only the Jews who were DEFINED by that religion. It was only religious Jews who provided long-term continuity to the Jewish people, as each generation would see a certain number peel away from the core, to join the gentile world around them.

Thus, there was a constant process of religious Jews having lots of children, some of whom would remain within the fold, while others broke away. Many of those who broke away were destined for great things – but they also found themselves free to explore sexuality that was previously forbidden to them.

This is why Jews are perverts.

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5 Responses to Why are Jews perverts?

  1. I never thought of Jews as perverts.

  2. Anonymous Fake says:

    Promiscuous sex spreads disease and STD’s encourage the acceptance of circumcision. That’s all.

  3. brueckenbauer says:

    I understand the reasoning, but is it factually true? I suppose that most Jews who nowadays promote sexual deviance are some generations away from orthodoxy and the shtetl.

    It is true that Judaism was, by Talmudic tradition, more open and outspoken about sexuality, and Jews drifted more often to medical professions which included sexual aspects (being less hampered by Victorian prudishness).

    But Jewish promotion for sexual deviance is not so very old. The radicals like Hirschfeld were rather lonely at their time, even in Germany. The general line was that Judaism promoted “healthy” sexuality, opposite to Christian antisexuality and fascist/Nazist “unhealthy” sexuality- a lot of Jewish writing was about Nazi homosexuality (and was decades after republished by Evangelicals under the logo “The Pink Swastika”). Jewish intellectuals of the time, even seculars like Hans Mayer, would be very closeted about their homosexuality, which could be seen as political-ideological unreliability.

    Imho a broad Jewish movement towards sexual deviance begins only .with the Hippie era and only then Jewish publicists shaped a kind of “historical tradition” for it

    • jewamongyou says:

      Good points. I think that perversion might have a generational aspect to it, so even though most modern Jews are a few generations removed from their religious ancestors, sexual attitudes may have been passed from generation to generation. I admit that there’s no way to prove it.

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