Criminalizing white-advocacy incrementally

We should take Vice headlines with a grain of salt. But We’re told that:

A New Bill Would Require US to Track Foreign White Supremacists

DHS unveiled a new counterterrorism strategy last September that included formal recognition, for the first time, of the threat posed by white nationalism and white supremacy. But it’s not clear whether they’ve identified any particular groups or organizations as especially dangerous, or whether they consider the threat to be an international one, as well as domestic.

“White Nationalism and White Supremacy” implies, correctly, that these are two different things. Yet, aside from this one sentence, the article makes no effort to distinguish between the two – and every example it cites, of violent right-wing groups, comes from neo-Nazis:

Rose’s bill would apply specifically to groups that are based outside the U.S., such as the Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), a small neo-Nazi organization that embraces the violent philosophy of acclerationism and is affiliated with the group Atomwaffen, a similarly violent American neo-Nazi group that’s been linked to at least five murders. FKD’s leader is based in Estonia and membership is primarily European, but it has increasingly drawn American members. Last summer, a neo-Nazi in Las Vegas who was allegedly in communication with FKD members was arrested for plotting to bomb Jewish and LGBTQ communities. Fliers for the group have been found scattered across the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus and the University of North Florida, as well as near a black church in Spokane, Washington…

The bill could also apply to the Misanthropic Division, an international group that was founded in 2014 in Ukraine and has close ties to the Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi-aligned regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard. A white supremacist radio host from Indiana can often be seen in videos with the banner of “Misanthropic Division” behind him, according to Bellingcat. The group also has close ties to Atomwaffen…

Last October, Rose and dozens of House Democrats wrote a letter to the State Department calling on them to designate several international far-right groups as foreign terrorist organizations, including Nordic Resistance Movement (a neo-Nazi network from Scandinavia), National Action (a neo-Nazi group based in the U.K.) and Azov Battalion.

This raises the obvious question: If the main concern is neo-Nazis, then why not simply mention them by name, instead of using the far more inclusive term “white-supremacists” or “white-nationalists?”

In my opinion, just about any pro-white person who uses unprovoked violence these days is, by definition, a neo-Nazi. He is not simply a “white-nationalist,” or a “white-advocate.” I’m fairly certain that the people at Vice would be upset if we lumped all Muslims into the same category as “Islamic terrorists.” Except that with Muslims, it’s much worse; a very large minority (or even majority) of Muslims support violent extremism to one extent or another. This is probably not the case with white-nationalists – but it’s hard to tell, since few white-nationalists are open about their beliefs, due to pervasive persecution.

And yet, the day is not far off when our government will officially consider white-advocacy a thought-crime. In some ways, this has already happened. A white-advocate cannot hold any government job, cannot use most financial services for his organization, cannot post leaflets without harassment, can be denied entry into the US, and cannot hold a position at any institution of higher learning.

By slyly equating white-advocacy with white-supremacy, and white-supremacy with neo-Nazism, the corporate media, and their lapdogs in the government (Mediagov) is expanding the definition of “terrorist organizations.” We’re not far off from the day when our rulers will see no difference between an ISIS sympathizer and a white-advocate.

Trump is, or was, close to recognizing the difference between white-advocacy and neo-Nazism. But even if he wins another term, at some point, Democrats will regain control of the White House. It’s only a matter of time, after that, that they gain control of the Supreme Court. Sooner or later, we will run out of political options. When that happens, maybe there won’t be as much of a distinction between neo-Nazis and white-advocates.

On a positive note, I just had my birthday, and now I’m officially old. I’ll probably be gone by the time the SHTF.


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  1. 370H55V says:

    Happy birthday and not to worry. By the time the SHTF, there won’t be many of us Tribesmen left anyway.

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